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UPDATE 5/82014


A note to new readers. I don't allow people to steal content from this story. I also do not allow people to referance it anymore! do not take one thing from this story such as plot, characters, personality, clothing ideas. If you feel like you need to referance anything NOTE ME on DA (Urime-hokonai) I am sick of the non crediting of the fic I have written in highschool.

Also. Please note that I have taken down IAP 2 and 3 for rewritting. they are now BETAS for the final story. I am now finishing the final product still and pulling research such as history or economics towards government. I want the readers to feel like this could actually happen and or be cannon. but also note I'm just a Fan. I love FullMetal Alchemist and love the author even more! I'm not Hiromu nor will I ever claim to be. I'm a person who broke in to her office and played with her toys before running out while she was getting coffee


Get ready for a more killer summery!

Hello and welcome to a different side of FullMetal Alchemist.
I don't own it but I do own the concepts of the creation of I AM PRIDE. The history is long but I'll shorten it the best I can.

in 2005 I started the creation of this fanfiction. the beginning was my discourgment of not getting the Pride!Ed ending in a popular illegal fan game known as BlueBirds Illusion. but the beginning of the story I had always disliked OceanX's Design of Pride!Ed...Skirt = WTF in my mind. I redesigned Pride entirely by creating a demented messed up in the head Edward Elric given the power of Homunculi making the monstrocity known as Tasumi.

Tasumi means SIN or SINNER in japanese.

By incorporating the styles the story was set in 50 years in the future making Cars more adapt and giving the world a different setting making Amestris into 1960's Technology is more advanced but laced completely with alchemy, one being Surgery is done using types of bioalchemy that is still safe on the user and host. Building are more "1920's New york city" while electronics are now more accessible such as Tapes, Television, and there is early creations of the computer. by having this tech the world is more adapt to wars and even keeping in touch with others, Train transport is still key but is faster and built on automail tech and some new electric processing like batteries and wire adapts. Bioweaponary is now starting to surface while automatic weaponry is used more, airile flight and war is still in the works. Some new tech is plastic uses one being mentioned long ago in the BETA of IAP 3 is Silicon webbing. the rubber is used to imitate human skin for self conscious Automail users. the coating is still flawed making the bearings slower which makes the users automail react slower or loose it's power in gripping objects. even with modern technology becomeing more strong Alchemy has Evolved fully as well, air being a hard element to control has now become a dangerous weapon; almost as dangerous as Fire. Earth has become more adapt in twisting elements together creating unheard of alloys like adding Gold, Platium, Iron and Carbon together to create a strong alloy. By these earth develoments the alchemists have found ways to create percious jewels by combinding elements like OpalDiamond= Oplond a diamond that has the characteristics of a Opal! (in my world Oplonds are millions of Cenz!)

The story's main character is Pride, he is a lone wolf that develops through the story in a good way mostly but spirals down a road of mental instability by his own actions and by others who don't know that they are hurting him more then helping. The story is about Aceptace even if they do NOT deserve it.

Story is Extremly Gorey, mentally unstable, plot twisted, DEEP, deranged and lastly slightly sexual. if you do NOT like Edward Ripping organs out of another human and laughing at the poor soul while grinning like a insane person DO NOT READ. If you do not like Edward going mentally crazy and fully acting out in fits of insanity towards himself or others DO NOT READ THIS STORY. if you love GrimDark styled stories and peoples organs falling out of their bodies, eaten, or mutilated in a happy knifing while laughing at the victim die and bleed to death READ THIS STORY.

Can I use any Character that isn't in the orginal cast for...?

NO I have been given the Okay to make a Doujinshi and I will be royally Pissed if my design appears in any story other then mine.

Pride!Ed's not your's so I used him in a fic with the same clothing design/personilty.

That may be so but his clothing/personality is MY DESIGN. I actually based the bastards mind off of my own...Do you really want a insane girl knocking on your doorstep with her lawyer? better yet do you want a insane girl with her lawyer and a freaking bat knocking on your door? A bat with nails driven in the wood... big fucking 10penny nails. soooooooo... your basically taking my Brain and using it...How does that sound? So NO I will SUE YOU for Copyright infringment by not obeying Creative Commons license. I own the CONCEPT not the CHARACTER. you may use the character just strip him completely of my ideas and go to the drawing board with your own idea.

Can I use Tasumi concept?

MAYBE. I have to know WHAT you are using it for. Ask please IAP is my child and I love it very much.

Can I pair Pride with my OC and write a FanFic?

...HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! I'd like to see you try! that bastard would gut you on the first date! now if you were a certain blonde automail junkie then he'd be all up in that. if no... say goodbye to your organs as he makes a balloon animals out of your intestinal tract and uses your liver as a kitchen sponge... oh yeah and He'll put your pretty Kawaii eyes in a jar since He loves Eyeballs.

Pride: ...WHY would YOU want to DATE ME?! I don't give a shit about you! heheheheheheheheheeeeee eyes...

Me: Shut it Pride...;

I AM PRIDE Safety Guide

1. Do NOT get attached to ANY characters! (Expt. Pride Duh)


3. Pride is PSYCHO!



What You Will Need when Reading I AM PRIDE

1. Barf bag for weak stomachs

2. Tissues since it will make you cry

3. Morbid sense of HUMOR

4. A GUN since I know You'll want to KILL me :3

Things to Know about Pride!

Pride Hates you.

Pride doesn't give a crap about anyone

Pride is a good brother but NOT a loving one

Pride is Clinically INSANE

Pride Is Edward Elric gone WRONG :3

Pride may seem nice but he's really not

Pride is a Cocky Jackass Prick

Pride enjoys your pain

Pride Likes Coffee, Pie, Toast, and Stew.

Pride is Neat Freak and hates clutter

Pride is quiet most of the time

Pride snaps for different reasons other then height.

Pride is 5' 9"

Pride Weighs 120lbs. (Reason is secret)

Pride is the Alpha Dog/King Piece!

Pride's birthday is January 27 (one week away from Edward's original birthday) Please don't celebrate it unless you want Pride to put his foot up your butt.


Praise looks 15 years old but is really 25 mentally

Praise is more level headed then Pride in most situations

Praise still adores cats

Praise is stronger psychically then Pride

Praise is sweet and loving to most people unless they treat him with ill manners or respect

Praise is 5'7"

Praise weighs 150lbs. (normal human weight)

Praise is considered by most now as the older brother (Pride HATES it)

Praise is not a fighter he's more a talker to figure out the situation (his brother usually starts the fights anyways so he has to be the peace maker)

praise is easily annoyed by his brothers antics

Praise loves Pride no matter what and wants to find a way to be human again.

*Thank you for all the Love for volume 1! It makes me feel really warm inside and let's me know That my story is worthy of posting. Thank you form the bottom of my heart I love you guys very much! :LOVE:


Thank you DemonRaily for you support and love for my crazy story

Thank you Sleepdeprivedpsychoanimegirl For the Love

Thank you to anyone who shows me love in any way

Thank you SukiNaromi for the wonderful drawing of Pride and Praise

Thank you XxSinloverxX For the funny drawings of Pride

Thank you EVERYONE!

IAP Theme Songs

Volume 1


ED Aicle- Gomen Nasai

Volume 2



Volume 3



Volume 4



Volume 5 (LAST VOLUME)


ED- Dir En Grey- GLASS SKIN (remastered version)

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