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Name: Franky
Age: 19

"Dance like nobodies watching, sing as though nobody can hear, party like there's no tommorow, spend like you have all the money in the world and live life as though its one big stage waiting for you to perform on"
I am a garden gnome in disguise...thats right fear my bearded wrath. I have often taken the blame for such horrid crimes on humanity as the fame of Britney Spears (shocking I know) and the forging of the Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls...please forgive me I honestly thought such torture and ultimate destruction of worldwide music preference was a good idea at the time but have since come to realise the repercussions are far to horrid even for my evil and twisted mind to comprehend.

If I was a fossil fuel I would so totally be Coal

Favorite anime/manga; Naruto DUH, but i also like; Full Metal Alchemist, Air Gear, Kuroshitsugi, Vampire Knight, Death Note, Code Geoss, Ouran High School Host Club, Gravitation, and the list goes ever on and on lol

Favorite character; Hatake Kakashi...because he looks like David Bowie and that is cool. Oh and i love Gaara (aka the Sandman), Iruka (aka Flipper) and Oruchimaru (aka Oreo cookie)...they rock both my little green leprechaun sox and my big red clown shoes, an achievment by anyones standards!

Favorite pairing: David Bowie/OC mainly because i don't think he is either; gay, a pedophile or a man whore (which incidentally rules out Anko).


Plan B: This is really my only story on here but whatev's. Obviously it's a Bowie/Oc fic but to be honest it's probably more of a parody then a romance. Let's be honest; it's hard to take a character seriously when she is forced to visit a pychiatrist named Bill on a weekly basis. You should all read it and review!!...i like reviews :P. Anywho i will post links to some pictures i drew of Amalie eventually but am feeling rather to lazy for that now.

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