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If anyone wants to know how the bracelets look like, they look like the bracelet from Negima!? (Which I do not own) I just picked it because I like the design on it:

http:// s275. photobucket. com/ albums/ jj295/ stickerclub/ Negima/ ?action=viewt=0Negiwatch.jpg

Hello Everyone, my twin brother Sword of Dawn, as of December 2020, passed away because of Covid-19. He was sick in the beginning of the month. His health slowly became deteriorated as the days went by until they hooked him up to the ventilator. I never thought that would would be my final good bye to him. I will be taking over his account, and his stories. I will delete some that he planned himself. He's the only who had the right to finish those. Those stories should rest with him, not me.

Good bye bro. Until we meet again. Thank you for everything.

Fanfiction Idea

OC for OC Darkstalker future fanfic:

Name: Azer Snowhunt

Gender: Male

Height: 5'10''

Race: Dragonoid

Hair: Medium length pale blue tied in a neat loose ponytail

Eye: Gold with slit pupils that give off a faint glow

Age: Unknown as he doesn't remember

Appearance: In his human form Azer has fair skin and is usually seen wearing a butler outfit as he tends to his mistress and queen Morrigan Aensland. He has white scales around his neck going up his cheeks and under his eyes. His hands have sharp claws with white scales completely covering his arms up to his elbows, and his feet are completely covered in white scales with sharp claws all the way up to his knees. He has a long white dragon tail covered in hard scales occasionally using it as third arm whenever he cleans. His scales also cover his back completely and part of his front stopping below his rib cage. He has two large white wings with three claws at the wing joint.

Profile: Azer was found by Morrigan when they were both children and his memory was completely gone. Growing up together they both fell in love with one another. However, since he wasn't royalty, he felt like he could never measure up to bring Morrigan happiness, he settled on being her personal butler as an excuse to be close to her. He also secretly loves it whenever she asks him to satisfy her nightly cravings, and she just can't get enough of him. He is also unaware that she is constantly refusing suitors or build a male harem as only Azer can satisfy her sexually and mentally, and is trying to find ways for them to be together.

Powers: Ethereal Fire breath (Dragon Form only)

Ethereal Ice breath (Dragon Form only)

Flight at incredible speeds

Full Dragon Form

Sword Master

Fire, Ice, Light, and Darkness manipulation

Harden Scales

Seismic Roar (Dragon Form Only)

Telescopic Vision

Dragonic strength

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