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Hello, I'm finally updating my profile! LOL

Anyway... I'm the reader/authoress known mainly as Yoshi.

I mostly read fanfiction. And I also write err... every so often. Yeah, let's got with that. Anyway I read most kinds of fics, except for most OC or Pokémon original trainer fics since those bore me more often than not. With Pokémon I also tend to prefer reading about the anime instead.

I love general/plot/friendship/character exploration/AT/Time Travel/For Want of a Nail fics. I also read shipping, lots and lots of shipping. I'll even read a fic despite my own preferences, unless it turns into a fluffy, sappy OOC snog fest and then forget it, even with the ships I like.

Pokémon isn't the only show I like. In particular, I'm also into Digimon, Inuyasha, Case Closed/Detective Conan, and Dragonball. Pokémon is the one I've written most of my fanfiction for, but Digimon is the one I'm mainly reading about these days. Both are near and dear to my heart though, along with all of my other favorites.


Sometimes if I get inspired, I do fanart. It's not on a regular basis, but oh well.

This is one I did for Meadow Wood's August '12 Challenge.


Pokémon Ship List

Ash: Ash x Misty, Ash x Anabel, Ash x Latias, Ash x Bayleef

Misty: Misty x Ash, Misty x Brock, Misty x Max, Misty x Gary, Misty x Richie, Misty x Drew, Misty x Egan, Misty x Georgio, Misty x Dawn, Misty x Pikachu

Yeah, I know I ship Misty with just about everybody. :P

Brock: Brock x Any girl who has ever shown an inkling of liking him. XD

Tracey: Tracey x Joy (Orange Islands), Tracey x Cissy, Tracey x Gary

May: May x Drew, May x Brendan, May x Harley, May x Franklin, May x Wally (game)

Max: Max x Misty, Max x Vivi

Dawn: Dawn x Gary, Dawn x Misty, Dawn x Kenny, Dawn x Riley, Dawn x Barry (game)

TR: Jessie x James (Yes, I have gotten dragged back into Rocketshipping) , Meowth x Giovanni (it's obvious and totally one-sided! XD)

There are some more ships, but I'm a little on the fence about them... And I do know the names to all of these, but if I said I support Steamshipping, or Bodyslamshippng, or NewRivalshipping would you know what I was talking about here? Oh and they're Misty x Egan, Ash x Bayleef, and May x Wally respectivily.

As for other ships? I don't have a problem with them. Just because you like one ship doesn't automatically mean you should hate another. That's not my thing... obviously with all the ones I do support, if it was I wouldn't have started to support them in the first place.

The ones I dislike because of distaste of the chemistry are: Tracey x Misty, May x Brock, Drew x Dawn, and most Paul ships ('cuz he is the definition of anti-social)

I also really don't care a lot about Shoujo-ai, (with like two exceptions) as it normally bores me to tears. And I'm extremely picky with Shounen-ai too. Funny I don't have any problems picking with Pokémon x Human though.

Also I don't like it most of the time when a pairing trails off into lemons, yaoi(1), yuri(1), bestiality, and you get the idea.

(1) Yaoi and Yuri are actually more terms for lemons not just slash like is often thought.

Everything Else Besides Pokémon

I ship a lot of stuff, that's all that needs to be said. I'm a multishipper obviously. This is why I'm not going to be listing the other fandoms right now. It's too much work. lol I'm just leaving my shipping bio for Pokémon up because it's been up for so many years already.

Also you should know I'm NOT going to read a fic and start bashing it up and down just because of a shipping preference. Heck I will even read what I DON'T like and like the fic if it's good enough. And I won't automatically like a fic just because it has a ship I do like, because way too many authors have dragged my favorite characters OOC in a sloppy mush.

My fic at the moment: Ending Loneliness

I have not abandoned this fic. I will finish it. It's just taking forever.

Other fics: Reflections

This started out as a discussion on a forum, and a fanart posted there. It inspired me to take a look at Misty and Ash's life if they got together, and not go into they have a kid just like them who also arrives a the lab late blah blah blah ...

I put quite a bit of effort into my first fic that I put on the internet (because the others were meh). So maybe some of you will be kind enough to tell me what you think?

The fanart that inspired this can be seen here.

Credit to Miyabic's Room.

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