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I am 21 years of age and I live in a dreary little town on the east coast of England..

With my stories I have no set story genre as I drift about. I’m inspired allot by the music I listen to, and I listen to almost every thing.

My stories have a plot, but usualy what it ends up as is differnt to what it started as. Usualy I will post up the stories that I feel that I will finish or have more that one chapter already written for, I am also a very slow writer, so dont expect terribly fast updates...

I suppose Alternate Universe is a good description for most of the stories I write, although I do try to stick to facts when ever I can. I like to simply borrow characters and worlds and just play with them, I dont stick to movie, game, anime or the story lines they were ment to have(but they do often run in the background, my characters are usualy just doing something else). Its fiction, its ment to be freedom of imagination, not one rule after another.

Writing Fanfictions is just a hobby, I dont gain anything from it...its an outlet for all the excess creativity that floods my mind, I'm not writing for any of you. I'm writing for my self, its something I enjoy doing in my free time...I am more of a drawn creator rather than a writer anyway.

Also I love long reviews, because I love reading what people think about the story and about I need to change or add to it. But remember, I am only human not a perfect writing machine and if you do not like my idea, then simply do not read my story.

Often I try reply to most long reviews in the way that I would like to be spoken to and if you don’t like to review openly on that big review page don’t be afraid to mail/message me about my stories with advice or useful comments...

My Assassins Creed story A Game Of Ghosts is complete, Hopefully soon, i shall begin on the sequel, but im not promising anything terribly Instant.

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