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At present, I am a student who loves munching cookies and cuddle stuffed bunnies. I like making AMVs, reading/writing fanfics (I'm struggling to produce good works of art! Now that came out kinda stupid...), listen to music (either at my trusty mp3/computer or at my favorite radio station). You can also find me at my spot, my personal space, my table doing some sketching, trying to put my thoughts into reality. Heehee.

My favorite couples:

Sasuke – Sakura (Naruto): Really, really, really love this pairing!! It’s just so plain obvious. They truly match each other. I mean, of course we all know both of them are on the different ends of the spectrum but that what makes them perfect as a couple. “Opposite poles attract each other.” and they are the best example for that. Sasuke is the dark and cold guy we see in the series while Sakura is the bright and warm girl we had always known. I just couldn’t imagine Sakura ending up with Naruto because number 1, Naruto is for Hinata. Number 2, they’re just friends. And number 3, Naruto and Sakura are both childish most of the times. They should have someone who could ‘complement’ them not supplement them!

Another thing, Masashi Kishimoto had quite a number of scenes on Sasuke and Sakura than on Naruto and Sakura… Remember the part where Sasuke decided to leave Konoha? Though he had always told her she was annoying, he said THANK YOU! Thank you for loving him despite of what he was and despite of his past. She was always there for him and please! He wanted to rebuild his clan! If Kishimoto-sensei has no intension of giving us hints that there is Sasuke and Sakura, he should have made Naruto appear on the bench instead of Sakura because he’s the main-est among the main characters and to think that he is his best friend and at the same time rival.

(sigh) I think I should make an essay about this. LOL

Kenshin – Kaoru (Rurouni Kenshin): This is… well, already given. I also love this pairing. (Why would I include them in the list to begin with!?) Rurouni Kenshin Seisouhen is the first movie that whenever I watch it, it makes me cry rivers even though I had already seen it several times. Call that exaggerating but it’s the truth. I couldn’t get over it until now… sniffs But you know, a part of me would always cheer for Soujiro-Kaoru pairing. I know it’s one hundred and one percent impossible but I just couldn’t help but like them!

Uryuu – Orihime (Bleach): Hooray to dorky love! But honestly, I don’t think Ishida’s a dork. He’s just a very smart guy who likes to read and sew. So what’s wrong with that? I personally don’t consider those hobbies girly or gay-ish. I admired this pairing because they’re so cute when they’re together. Ishida turns from a serious, hard-faced man to a blushing school boy when he’s with Orihime. Orihime, who’s the innocent, smart girl in the story doesn’t have any idea about Uryuu’s feelings because she’s in love with Ichigo. I know that was very saddening but I have a strong faith that one day; she will realize that Uryuu was always there for her and she would eventually learn to reciprocate his feelings.

Natsume – Mikan (Gakuen Alice): Ahh… The quarrelsome lovers. I suppose that’s their way of showing their affection. If you had read the manga or watched the anime series, you’ll never see the day complete without them arguing (well... not totally). I’ve already read a couple of fanfics on them and I liked it… probably because of their love-war relationship which makes the story funny and worthwhile.

Light – Misa (Death Note): (sometimes Ryuzaki – Misa) The serious slash sometimes evil and the bubbly pairing. They almost resemble Uryuu and Orihime except that Light-kun is too serious than Ishida-kun. The guy is intelligent and good-looking. The girl is cheery and has this warm aura. Unlike the other couples I’ve listed here, the percentage of my liking on them is only around 8/10 because Light is sometimes evil. No, let me paraphrase that. ...Light is often evil. (remember the episode where he killed Ray Denbar and his fiancé?) The remaining 2/10 is on Ryuzaki (L) and Misa because L is Misa’s fan and I found it interesting. Hahaha.

Kira – Lacus (Gundam Seed Destiny): I don’t have anything much to say about this one because I like them, period. This pairing was as well, already given. Just watch the series and you’ll understand what I’m trying to say. Hahaha.

Shinichi – Ran (Detective Conan): Hmm… The long distance yet so near relationship. (What!!) Again, I liked this one because Shinichi’s very smart and Ran’s not the damsel in distress type of a woman. They’ve been together since childhood and I believe they’re really meant for each other. I just hope Shinichi comes back to his normal age and height.

I discourage anything related to yaoi or yuri stuff. I just don’t entertain any of them. It gives me the creeps.

Favorite song in my playlist?


Find me here, speak to me
I want to feel you, I need to hear you
You are the light that's leading me to the place
Where I find peace again
You are the strength that keeps me walking
You are the hope that keeps me trusting
You are the light to my soul
You are my purpose
You're everything

Within Temptation

Sparkling angel I believed
You were my savior in my time of need.
Blinded by faith I couldn’t hear
All the whispers, the warnings so clear.

I see the angels,
I'll lead them to your door.
There's no escape now,
No mercy no more.
No remorse cause I still remember
The smile when you tore me apart.

I'd like to thank those who leave reviews on my work! I may not be able to mention them all but I appreciate each one of them. If you have any comments, suggestions, violent reactions or whatsoever, please feel free to PM me. Thank you! :)

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