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Hi! I decided that it was finally time to update my profile!

My name is Sarahfreak and I started this account not for the creation and posting of fanfiction, but specifically to give encouragement and feedback to writers on this site. Since I have been a leech (aka A person that reads fics casually and only occasionally anonymously reviews!) for a long time I decided that the creation of this account would be my way of giving back to all those writers that have inspired me to write myself over the years, since I'm in somewhat of a slump myself. I think that all writers deserve recognition when it comes to their writing for the simple reason that they had the guts to post it in the first place! So dig deep people and review where you can!

One thing you should note is that I highly support writers that can convince me of pairings regardless of if they follow or deviate from cannon pairings...So that means that OOC (out of character) doesn't really bother me, and neither does yaoi...but sorry, you won't see me recommending any yuuri here (I'll leave that for the guys).

Below is a list of fics and writer that I have read that I recommend people to have a look at. This will change periodically when I get off my butt and update the profile and please note that the people that are featured are fics that I have enjoyed reading, this does not mean that anyone that is not featured writes garbage, there are too many great fics/writers to credit so I implore you all again to review where you can!

If anyone has any questions or just wants to talk, please PM and I'll get back to you when I'm able!

Stories/Authors I would definitely recommend would be the following:


Yes I'm one of the DNAngel fans as well. This fandom is still alive and kicking! So if you love our purple-haired thief, blonde homicidal maniac hunter, ruby-eyed klutz or the blue-haired ice cube you must read the next three works/authors:

First mention would most definitely have to go to Stormshadow13 who writes the most awesome humour fics in which she tortures her favourite character without restraint -grin- Highlights would have to be the 'Blonde Jokes' arc (which is still in motion), The Duct Tape Challenge, Team Up, heck any of the fics she has written with Krad and Dark in it are awesome!

Second mention goes to Ocean of the Unforseen by Kyuseisha no Hikari, which was recently completed. It's AU fic in which Krad is a naval commander sailing the seas and riding the world of pirates. Of course Dark Mousy is one of said pirates and Krad (through a series of events I won't spoil for you) ends up becoming the prisoner of someone he'd rather show the business end of a pistol! Great story and a must read.

Last but not least I must draw your attention to the author schizo and proud who, with a great deal of skill I might add, has encouraged the development of a new (and odd) pairing. Satoshi x Takeshi is probably the most unlikely pair (definitely a minority) you'd find in this fandom but her writing has convinced me (and it shall convince you too!). So if you're interested have a read of There's a Catch by schizo and proud and tell her what you think!


A Little Pain by sixerine is one of the first D.Gray-Man fic I read and one of the best Yullen fics I have read to date. Bittersweet and sad but definitely worth the read. One of the best points of this fic would definitely be that it focuses on character relationship development, there is no we've-known-each-other-for-five-seconds-lets-sleep-together chapters...Take a look!

I have stumbled upon a Momosportif who writes awesome different fics. By different, I mean she writes everything you can't find in the fandom from the underappreciated characters to ideas that haven't been explored, experiments with different styles and has recently fanned my love for Reever/Komui fics. Two I would definitely recommend you read would be 'Reflection' and 'My Fair Lady'...go have a look!

Author Pairing Recommendations! I'm going to mention a couple of authors in the D.Gray-Man fandom that are renowned (and justly so) for shipping and writing awesome fics for their chosen pairing. First would be Kuro666 who is a very much loyal to, and brilliant at writing Lavi/Kanda fics. I would most definitely recommend any one of her stories, which range in genre, rating and style, go have a look (you know you want to!). Secondly would be Dgm-yaoi-lover who ships and writes Laven or Lavi/Allen. This pairing has rapidly gained popularity since the fight between Lavi and Road was animated, and if you are looking for wide range of stories featuring this pairing this is the writer for you. Whether it be cat boys, ghosts, or vampire's, prepare to read the gorgeous (and sometimes heartbreaking) Laven fics! Finally there is kiri coil who ships one of the most dominate pairings in the fandom, Yullen (or Allen/Kanda). The thing that sets this writer apart form other Yullen writers is that a majority of her stories are oneshots that exceed 10, 000 words. Usually this would put off readers but her stories are so enchanting, when you finish reading all you can think is 'Was it really that long? I want to read more!'. Again, this writer, like the other two mentioned, writes a diverse range of different stories, whether that be cannon, AU, anything take a look!

Kyou Kara Maou!

There are many brilliant Kyou Kara Maou Fics but there are two in particular I would like to bring to your attention if you subscribe to this fandom (which is freaking awesome by the way!) -

Firstly there is Seasons of a Beautiful Wolfram by HARPGO - This fic is the epitome of awesomeness...hilariously funny, with foundation-shaking realisations, almost deaths, and action to boot. We follow the journey of Yuri as he endeavours to come to terms with his attraction (or is it love?) of his fiancé, who through an unfortunate series of events, almost dies and in the process of saving him is reverted to the age of a child. This fic has been finished and the author has continued on to finish another awesome story called Trouble has Wings take a look!

And secondly there is Opaline by Lady Devonna which is actually a sequel to her other fic My White Tiger. This fic is absolutely gorgeous and unique because it focuses on Gwendals crush on Gunter as he is growing up. Seriously an awesome piece of writing that is updated somewhat infrequent intervals...however this is made up for with long rollercoaster ride chapters following cute little Gwendal's struggles in life and love...Take a look!


Before you ask, yes I am a rabid CLAMP fan...I think most of population can admit to latching onto at least one of their various works. There are many awesome writers in this fandom but one particular fic has caught my attention and that is The Seer by tsubaki-dono. The first thing that sets this apart from the others is that it is one of the minority that is written from Doumeki's point of view. It has an awesome original storyline and I need anyone/everyone who reads/watches xxxHoLiC to go and review this fic because it deserves more! Take a look...

More to come!

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