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Hello everyone and welcome to my profile!

Random Thought: The hell is wrong with people?

Name: I'll let you guess

Age: 854

Birthday: March 31st

Sign: Aries

Gender: Female

Height: 5'8

Hair color: Black

Favorite color: Black

Favorite animal: Wolves

Where I live: Skyrim

Likes: Food, anime/manga (mostly supernatural), video games, wolves, dragons, The Nanny (t.v. show), funny people, and the internet.

Dislikes: liver, banana in drinks, coconut, weird people not in a funny way (don't ask. It was something my cousin did), and chores.

Past Obsessions: Wolf's Rain, Digimon Savers, Code Geass, Inuyasha, Naruto, Black Cat, Yu-gi-oh GX, Teen Titans, Bleach, CardCaptors, Blue Dragon, xxxHolic, Kaze no Stigma, Bones, Princess Resurrection, Spice and Wolf, Sailor Moon, Fate/stay night, Tales of the Abyss, Shikabane Hime, and Digimon Frontier. (Not in order)

Currently Watching: Seitokai Yakuindomo

Favorite Anime: Inuyasha, Naruto, Digimon, Gals, Pokemon, Escaflowne, Wolf's Rain, Code Geass, Chrono Crusade, Blue Dragon, Black Cat, xxxHolic, Princess Resurrection, Kaze no Stigma, Sailor Moon, Ouran High School Host Club, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Fate/stay night, Yu-gi-oh GX, CardCaptors, Buso Renkin, Pretear, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Fruits Basket, Negima, RosarioVampire, Tales of the Abyss, Shikabane Hime, 11eyes, Tsukihime, Murder Princess, Pandora Hearts, Higurashi no Naku koro Ni, Hidan no Aria, Fairy Tail, Nurarihyon no Mago, Mirai Nikki, Gosick, Shakugan no Shana, They Are My Noble Masters, Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate, Accel World, Seitokai Yakuindomo, Angel Beats, Carnival Phantasm, Dance in the Vampire Bund, Ghost Hunt, Fate/Zero, Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, Ginga Densetsu Weed, Hellsing, Kamisama no Memo-chou, Kampfer, Ookami Kakushi, Rozen Maiden, Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin, Myself;Yourself, Maji de Watashi ni Koi shinasai, Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, Yozakura Quartet, Sket Dance, Umineko no Naku Koro ni and Spice and Wolf.

Hobbies: drawing, playing video games, sleeping, watching t.v., and writing stories.

Favorite Character(s) that I love soooo much and would faint if they gave me an autograph

Inuyasha: Kagome and Sango (Two words...GIRL POWAH!)

Naruto: Sakura (The Naruto Shippuden version. She has so much potential to be a badass ninja and I feel she should've been developed more.)

Bleach: Rukia (love the voice and crappy drawings)


Season 1: Agumon and Gabumon (nyah, didn't watch a lot of this season)

Season 2: Davis and Veemon ( I love funny guys and they're hilarious)

Season 3: Terriermon (or however you spell it. Momentai is a code of happiness for me. Other than that, I honestly didn't like this season that much)

Season 4: Takuya (Everyone else were okay except Kouji, he reminded me of Sasuke and I hate Sasuke)

Season 5: MARCUS!! (love him TO DEATH! You probably don't think this but his new outfit made him sexy)

Pokemon: Ash (the kid is IMMORTAL and a human mankey)

Gals: Aya (She's such an angel)

Escaflowne: Van (I love his wings and lovely voice)

Wolf's Rain: Blue (Again...GIRL POWAH!)

Chrono Crusade: Chrono (he's awesome)

Black Cat: Sephiria (One word...AWESOMENESSNESSNESS!)

Blue Dragon: Zola (There is no word in any Dictionary on this Earth that can describe the awesomeness of this character! One more thing, I saw all of season one of Blue Dragon and I'm a teeny little bit...PISSED!! They made Zola an evil person and I'm a little CRANKY about it right now. Most call it denial or others call it some other word but in my Blue Dragon universe...THERE IS NOOOO SUCH THING AS EVIL ZOLA!! ABSOLUTELY ZIPPO, NADDA, ZILCH, NEGATIVE, AND SOME OTHER WORDS BESIDES ZERO THAT THE BEST CHARACTER EVER CREATED ON BLUE DRAGON TURNS EVIL!! I REFURSE TO BELIEVE THAT SUCH A SINFUL THING LIKE THAT OCCURRED ON THIS ANIME!!...er-hem...carry on.)

Princess Resurrection: Hime (Homicidal and totally awesome), Hiro (No fourteen year old human should be that effective against monsters even with weapons. I love that it's realistic point of view and he's cute)

Code Geass: Kallen (she's too awesome)

xxxHolic: Yuuko (Crazy and awesome. She knows almost everything just like Google)

Kaze no Stigma: Ayano (I see some of myself in her)

Spice and Wolf: Holo (she's a wolf and I love wolves)

Fate/Stay Night: Shirou (love him...just love him), Saber (she's incredibly awesome)

Sailor Moon: Raye Hino/Sailor Mars ( She's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too awesome)

Kaichou wa maid-sama: Misaki ( she keeps all those guys IN LINE!)

Buso Renkin: Tokiko

Yu-gi-oh GX: Alexis

OHSHC: Haruhi

TMOHS: Haruhi (AGAIN), Kyon

Fruits Basket: Tohru

Negima: Negi (of course)

Tales of the Abyss: Tear (AWESOOOOOOOOOOOME TO THE FIFTH POWER!!!!!!!!)

Shikabane Hime: Makina (way awesome and cool...but she was kind of iffy to me for a while.)

11eyes: Misuzu (She is soooooo awesome that she ties with Zola on the 'no word in any dictionary on this Earth can describe her AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!' description)

Higurashi: Mion (I loooooooove her so much!)

Mirai Nikki: Tsubaki (I gotta be honest, I cried during her arc. She really makes me want to hug her.)

They are my noble masters: Shinra (She reminds me of Hime and that's an epic win_)

Chaos;Head: SENA!!! (Her badass level is OVER 9000!!! And she also ties with Zola and Misuzu in the no word in any dictionary on this Earth can describe her AWESOMENESS' department)

Hated Character(s) that I really don't like and wish I could kill them off

Inuyasha: Kikyo (don't know why), Naraku (Too sneaky for me to like)

Naruto: Sasuke (I REALLY can't stand him), Orochimaru (Too creepy)

Bleach: No one (They're lucky)

Digimon season 2, 4 and 5: T.K, Kouji, Thomas and Kurata (I REALLY just don't like them)

Pokemon: no one

Gals: Rei (hate cold guys but I like that he's warm to Aya)

Escaflowne: Dilandau (creepy and crazy)

Wolf's Rain: no one (love wolves too much)

Chrono Crusade: (Haven't seen enough episodes)

Black Cat: Creed (way to obsessive and creepy)

Blue Dragon: Nene (Annoying and I want to beat him for what he did to Zola), Killer Bat ( I know that he's Zola's shadow but...HE IS THE REASON FOR ZOLA'S EVILNESSNESSNESS!! AND THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE IN MY BOOK!!)

Princess Resurrection: Severin (Again, way to creepy and obsessive)

Code Geass: C.C (I have no clue why I just don't like her)

Kaze no Stigma: Genma (Seriously don't like him)

11eyes: Yuka (I really can't stand her. Also Kakeru started to piss me of too)

Favorite Pairings that I would wish I could remake the anime/manga and make them an official couple

Inuyasha: Inu/Kag, Mir/San (they already are so they don't count)

Naruto: Naru/Saku(huge fan of this couple)

Bleach: Ichigo/Rukia(for some reason only this couple in the whole series.)

Digimon: Davis/Kari (I actually used to dislike Kari), Takuya/Zoe, Marcus/Yoshino( I seriously love this pairing)

Pokemon: Ash/Dawn

Gals: Aya/Rei

Escaflowne: Hitomi/Van (same thing as the inuyasha one)

Wolf's Rain: Kiba/Blue (I just love them)

Chrono Crusade: Chrono/Rosette (they have a special bond!)

Black Cat: Train/Sephiria (hard for me to explain)

Princess Resurrection: Hiro/Hime (heh...master and servant pairing, and she's just playing hard to get)

Code Geass: Lelouch/Kallen (She's too frickin awesome for any other and all for him)

Buso Renkin: Kazuki/Tokiko (Hell it's canon)

OHSHC: Tamaki/Haruhi

TMOHS: Kyon/Haruhi

Yu-gi-oh GX: Jaden/Alexis (SHOULD'VE been canon. I don't know which season it was but that was the season that Jaden started to piss me off)

Tales of the Abyss: Luke/Tear

Kaichou wa Maid-sama: Misaki/Usui

xxxHolic: Watanuki/Yuuko (They are even more hilarious together...to me at least)

Kaze no Stigma: Kazuma/Ayano (As if there's a better one. They're GREAT together...even if they are second cousins)

Spice and Wolf: Lawrence/Holo (Do I even need to explain myself?)

Fate/Stay Night: Shirou/Saber (hey, it was fate right? However, I will tolerate Shirou/Rin or Shirou/Rider for some odd reason)

Shikabane Hime: Ouri/Makina (To be completely and perfectly honest with you...I was actually hoping that they would get rid of Keisei.)

11eyes: Kakeru/Misuzu (Kakeru doesn't deserve her but she loves him so I'll tolerate him.)

Higurashi: Mion/Keiichi (Love it_)

Mirai Nikki: Tsubaki/OC (I feel she deserves some happiness in her screwed up life so I decided to create a love interest for her.)

They are my noble masters: Shinra/Ren (EPIC WIN!!!_)

Hated Pairings that I will never like and would send to the ninth circle of hell

Inuyasha: Inu/Kik(I seriously hate,I repeat HATE, this pairing) Sess/Kag(does it even look like they go together!), Nar/Kag(like hell that would even happen,I mean, who came up with this!), Kog/Kag(cute,but be real people)

Naruto: Naru/Hina(depends on the story...NOT), Sasu/Saku(NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!), Naru/Sasu(THEY ARE NOT, I REPEAT,NOT GOING TOGETHER,but it's my opinion.),

Digimon: Tk/Kari(I don't believe in destined love), Kouji/Zoe, Thomas/Yoshino ( you seriously don't want me to say ANYTHING about this pairing... SERIOUSLY.) and Thomas/Marcus (Marcus belongs with Yoshi dammit!!!)

Pokemon: Ash/Misty (Something about Misty just irritates me)

Wolf's Rain: Kiba/Cheza, Blue/Hige(I don't know why, I just don't)

xxxHolic: any other pairing.

Princess Resurrection: Hiro or Hime with anyone else

Kaze no Stigma: (Choose another one...if it's possible and they don't get killed besides yuri, yaoi, and Ayano/Ren)

Spice and Wolf: (I didn't think it was possible that my cousin likes this pairing but I really don't...Amati/Holo, if you don't know who Amati is then lucky you.)

Fate/Stay Night: Saber/Gilgamesh, Shirou/Sakura (UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!)

Shikabane Hime: Keisei/Makina (I honestly don't know why. I guess it didn't feel right with me)

Code Geass: anyone else

11eyes: Kakeru/Yuka (I despise this pairing with every fiber of my being)

They are my noble masters: Shinra and/or Ren paired with anyone else.

This is stuff that I copied and pasted from other profiles cause I was soooo bored: I also answer them:

1. SOME OF YOUR SCARS, HOW DID YOU GET THEM? Car accident and trying to open a can of Progresso.

2. WHAT IS ON THE WALLS IN YOUR ROOM?Nothing since I'm lazy.


4. WHAT TYPE OF MUSIC DO YOU LISTEN TO? Old school because music today annoys me.

5. DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME YOU WERE BORN? I think around midnight.



8. WHAT IS YOUR MOST PRIZED POSSESSION(S) My laptop, ipod, tv...I could go on and on.

9. HOW TALL ARE YOU? 5 foot 8


11. DO YOU GET SCARED IN THE DARK? Only after I watch Higurashi no Naku koro Ni




15. WHERE CAN YOU SEE YOURSELF BEING PROPOSED TO? I'll get back to you on that


17. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PIZZA TOPPING? Barbeque chicken...what? It's delicious.



22. DO YOU LIKE ANYBODY?I like my friends. Does that count?




27. WHAT KIND IS IT? A cat who my mom thinks is a supernatural being







34. HAVE YOU BEEN OUT OF THE USA? No but I want to.

35. YOUR WEAKNESSES? Rib tips. If you buy me some rib tips I will love you forever.

36. MET ANYONE FAMOUS? No but I want to

37. FIRST JOB? Currently looking

38. EVER DONE A PRANK CALL? Yes and it was hilarous





44. WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY? More Assassin's Creed games


46. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE?No one comes to mind


49. WHAT KIND OF SHAMPOO DO YOU USE? Whatever works with my hair

50. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? No but everyone says it's neat


52. ANY BAD HABITS? I'm a Pepsiholic

53. WHAT CD ARE YOU MOST EMBARRASSED TO HAVE ON YOUR SHELF? Chris Brown but thankfully it's not mine. (Yes Chris Brown fans, I don't like his music)


56. DO LOOKS MATTER? Not really

57. HOW DO YOU RELEASE ANGER? Brutally kill all the enemies in my video games.

58. WHERE IS YOUR SECOND HOME? My friend Amber's house



62. WERE YOU A FAN OF BARNEY AS A KID? I thought he was creepy



65. WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR IN A GUY/GIRL? If they can make me laugh

66. WHAT ARE YOUR NICKNAMES? Bones, Sailor Mars or just Mars.


68. WHATS YOUR FAVORITE TV SHOW? Bones, Teen Titans, ThunderCats (2011) and Courage the Cowardly Dog






75. DO YOU WANT EVERYONE TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS? Don't care if they do or don't

76. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO? The Berserker from the Fate/Zero soundtrack. It's EPIC!!!




80. FAVORITE THOUGHT PROVOKING SONG? All Alone by Eiko Shimamiya

81. FAVORITE THING TO HATE? KakeruxYuka pairing

82. FAVORITE MONTH OF THE YEAR?March because it's the only month with 5 weeks.


85. WHAT IS YOUR HAIR COLOR?A dark, almost black, brown

86. EYE COLOR?Brown

89. FAVORITE FAST FOOD RESTAURANT? Kenny's ribs and chicken

90. YOU LIKE SUSHI? It's actually good






96. RELATIONSHIPS OR ONE NIGHT STANDS? Are you kidding me????? It's freakin obvious!!! Relatonships duh!!!

97. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU BOUGHT? Three chocolate chip cookies from Subway

98. WHAT KIND OF CAR DO YOU HAVE? I don't have one

99. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING? I'm reading something but it's online

100. DESCRIBE YOUR LOVE LIFE: Doesn't exist right now

If you think Booth and Brennan need to wake up, smell the coffee and make out, copy and paste this into your profile. (Bones: t.v show and yes, every time I see them both on every episode I think that)

If you have ever seen a movie (or show) so many times that you can quote it word for word. And you do at random moments; copy and paste this in your profile. (bones :D) (So often it's not even funny)

If you watch several shows that you would suffer through withdrawal or die without, copy and paste this into your profile. (Bones, Princess Resurrection, Spice and Wolf, xxxHolic and Blue Dragon)

If you have been so obsessed with something that now everyone is scared of you because of its effects copy this into your profile. (Bones and Blue Dragon period. I can't even completely concentrate on school anymore!)

92 percent of American teens would die if Orlando Bloom told them it was uncool to breathe, copy this into your profile if you would be part of the 8 percent laughing you butt off. (I can't even lie, I would most definitely laugh)

93 percent of American teens would have a severe emotional breakdown if someone called them a freak. If you're a part of the 7 percent who would ask the person, "What was your first clue?", copy this into your profile. (If they were smart it should be obvious)

If you love thunder storms, copy and paste this onto your profile! (They're a great symbol of power!)

If you HATE/DESPISE/LOATHE Edward, copy and paste and stab Edward with that stake! (Not a vampire fan obviously...however I will read fanfics about my favorite characters being one.)

If you look at your friend and you both laugh for no apparent reason, copy and paste this to show you guys are crazy! (When I run out of jokes)

If you LOVE to read, and read often, copy and paste this! (Morning, noon, and sometimes at night.)

If most of the guys in your class are morons, copy and paste this to show you want to cart them to a deserted island! (They make me feel mentally superior whenever I see them)

If you're sick of people who take religion WAAY too seriously, copy and paste this. (SERIOUSLY!!! JUST CHIIIIIILLLLL!!!!)

If you have your own little world. copy and paste this into your profile. (With Zola as the Goddess!!! Yes I love Zola from Blue Dragon)

96 out of 100 teenage girls would have a heart attack if they saw Edward Cullen on the edge of a tall building about to jump. Copy and paste this onto your profile if you're one of the 4 who would yell, "THIS IS SPARTA!" and kick him off yourself. (Only annoying thing is he probably wouldn't die from the fall anyway. I mean, come on, he is a vampire after all. We'll have to attack him with a chainsaw and lock him in a burning building or something . . .) (...I don't want to be harsh cause it's not my thing but I would for entertainment.)

If you want to be a writer and fanfiction is just the beginning, copy and paste this onto your profile (Kind of like a side thing)

If you're Team Jacob, copy and paste this and howl with the wolves! (LOVE WOLVES AND WEREWOLVES!!!! Not a Twilight fan though)

If you love rain, copy and paste this into your profile. (It calms me.)

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Code Geass - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 43 - Words: 361,799 - Reviews: 1616 - Favs: 1,126 - Follows: 1,203 - Updated: 7/4 - Published: 4/15/2013 - [Lelouch L., Kallen S.] C.C.
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Highschool of the Dead - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 14,502 - Reviews: 49 - Favs: 89 - Follows: 96 - Updated: 2/24 - Published: 10/1/2011 - Takashi K., Saeko B.
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