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A Nobody needs love just like everything does...

Hello all!

Welcome to my profile. My user name, as you should know, is A Heart For My Nobody. I'm a 22 year old straight male fanfiction writer who writes mostly non-straight fanfiction. Funny story behind that: a few years ago, I jokingly told my girlfriend to give me a premise for a short story while I was sitting in front of my computer, unsure of what to write about. She gave me a bit of a joke of a prompt, since that was what I was looking for, and it was actually pretty fun to write. I wrote several other joke prompts after that, and initially started up my fanfiction.net account for the point of showcasing these non-serious stories.

I have now moved on to writing a little more seriously, but I haven't had the heart to take down any of the old ones, because no matter how much I didn't like some of them, there were always at least a couple of people who DID like them. Anyway, because of that I have a couple stories that are a tad goofy (and sometimes riddled with spelling errors), so you'll have to forgive me for that. Haha.

My current project is the Final Fantasy VII story: What makes a SOLDIER. At the time of writing this, I have 48 chapters posted for about 115,000 words. However, this may not be my only project, and it's also quite likely that I'll be posting more joke fics to come. Basically, I just write what comes to me and hope that people will find amusement in it. At least my newer writings are a bit more proof-read. Haha.

Other than all of that, I love making friends and talking to people who read my stories on the site. So far, I've never failed to respond to a reviewer who hasn't posted anonymously, so feel free to chat sometime! I'm pretty open to answering questions about my stories, but I'm not likely to be giving something away that will be covered later on. I also try to post chapters pretty regularly on my current project. Me and my girlfriend are still together (5 years now ^_^), and she waits pretty diligently for the next chapters, so I have some extra motivation.

Enjoy the stories! ~ A Heart For My Nobody

My girlfriend's username is Kumagorogirl (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/987555/)

Check out her fics too!

Fanart for What makes a SOLDIER:

Art for 200 reviews – By Kumagorogirl

Happy Birthday Art – By Angel.M.Demon

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