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Not much to talk about...

Ummmmm...I have three other major accounts on Youtube, DeviantART and Quizilla. Youtube - IchigosTwinChoco. DeviantART - IchigosTwinChoco. Quizilla - SapphireLilyFern. IchigosTwinChoco accounts? Created by my sister, taken over by me. >:D


Something that I don't like is people who whinge and complain about stuff that doesn't really matter. For example. One time, I was bored and using Habbo. I was talking to my friend, when this random comes up to me and says:


Now, of course, yeah I was talking, and it was in a public space...but, I would like to point out, NO-ONE ELSE WAS TALKING. God, when people say stuff like that it's really annoying (I hope you've had a horrible experience like that, and now how annoying it is).

Well, something I do like is South Park. Even though the issues they put on that show are sometimes racist or whatever, they're still fucking hilarious. Go South Park. You're awsome.

Stories i'm thinking of putting up

Your Unreal Destiny

Now, I have an idea for a story. It's another sort of angsty story. It's an AU, and it's basically going to be saying something:

What if Naruto never had found friends?

This story would basically be about what Naruto's life might be like if he know, evil and, acted somewhat like 12-year old Gaara? Should I make that story? Tell me.

Lost Memories

One of the ItaSasu stories I wanna write...ummm...this story would be where Sasuke loses his memory because of Madara. And, then Sasuke joins Akatsuki. There is more to the plot, but I can't say more without giving it away.


Based off a crack fic called "Amnesia" the writer "SugaCubeIx". It's where Itachi is revived, but he loses his memory as a side effect (this is saying that, after Sasuke finds out the truth, and thinks Itachi is dead, he's revived. The angst is that he's lost his memory). So, yeah.

What do you think of these story ideas?

If you read my story, please leave a review in my story, alongside your review. My email used for this account has closed down, so yeah. I'll try get that fixed.

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