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Hello everyone... now retrieving a personal message from 'The Voices in my head have problems' a.k.a. Eternal Damnation...

Hello my fellow dorky people as you may have guessed i am the great and powerful Eternal Damnation! Haha (Ok this next part is an inside joke)

Spins around in a circle while saying Monkeys and Banananas! Monkeys and Bananas!

Also, Damn Kolaches!

I am totally crazy and sooooo random, but you'll grow to appreciate it (i hope) i will b writing alot of comedies -he he- but also some serious stuff -awww-


Now back to me i will be updating alot because it's sooooo fun but first i would like to say blubber flabber gabber writelnard! whooo hooo! Also my friend has asked me about what happens to Bella every 28 days, so i will have a short chapter about 'that time of month!' coming up in Breaking Dawn My Version so keep an eye out for it.

The chapter will be called 'Once a Month' to look inconspicioius so if you read it and you're like, "What happened to the story!" it will be back! i swear!

P.S. Please read my new story Bella Cullen and Edward Swan and tell me wut u think

I am one of those people who add little details inside their mind, for example a girls says, "These are my friends" i say in my head, "Only because they get paid by your mom" while i really say , "Oh, that's cool" so i end up laughing out loud at some of the thoughts i conjur up!!!! Weee! i love exclamation marks!


Here I will put my all time favorit quotes!!! yeah!

4.) "So eager for eternal damnation."

-Edward Cullen

These next ones have a hidden meaning and they are reallyperfect quotes for each book if you think about it.

3.) "But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest therof thou shalt surely die." -Genisis 2:17 (Think about that Bella takes the appe, the forbidden fruit, and now she is destined for death)

2.) The Fire(Jacob) and Ice(Edward) Poem from Eclipse sorry i lent this book to my friend so i'll copy it down as soon as i call her.

Now for the bestest poem in the entire world. It makes me cry every time i read it...

1.) "These violent delights have violent ends And in their triumph die, like fire, and powder, and as they kiss, consume. --Romeo and Juliet Act II Scene VI (My interpretation: obviously at the beginning violent delights violently end, right as they get up to their height they die, fire i thought could have something to do with Jacob and Bella because Bella starts breaking down like powder, thats just my opinion.)

Book Titles, Book Covers, and What they Mean:

For the next few lines here is your key Edward= Moon Jacob= Sun

Twilight: The moon is just starting to come up (Bella meets Edward). Picture: Is explained in the quote above.

New Moon: First it is the darkest period in Bella's life but also the Moon went away, hence New Moon (If you didn't know a new moon means the moon is dark like it's not there) Picture: Symbolize's the flower of their love and the flower is wilting

Eclipse: The Moon covers the Sun because Bella chooses Edward Picture: Bella is being pulled on either side, Edard and Jacob are pulling at her, finally she just snaps, she lets go of Jacob and goes with Edward (YEAH!!!!)

Breaking Dawn: Some people have pointed out to me that this could be the sun coming up(Bella deciding Jacob). I highly doubt this theory. This book i believe is the last one that has Bella telling her story so i believe the title simply means we have come full circle. We started as the sun is setting, now it is coming back up again, finishing the tale of Bella's life. (My friend wishes me to add, even though i don't agree with this completely, that the sun could be Bella and Edwards love now that they can e together for ever.)

Tell me what you think about my theories please i like to know that I'm right! (I thought about those theoris pretty hard!)

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AACIBD is Addicted to All Cullen’s Including Bella Disorder.

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ADHD is Automatic Death by Hyperness Disorder

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'The Voices in My Head Have Problems' a.k.a. Eternal Damnation

End Message, thank you, please come again.

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