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hi! welcome to my profile.

i'm male, arround 18 (2011) and from latin america, wow yeah amigo, todo ese savor latino que el mundo necesita!!.

i'm fom chile (look for it on an atlas if you don't know where it is ¬¬)

i'm a fanboy form a way to big list of stuff, but the most remarcables are Star Wars, Indi, Scooby doo (yeah you heard it!!), i'am a fan of HP (exept for the 19 years later stuff, just NOOOOOOOOOOO!), and a lot of other stuff, just name it. and now in 2011 i have becomed a Brony, yeah, true story. i for once welcome our new pony overlords.

very well, the part that every fanfictioner cares for, couples couples, let's see


-anakin x padme, just fine

-han x leia, great!

-obi wan x shack ti, siri, luminari, Aayla secura, etc, ect, but no ventress, just no!

mario saga

-daisy x luigi

-peach x mario

KFP (yeah, kentucky fried panda, stupid and sexy Homer)

-po x trigress

Scooby Doo

-Shaggy x Thorn (don't know why really, just do)

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Whoever said "Nothing's impossible" never tried slamming a revolving door

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fav cuotes

-"i have a bad feeling about this" almost every single character in the star wars univers

-"my name is bon, james bond" need any help?

-"that's no moon" crazy old ben kenobi

-"gaaaaahhrkkkchjdsobvosn" chewbacca

-"oh dear" ewan mcgregor

-"ke naaa!" flaco

-"en bolivia hay pocos hombres casados"


"esque no tienen derecho a mar" XD el indio y el flaco (solo una broma, creo que deberiamos seder mar a bolivia y firmar algun tlc o algo asi)

-"Roby Roo!" scooby doo (who else)

-"like(insert somethign here)"- shaggy

if anyone wonders, I AM trying to work on a continuation for "of that she regret", it's just that i havent found a way to show to the world how important Scooby and Shaggy may be for the gang, nor have i made a good conection between that fact and the Thorn/Shaggy thing.

thanks to the people who read this stuff, really and to the ones that have made reviews of my stories, it DOES mean a ot to me, hahaha since i dnt get much of 'em.

special thanks to "Hiddenwitch890".

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