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Author has written 6 stories for Trigun, Final Fantasy VII, and Supernatural.

Okay, I'm not trying to get everything right. I'm not pursuing a career in writing, so I'm not focused on getting everything perfect. I'm just here because it's fun. However, I do enjoy doing things well if I can. And making something that I find beautiful is an enormous creative release for me, so I try.

Despite being a review Ho and suffocating my readers with love, after analysis, I've discovered that I really write for myself. The only fantasies which are truly satisfying are the ones you make yourself, because only you know exactly what you need. At least that's what I find for myself. It's like a motto;)

Other people's works feed my imagination, where I customize (read: mutilate) it to my own personal ideal. And the result is...FanFiction.

Things I don't know why anyone would want to know but can be important to me:

Sex: Female. Strange...I'm blaming gametes.

Age: 17

Favorite food: Chocolate chip muffins. My sister makes the best:)

Pets: I had a fish. It refused to eat and it died. I decided I did not like pets.

Favorite colors: Silver and red

Likes: Early and late summer, leather five strap knee boots, guys who wear lots of chains(XP), nutmeg, baroque music and very special metal, the human form, anime, pretty things and ideas.

Dislikes: Mold, deepfried doughnuts(they make me sick), homophobes(I guess they make me sick too), country western music, having to visit my grandma.

Interests: Psychology and the German language.

Cloud's Training

This is my fluffy fic which I write because it's just too much fun to stop and because I will do alot for reviews;) When I started, it was going to be drama/angst/yaoi but something happened...I couldn't stop it...I had created something that I had no control over...I'm blaming Zack.

I'm thinking of making a list of all the errors and inconsistancies in the story but not yet, heh.

So these are the costumes my three victims wore to the ShinRa atrocity:

Sephiroth: Alucard Seriously, I think these two are twins.

Cloud: Yugi Moto Sorry for the bad resolution! Its the best I had.

Zack: Nick Wolfwood Smexeh!!...ehem, sorry...

Mwahaha! Thought you would have to settle for just imagining aforementioned bishies in aforementioned costumes? Not so! Despite already being a talented authoress, Glaurung-II decided to to farther display her brilliance by making a looovely drawing of the dead sexy trio, which can be found on her D.A account right HERE

School Daze

It's that hideous word I try not to think about. It the source of most to the grief and suffering in the word. It's painful to consider and it makes me cringe at its pronouncement. It is 'hiatus'. Seriously, it makes me feel sooo guilty after the wonderful response I got. But for some reason the ideas just sort of halted, like a car halting against a concrete embankment. And I think I may be a little busy with that other fic right up there. -points to CT-

But as soon as I get another idea, there shall be more!

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