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Author has written 2 stories for Inheritance Cycle, and Left 4 Dead.

Hell, it's been a long time since I updated anything here...

Anyone that's exclusively reading my work here, I update far more frequently on my DeviantArt page, where all three of my stories have been going for a bit now.

Never was much for writing when I was in school, or our of it for that matter, so I find it still amusing that I have so little trouble actually doing just that. Writing brings me a sense of peace and serenity, it lets my mind flow in a manner that no other medium can do, so as long as I have inspiration, fear not, I shall continue to write.

Three stories under my belt at the moment, and I'm juggling writing those at work on my lunch breaks, it provides a good distraction from the day-to-day for me, and all the better for whoever is reading, right?

I found this site and decided to make a profile so I can collect the stories that I think are real gems, I never thought I'd go out for being an author.

I found some (in my opinion anyways) really talented writers on this site and now can't stay off it, for the most part anyways.

Some important things about me-

First off:

My name's Justin but I go by Dragon's Flame, Dragonflame, Dragon, Flame, DF, and a handful of other tags.

I'm 23 and live in the Great State of Utah! (unenthusiastic woohoo)

Not a Mormon, the closest thing I have to a religion is Diesm, but whatever.

I am an avid reader that has become increasingly annoyed with regular books, I'm in 4-5 different series and I am waiting for all of them to get the next book out! It's so frustrating, but I can't do anything about it.

I'm also a obsessive gamer. I love my video games! (Second best form of entertainment, bested by reading and followed by movies)

I love dragons and fantasy in general, and so much of my time is spent satiating my need for either. Be forwarned, if you insult dragonkind around me I will beat you with a large stick! DRAGONS RULE!!

I'm totally obsessing (in the non-creepy way) about a little purple dragon named Spyro, so you will find me there reviewing (if I remember to) lots of stories about him. Call me a fanboy I really don't care, as it's mostly accurate.(Whisper in the Woods, T-M-H-B-77, and Draganta the Dragonlord are all excelent in this fandom)

I also have an unhealthy addiction to the Inheritance Cycle, this consequently means that I've been looking for good stories in that fandom. If you know any drop me line with them would ya? (Given-Inside, and Fallen_Dragonfly are good if consequently you're the one looking for reads)

I like sci-fi just fine too and I've found a delightful series in AvP that I'm engrossed in. (Check Drake Dragonsoul's work out)

Some of my less endearing qualities:

I tend to read, favorite and forget to review. My sincere apologies in advance, I will be working on that. Also I have developed a bad habit of letting all of my stuff pile up on me, and overwhelm what free time I have trying to catch up, leaving a series of hasty, not so well thought out reviews in my wake.

Consequently if this has occurred and you would like a review, do feel free to remind me via e-mail or pm.(note your penname and the story please) and I'll be happy to.

If I have favorited you and none of your stories, it means that either all of them or most of them are worth it in my opinion! I may get around to favoriting your stories as well, but I'm liable to forget. (Forgetting is one of the things that I do well, on accident!) If it annoys you feel free to drop me a line and I'll take care of it. No sense in pissing off the people that are writing the stuff I like, ya know?

I tend to inadvertently irritate people. It's kind of what I do without trying. (ask my family) I really don't mean to most of the time, and my wording changes once I've really been pissed off, otherwise it's just a lack of tact on my part.

I hate blatantly horrid grammar and spelling and will feel the need to point it out in any story I read. That is directed to the writers out there that insist on not using spellchecker or at LEAST having a friend proofread their work and DO NOT CARE. Minor errors mostly go unnoticed by me, but when it's obvious and avoidable it makes me so angry.

To anyone confused or irate about one of my reviews (I mean authors not any idiot with an opinion and an e-mail account) feel free to drop me a line and I'll address your concern, but do bear with me, it might take me a few days to get back to you, but I will try.

Alright, my OC Fayathon is a direct representation of me in my stories, so keep that in mind. He is mine and I will pursue anyone that sees fit to try to take him from me!


Personality: He hates fighting, but will if needed. He is very loyal to his friends and family and everyone that fights the good fight. He's a born smartass, but knows how to behave, he just chooses not to most of the time and it gets him into trouble

Description: I can do better here's a pic :Fayathon, mind you that this is his adult form, I have yet to draw him as a hatchling.

Also note that this is his 'canon' form, not the one from Wings, this version is in Scales of Fayt, and it's only posted in my DeviantArt account, as it isn't fanfiction.

His colors are: deep forest green scales, emerald eyes, and a copper-ish underbelly

Remember, if you want to use him ask first, and tell me what he's in so I can read your story and note if anything is wrong with him.

One last thing, I love constructive critisism, but do be civil about it, if I feel that you are flaming me, or trying to get a rise you will be summarily ignored.

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