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Let's see, first off I have to say that being censored really sucks. I know my stories are safe and archived on another site but having them yanked off of here is wrong. Now then, I'm an older Charmed watcher and a huge Cole and Phoebe fan. I am completely disgusted with how the season (4) is going so I plan on staying in my own little Charmed world. In my world Cole is a member of a loving family and will always be accepted. None of this is he evil for the fourth time crap. So rest assured, if you want Cole and Phoebe fics you can count on me. Problem is I'm leaving after A Mother's Anguish. It's the censorship thing. Can't tolerate it. You can find me (yes my NC-17 work too) at my site Charming Tales. It's link with Charmed World. See the addy above.


Doing only Spuffy now. Spike is a God! My fic "Rage of Angel" is here but all my smutty Spuffy stuff isn't allowed so it's at The Spuffy Realm. Same author name.