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Naruto Lover!!!

Warning: Strong lover of all anime but if you ever make fun of Naruto you have a pretty big chance of getting you head torn of and thrown to the evil dancing monkies...(they need a soccer ball.)

Okay well, I've watched all of the episodes of Naruto, including Shippuuden, and I've read all the mangas. I'm a complete Naruto headcase. And i do believe that Sasuke belongs with Naruto and Naruto belongs with Sasuke. I'm not to fond of Sakura, she's better in the Shippuuden series, but still...She just was never my favorite. Surprisingly, even though i love Naruto dearly [so cute! My favorite character is Gaara.

Favorite Hetero Coupling--



LeexSakura [Lee is just so fond of her, I couldn't help it


NejixHinata [I just like it okay!

KakshixSakura [Okay...this one is just weird but I love it.


Notice no Naruto with anyone or Sasuke with anyone...I wonder why...

Favorite Yaoi and yuri Couples--

SasuNaru--We found our reason folks! Applause

GaaraLee--Weird but I like it.

NejiGaara--This is just hot!

ShinoKiba--Awwww adorable!

InoxSakura--They were just meant to be.

TemarixHinata--Okay tough girl with shy one, sooo cute!

TeamarixIno--They're both going after the same guy...So why not like each other also.

Notice--Sasuke nor Naruto are paired iwth anyone else.

Type of SasuNaru stories I enjoy!--

Ones where Sasuke comes back for Naruto, after years of being with Orochimaru.

Ones where there's more to Naruto than meets the eye.

Ones that Sasuke realizes he loves Naruto but never is able to tell him.

Ones that make me cryyy! Wahhh!

Ones that deal with Kyuubi having the power to let Naruto have babies, and Sasuke sleeps with him but doesn't know that Naruto's children are actually his becuase he thinks that Naruto just got some girl pregnant because he's been gone during his pregnancy, so Sasuke is all mad and Naruto let's him think what he wants until, Naruto can't take the pain of Sasuke's ignorance anymore...-takes deep breath- So he tells him and Sauske is dumbstruck...

Ones where Naruto has to bring Sasuke back from Orochimaru.

Ones where Naruto disguises himself to go undercover to get Sasuke back from Orochimaru.

Ones that are based of of good movies that are meant for gays, bis, and lebians.

Ones that have a good plot for an AU.

And Ones where either Sasuke or Naruto are some type of animal pet or get turned into an animal and learn more about either Naruto or Sasuke.

Or any combination of them-[=

That's all for right now, I will update every now and again, but first I'm going to tell you a little info about me.



...I'm Bi



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