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Hello. My name is Linda. I´m just a regular woman who´s got an unhealthy fascination for blood, violence, and gore. I was born in november in 1984, so if you know some basic maths you´ll probably figure out how old I am. I like drawing, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, fantasy, sience fiction, and video games, such as Perfect dark zero, Halo 2, Elder scrolls IV; game of the year edition, Gears of war, Conker live and reloaded, Prince of persia; warrior within and Viva pinata. I also like comics such as Herman hedning (swedish comic), music such as Night wish, Metallica, Hammerfall, Iron maiden, Rammstein and Apcalyptica, and movies such as Brain dead, Bad taste, Meet the feebles, Boondock saints, Shreck 1&2 and Ghost busters. My favorite TV-shows are Anders och Måns (swedish humour) and Naruto. And I also love The Angry Video Game Nerd.

(The lovley ZabuKaka picture is not mine. It belongs to Demyrie on

I´m also a great yaoi fan, but I´m very picky with the pairings. I´m also very picky about who´s the seme and who´s the uke. The hottest guy in any pairing should always be the uke, and the seme doesn´t nesecerily have to be hot (I really like the contrast between a drop-dead gorgeous uke and a not so very hot seme).

My favorite pairings:

Gai (seme) x Kakashi (uke)

Chouji (seme) x Shikamaru (uke) (after time skip)

Kankuro (seme) x Kiba (uke) (after time skip)

Sasuke (seme) x Neji (uke) (after time skip)

Kisame (seme) x Itachi (uke)

Genma (seme) x Hayate (uke)

Itachi (seme) x Kakashi (uke)

Zabuza (seme) x Kakashi (uke)

Sasuke (seme) x Sai (uke)

Pein (seme) x Itachi (uke)

Kakashi is really hot, and I really like it when he gets tied up and stuff like that. Even though I feel that he belong with Gai it´s rather entertaining when Kakashi is being dominated by Itachi. Hayate is also cute when he´s beeing dominated. As for Sasuke, I don´t like him all that much but he´s such an ass-hole he deserves to be seme.

These pairings brings my piss to a boil:

Kakashi x Iruka (makes no fucking sense), Gaara x Lee, Neji x Lee, Sasuke x Naruto, Kakashi x Naruto, Kakashi x Sasuke, Gai x Lee, Itachi x Sasuke (fucking nasty).

These pairings (exept for the first one) are even worse when they are supposed to be before the time skip. I mean, what kind of sick fuck is turned on by some 13- and 14-year olds having sex with each other or even worse, with grown men? That´s fucking nasty man (I really don´t like shota, it makes me wanna puke up my lunch). Orochimaru x Kabuto and Zabuza x Haku are also kind of creepy. But the worst is Itachi x Sasuke (incest, makes me sick to the stomach!)So I do myself a favor and stay away from those pairings at all cost.

(Now don´t get me wrong. I like Lee, he´s one of my favorites. I just don´t like the thougt of him in an adult situation. And I will admit that some Iruka x Kakashi smut would be nice if Kakashi was the uke. Kakashi should always be the uke in my oppinon.)

Also, I don´t like yuri and I sure as hell don´t like hentai.

So far I´ve only made a one-shot story. And I´ve started on a moore elaborate one but I won´t be able to finnish it because my word 2007 has gone haywire.

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