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NEWS OF THE WEEK: Can I Borrow Your Heart? has FINALLY been updated- after 5 months (exactly) I finally completed and posted Chapter 2...So please go check it out and make sure to review!! :D



NAME: Krissy :D

FAVOURITE HOBBIES: Listening to music, Reading, Writing, Exercising, hanging out with my friends and family

HAIR COLOR/STYLE: I'm a brunette, with long waivy hair ...




The Twilight Series/ The Host by Stephenie Meyer AWESOME! Great plot (Personally, unlike most people, Breaking Dawn was one of my favourites...Twilight of course, is the best as it'd the first.) Both of Stephs books have really flexible and lovable characters which makes it easy to write for FanFic and awesome and entertaining to read. LOVE THEM!!

Map of Bones by James Rollins AWESOME BOOK...kinda like the da Vinci Code cross National Treasure... a recomended read.

Maximum Ride By James Patterson Go Max! Lest Kick some Random Mutant Butt! The humour in these books rule!

Basically Any Meg Cabot Books (EXCEPT THE PRINCESS DIARES) who doesnt adore all her male characters! I mean, Zac? Tommy...oh and BTW, can someone PRETTY PLEASE SHOOT PAUL SLATER?! UGH!

The House of Night Series By Kirsten and P.C. Cast Damn Loren, He's so annoyin- i never liked him- not to mention Neferet! two-faced much? And the Stevie Ray thing is SO SAD! THE TWINS AND DAMIEN ARE AWESOME... But Zoey, stick to one guy hon.

The keeper of the Isis Light by Monica Hughes BRILLIANT, SAD, INTRUGUING, ROMANC-Y, AWESOME...That;s all. Fuzzy wuzzy with a bad haircut (a.k.a Mikki knows what i mean! ;D),

Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta One word; AMAZING! I could read this book over and over again- the characters are so unique and well developed. As is the plot- A DEFINITE RECOMENDED READ!! (You won't be dissapointed)

FAV AUTHORS: Victoria Michaels, J.K Rowling, Tamora Pierce, P.C Cast, & Melina Marchetta

FAV SUBJECTS AT SCHOOL: Science, Ancient History & English.

3 THINGS THAT MAKE ME SMILE: Friends, Family and Chocolate...Oh! and Kellan Lutz...and writing...And a good comedy movie...and all u guys! (I know thats more then 3 but...meh!)

JACOB OR EDWARD?: I used to be a definite Edward fan, but now I don't really care...Jake grows on you I suppose. Well Taylor Lautner does atleast! ;


The Cullen Clan Awards: Love me Don't Hate me- Best Drama/Romance


I Heart: /Jesse de Silva/Edward Cullen/Emmett Cullen/MAGNUS/Jasper Hale/Carlisle Cullen/Seth Clearwater//Benjamin/Jamie/Ian/Jared (i know call me crazy!)/Zach Goodman/Callum/Tommy Sullivan/ Fang/Iggy/Eric Night/Damien (even though he's gay)/Alex Pettyfer/Alex Rider/Drew Roy/Logan Lerman/Harry Potter (Don't ask)/Emma Watson's little brother (What's his nae again?!)...and more.

Dont worry, it's alright to have multiple Fictional Boyfriends, no really- its healthy! Or at least that's what i tll myself...Oh well! All's good for a laugh!


A typical conversation between me and my friends (yes, this actually happened):

NOTE: I Just realised the Kellan's last name was spelt the wrong way in this (SHAME ON U MIKKI) so, I'm changing that too...

MIKI:Edward has nice abbs.

ME: Yes he does, although, Rob Patterson doesn’t.

MIKI: I know! He could at least TRY! Or get plastic surgery or something.

ME: Exactly, or they could have cast someone completely different.

MIKI:You know who has nice abbs?

ME: Who?

MIKI:Kellan Lutz!

ME:TOTALLY! OMC! His eight pack is drool worthy!

MIKI: Mmmmmmmmmm... You could name all those bad boys! Um... Bob, James, Alex...

ME:NO! There's 8 of them right? Snow white and the seven dwarves!

MIKI:(hysterical laughter) Of course! I bags happy and Snow white! You can take doepy and grumpy.

ME:drools Mmm... Abbs

Charlotte: What are you two on about?



ART TEACHERGirls! Do your work; I’ve honestly never seen you so excited! What are you talking about?

MIKI, Me, Charlotte: NOTHING!

A Couple of week's later...

MIKI:You know who else has abbs?

ME: Who?

MIKI: Bradley James! (Authur from Merlin)

ME:Omc, YES!

MIKI:But not as good as Kellan's.

ME: No way!

MIKI:Bradley only has a six pack, Kellan has eight!

ME: So Bradley has... FIVE FINGERS AND A TOE!


A few months later...

ME: Ok, so we've named Kellan's abbs and Bradley James's...How bout we name Alex Pettyfer's?


ME: Haha!! Ok...Uh, 5 nails and a screw?? -shoots mikki a desperate look-

MIKKI: Hell no!

ME: ok, uh...oh! 5 roses and a thorn!!

MIKKI: Haha!! That's perfect, and it totally ties in with the whole Beastly thing!!

Way waaaaaay later...

ME: What did we name Alex Pettyfer's Abbs again?? Im trying to remember so i can post it on ff...

MIKKI: I honestly don't remember...wasn't it something to do with cupcakes?? Please don't hit me if it has nothing to do with cupcakes! You know I'm bad like that!

ME: Cupcakes?!?! Where the hell did you get CUPCAKES from?!

MIKKI: Well now that the ideas there we have to name SOMEONE'S Abbs...

ME: ...??...

MIKKI: Channing Tatum!! Cause he's so DELICIOUS!!

ME: Eew!! Bad pun!! But ok, Channing Tatum it is...So 5 cupcakes and a Marshmallow then??

MIKKI: Sounds bout right...


I'll screw YOU Edward Cullen! No wait, I didnt mean that! Dom

Edward, Edward, Edward, Edward! Oh wait, I mean library! Rena

I am SO pale 4 J Hale Maza

What do you get when you mix all of the colours of a rianbow, TOGETHER? POO COLOUR!! Why did I just think of Emmett? Me and crazy old Miki

If I ran over Robert Pattinson I would reverse over him again to make sure I got the job done! Dom

Teacher: Does anyone know what the first language of humans was?
Everyone: Caveman!
Miki: Yeah, and some boy's still use it today! Ghr, Me Tony, who you?

Hang on Snoopy, Snoopy hang on! Lilo and Rena

Oh. Emme. Gi! Gabby

Sit back, Relax, and watch pigeons fluff up to attract eachother! Me

Could you imagine asking an Oompa-Loompa if they had a spray tan? Haha! They'd be like, No! Do i look orange to you?! and we'd be like, ...um... Miki

All i need is some whiskey and medicine and it makes me go WHOOT! Mel

Can inhaling sharpies make you high? Kazza

I'm not insane...AND i have a therapist. His name is Bob! Can you see him? He's right here, and he's hot...we're making out- hi Bob! Mikki

KILLSHOT!! Nugget...A.K.A. Megs (and me)

Thank you for the Cyber Wake-up Slap! Nugget...A.K.A. Megs

I would totally make a good dictator. I'd be like, DIE! YOU ALL DIE!! Except for you- you're hot, come here! Rachel

MIKKI: You're too short for me to lean on your shoulder- You need to be Alex Pettyfer's height.

ME: How tall is Alex Perrtyfer?

MIKKI: Hot...Oh, sorry, what?

ME: Haha! Typical.













Love me, Don't hate me

Chapter 16: Double the Trouble


Jeans and shirt

Leather Jacket





Black Shoes


NOTE: I originally had a photo of Bella’s leather Jacket but I couldn’t find the link to post up here…sorry guys!!


Green Blouse

Black Heels


I didn’t describe what Jasper was wearing in the chapter, but for anyone who was wondering, the link to his outfit is bellow.

Jaspers Outfit


Can I Borrow Your Heart?

Chapter 1: Memories:

The Fantale Photos are bellow. Fantale's are basically fuge squares which have been coated in milk chocolate (YUM!!). On the wrapper there is the Biography of a famous person which you usually read out to another person to see if they can guess who the star is. The photos are bellow:

PIC 1 Click on the picture to enlarge it.

PIC 2 Click on the picture to enlarge it.

PIC 3 Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Chapter 2: Pain and Kindness:

After searching the internet for a while, I found this photo of a cafe which is what became the basis of my idea for 'Renee's Place': CAFE

Inpiration Image Number 2 is quite simple-Take a look: COFFEE

Hessian Coffee Bags: HESSIAN 1, HESSIAN 2

The mirrors I pictured hanging on the walls were similar to these, but in various shapes and sizes: MIRROR 1, MIRROR 2


THANKS FOR READING!! (Remember to review to my stories...:P)

Love always!

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