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Namura Jones: (1) (Black spiky hair and green eyes. An orange T-shirt with black checker squares on the right side, blue denim jeans and brown Velcro sandals. He also have a tattoo of the Nobody emblem on his back, hidden away by his T-shirt)

Jet: (2) (Jet stands about 6'4, with pale caucasian skin, light brown eyes, and dark brown neck length semi shaggy hair. Typically for an outfit, he wears a type of lab coat that is a cross between a duster, and a traditional nerd coat, that has been segmented down the back to allow for better movement. He wears a harness over a long sleeved black shirt, which holds numerous pouches on it, each holding an assortment of things. He also wears a pair of black pants, with a thigh holster to hold a tranq gun for field purposes, and finally, black dress shoes.)

Drake Douglas: (3) () (Drake's team consists of a level 37 Shelgon, a level 45 Fraxure and a level 42 Zweilos)

Mariah: (4) (

Judith Hawkins: (5) ()

Ophelia Hawkins: (6) ()

Ebony and Ivory: (7/8) ()

Weturon: (9) ("disguise" ) ("true form"

Angelique Dark: (10) ()

Thalia Dark: (11) ()

Lucasta Dark: (12) ()

Kisara Evans: (13) (

Nephele Evans: (14) (

Tegan: (15) (Tegan is a tall, slender and lightly tanned vampire, with long black hair with red tips, tied in a ponytail that goes down to the end of her back, a long dark-blue ribbon wrapped into the ponytail. Around her neck is a silver necklace with the image of a bat in the middle, it's wings wrapped around a blood-red ruby. Her wings are long and slim, one with a single bullet hole in it, doesn't hinder her ability to fly though. She wears a grey halter top with black arm gloves with fingerholes. A grey skirt with a spike belt and grey leather boots.)

Tia: (16) (Tia is a an average sized, but curvy girl, with lightly tan skin. She's wearing a black/reddish T-shirt with a cleavage-window, green cut-offs/Daisy Dukes, and striped thigh-high stockings, with the left being black with white stripes, and the right being white with black stripes, as well as heeled boots. Tia also has long braided black hair that goes down to her back, and eyes that are a deep purple color, as well as having demon wings on her back, which she can wrap around herself for a sort of cape, and a long prehensile tail that she can wrap around her waist so it won't get in the way.)

Viaya: (17) ()

Bellatrix: (18) ()

Belinda: (19) ()

Yuuna: (20) ()

Hitomi: (21) (

Faelana: (22) ("disguise" ("true form" )

Kenji: (Krookodile/Male) (23) (http:/ www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=16171831)

Tiamat: (Rayquaza/Female) (24) (http:/ www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=9038802) (Mega Form:

Reed: (Shiny Mew/Female) (25) (Reed has very long blue hair. (She hates getting it cut for some reason.) In fact, it's so long, it falls to her matching blue tail. For an outfit, she has on white shorts and a blue spaghetti strap that matches her hair and tail. Her chest is sorta small, but she doesn't mind. She has a naturally small figure along with shining green eyes.)

Ivy: (Serperior/Female) (26) ()

Claire: (Charizard/Female) (27) (

Mira: (Purrloin/Female) (28) (

Kathrine: (Crobat/Female) (29) (

Selene: (Cresselia/Female) (30)()

Shanice: (Kyurem/Female) (31) (Shanice has long white hair with two long ponytails wrapped up in thin white ribbons in the middle, the rest flowing free behind her. Around her neck is the black and white stone, in a necklace. She wears an ice-blue top with the symbol of a glacier on it, a pair of white jeans with a white belt and black shoes.

As White Kyurem: Her hair is now all free and has taken a light turqoise color. It now resembles a pair of wings, and her left eye is completely white. She also has a pair of icy wings and blue flames surrounding the wings. She wears the same kind of clothes, but also wears golden bracelets in the shape of Reshiram's neck and face.

As Black Kyurem: Her hair is now black instead of white and has two big grey stripes down the middle, in an x-shape. Her right eye is completely black and has a lightning-shaped mark over it. She wears a long dark jacket over her top now with room for a pair of dark dragonic wings with icy-blue energy surrounding said wings. This form also includes a long and snake-like tail. The rest of her clothes are black as well and she wears bracelets in the shape of Zekrom's neck and face.)

Senka: (Luxray/Female) (32) ( She does wear a bra and shirt. ;)

Empathy: (33) (Empathy has fair white skin and and emerald-green eyes, along with long brown hair, with her Ouroboros mark being on her collar bone. As for clothes, she's wearing a black shirt and a lightgreen dress. No shoes however, since she prefer to walk around barefooted.)

Betrayal (Brittany Valus): (34) (Betrayal has somewhat tan skin and seablue eyes, and long black hair with red stripes that goes to her back, obscuring her Ouroboros mark on the back of her neck. For clothes, she is wearing a grey-ish shirt and a black dress, with black/brown sandals on her feet.)

Anzo: (35) (The big guy on the left.

Corona: (36) (Fire demon) (

Dahlia: (37) (Possessed doll) ()

Tawny: (38) (Android) ()

Nanami: (39) ()

Khan: (40) (Appoplexian/Male) (Khan is an anthromorphic tiger that has the physique of a professional wrestler, though he's much taller. His fur is mostly orange with black stripes on it however, on his front is mostly white fur. With a height of probably 9 ft, he towers over most humans and his muscles make him a force not to be trifled with.)

Arathea: (41) ()

666 (Real name Angel): (42) ()

Aureole: (43) (Giratina/Female) ("Altered Forme" "Origin Forme" )

Galahad: (44) (Gallade/Male) ()

Regna: (45) (Gengar/Female) ()

Enigma: (46) (Golurk/Male) (He is a large well-build figure, with a bald head and on the left side is a metal plate and a cybernetic eye capable of seeing through walls, laser aim and such. His left arm is a lot bigger than the right, because it's cyborg-ish, and his right arm is covered in a golden and grey metal cylinder with all sorts of weapons inside. He wears an outfit similar to Guile from the street fighter games, but it's grey and green.)

Misaki: (47) (Mienshao/Female) ()

Niu: (48) (Niu is a DearS, an alien with the same physical appearance of a human. She has long flowing forest green hair, deep lake blue eyes and fair skin. This alien girl is around the age of 18 and has quite the bust. She wears a Yukata with a brown color scheme with black outlining the artwork and being the main color of the bow. Usually bare-foot, Niu may wear traditional Japanese sandals. Her DearS uniform is a light brown color scheme with black here and there. The main part of her uniform starts right on her chest and ending right before her thighs. Knee-length boots and long gloves cover her would be bare arms and legs. A distinctive collar is wrapped around her neck.)

Lua: (49) (Shadow Lugia/Female) ()

Solrina Hokar: (50) (A young woman at 18 years with long black hair, a golden ring to keep the hair tight in a ponytail and dazzling black eyes. Her clothes are a brown tank top with egyptian symbols on, a brown skirt with the same kind of symbols, and boots with golden laces. Duel disk is an egyptian golden disk with the eye of Wdjat as the deck holder/graveyard.)

Ayano: (51) (Zoroark/Female) ()

Pa'-sun: (52) (Braviary/Male) (He's tall and thin, but is actually a lot stronger than meets the eye. He has long spiky white hair covered by a warbonnet with a lot of blue feathers. He wears a brown indian style vest over a bare torso covered in tribal tattoos. His pants are also brown and indian styles, and he also wears Mokkasins. He carries a large steel tomahawk, which he can swing around to create strong winds and even fly by using it if he so desires.)

Tarynn: (53) (Drider/Female) (She's thin and slim, with long black hair tied in a ponytail. Her eyes are crimson red, all of them, exept one, which is completely white. She usually wears a white jacket with a black top under the jacket, two spiked wristbands on the right hand, and a big golden ear-ring in the right ear. Her lower body is a black widow's spider body, She is also a decent user of a Guan Dao and is practicing under her teacher/friend, which is also a Drider.)

Moirai: (54) (Halfkin/Female) (She's wearing a light blue body suit with vertical blue lines going down it in regular intervals. Her dark blue and bronze skirt comes halfway down her thighs and then expand outwards. Her top, the same color as the skirt, seems to cover only her chest and shoulders. For extra protection, she wears gloves and boots which is also the same colors as her skirt. All of it except the body suit is armor and very heavy looking, she's having her turquoise colored hair in twin tails, not unlike Hatsune Miku.)

Chrysalis: (55) ()

Shula: (56) (Shiny Ninetales/Female) (Shula has long grey hair that both goes over her eyes and down her back. She has an eyepatch over the right eye and wears a pair of skull ear-rings, a pair of black fingerless gloves and a silver ring on her left middle finger. For clothes, she wears a white tuxedo jacket with grey flame patterns, also wears grey jeans and black clogs)

Dahna Vo'ir: (57) (Kirlia/Female) (Dahna is a somewhat small girl, only coming up to about 1 and a half meters tall. She has short green hair with two red streaks going down from the top of her scalp to the back of her head. Her body is very thin, as she has had little physical activity yet is properly fed. For an outfit, she wears )

Gardenia Vo'ir: (58) (Gardevoir/Female) ()

Axari: (59) (She have silver-grey hair with black stripes, lazy orange eyes, and a black cloak, with a black tank top and black skirt under it, a pair of silver-ish sneakers, and she also wields a black and silver war hammer. (Something like this. )

Lani: (60) (A young slender woman with pure white long hair and deep light-blue eyes. She bears a jewelry headpiece on her forehead, a gem sparkling in the middle. She has wings on her back, but is able to hide them under her blue jacket. She also wears a blue tank top, a blue and white long skirt and a pair of white shoes.)

Jayden: (61) (Jayden is a Milotic gijinka at around 19 years old. He's male and has pink hair that flows down to his shoulders. His skin is very smooth and sleek, making him appear feminine. For an outfit, he wears a pale tanktop and jeans in the design of a Milotic's lower half. Also, he has a necklace made of gold with an emblem of a Milotic on it.)

Liva: (62) (Crobat gijinka) ()

Aria: (63) (Goddess of Chaos and Mischief) ()

Dante Lucifrell: (64) (A young half muscle, half slender-built young man, wearing a cowboy-hat and an eye patch over his right eye. Left eye is dull grey and so is his hair. He wears a rough-looking old grey poncho over his bare upper body, lazed grey jeans and brown leather boots.)

Miyami: (65) (Sekirei with the power over darkness) ()

Yamiko: (66) (Demon) (

Amiko and Emiko: (67/68) (Demon twins) (Amiko on the left and Emiko on the right.

Debbie: (69) (Shiny Houndour gijinka) (Debbie has long black hair tied up with a skull-image ring, has one deep red eye and one deep blue eye. Wears a skull mask over the part of her face with the red eye, wears a pair of grey skull-image wristbands, a black top with grey stripes, grey jeans and black shoes with a grest stripe down the middle of the shoe, and she looks around 14.)

Asgeir: (70) (When one first looks at Asgeir, they will probably notice the large gauntlets on his arms, almost like weights that he doesn't bother to take off. Heavy set from the ground up, he is certainly toned and fit, but he isn't massively huge, despite the large amount of weight he carries on his arms. The flames of one of his gauntlets would flow over his sandy flesh before darkness creeps up his legs ever-so-slightly, his golden brown gaze focused onto his unlucky target. The ear-length light brown hair is almost always matted with soot, a grin breaks across his face.

Asgeir's gauntlets are named Hati and Sköll, and they grant him ice/darkness and fire/light powers respectively)

Alfhild: (71) (With her weapons secured, she lets down her neck-length hair, the hazel eyes of Alfhild coming into view. Her body toned from battle, the slight sheen of sweat upon her brown flesh, the tamed, but curly locks of dark brown hair would get in her way if she didn't cut it so often. Her calloused hands from swinging her blade trying to rub the tension out of her shoulder blades, before giving her and trying to relax. Somewhat tall at 5'8, and weighing a healthy weight of 153 pounds of lean muscle and cutting power, she really wasn't your average girl.

Alfhild's weapons consists of a sword named Fenrisúlfr that can cut though anything, and a chainwhip named Níðhöggr)

Amani: (72) (Demon/Angel hybrid) ()

Mikba: (73) (Spiritomb gijinka) ()

(74) Name: [REDACTED] Known as Bell

Age: [REDACTED] {23}

Gender: Female

Appearence: Bell stands exactly 6'5, with short brown hair, and light brown eyes, with pale caucasian skin. Bell typically wears the typical garb for the agency, a semi loose fitting black suit, with dress shirt, pants, shoes, and a tie. As well, she has black gloves that have plated knuckles. Underneath the suit, she has a small harness, that holds a few things, as well as a tight black sleeveless shirt, and combat pants beneath the suit. She also has the iconic black hat, and glasses of the agency, and an ear piece running from her ear, into a hidden radio on her shoulder.

Species: Human

Abilities: She is a highly skilled agent, being quite skilled in espionage, as well as spying, and other subterfuge styled techniques. She is good in hand to hand combat, and can take down a typical person with minor trouble, if any. She is also a skilled shot, being deadly accurate with her handgun, and powers. As well, she is a psychic, and so far has gained the ability to use telekinisis, semi mind control, telepathy, and in some extents, pyrokinesis. As well, she had quite a few forces to call upon if needed.

Weapons: All she carries is a highly engraved handgun, using either stun rounds, or lethal.


Chandra Thornberg: (75) (Elite Four Member/Leader of Team Hoshi) (She is a slim, very attractively built curvy young woman, with long purple hair usually tied in a knot on her head, a bit covering her right eye. Her eye colors are heterochromic, one being deep-purple, the other being a shade of poisonous green. She wears a long black trenchcoat worn open, a black tank top under it. She wears a dark skirt, black nylon stockings and high black boots.) (Her teams is this: *Team Hoshi* Zoroark, Starmie, Golork, Mienshao, Dragonite and Roserade. *Her Elite Four Team* Hydreigon, Zoroark, Bisharp, Spiritomb, Honchcrow and Houndoom.)

Tamara: (76) (Neko) (She stands exactly 6'2 with light caucasian skin, long red hair, dark brown eyes, black furred catears, somewhat long legs, and a somewhat rounded head and no tail, due to being a Manx neko. She wears a crimson colored leather body suit, with a collar that stands up around her neck, and gold lines running along said collar, and a kama type piece of cloth around the waist. She has several pouches on her waist, and a few knife holsters on her ankles. A scythe sheath hangs on her back, providing easy access to her deathly scythe.)

Nadia: (77) (Celebi gijinka) (Nadia is a thin and petit woman standing at about 6 feet tall. Her flat, yet elegant green hair with a pink streak through it crawls down her face, covering one of her brilliant blue eyes, yet also going down past her shoulders. For an outfit, she wears a sky blue tank top and has white shorts. She also wears a necklace made of leaves along with wristbands made of leaves too.)

Calypso: (78) (Celebi gijinka/cyborg) (Calypso is a woman you don't want to get on the bad side off. She's wearing her long green hair in a large ponytail down her back, as well as having it crawling down the left side of her face, hiding her cybernetic eye, her real eye, however, is a clear blue color. For her outfit, she's wearing some sort of formal business suit with the sleeves ripped off, with her left arm entirely robotic, granting her the ability to turn it into different weapons, such as a laser cannon, a electrified whip, and a buzzsaw, to mention some, and black jeans, as well as formal shoes. She also has a tribal tattoo covering most of her normal arm.)

(79) Name: Aelita

Species: Vaporeon gijinka

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Special Traits: A genius in making machinery. Crissy's girlfriend.


History: Aelita lived in an aquarium ever since she became a Vaporeon. She got along with everyone there just fine at first, but then, seemingly out of nowhere, the other water type gijinkas there refused to go near her. Not only that but Aelita was also beginning to attack the other residents there. She had to be moved into her own tank, but in return, she was given an extensive education to pass the time. One day, a Flareon gijinka named Crissy came to the aquarium and visited Aelita. The two talked, laughed and Crissy then asked Aelita if she wanted to get out of the aquarium for a while. Aelita all too happily accepted the offer and the two went off.

They had a lot of fun that day. Both of them consider it their first date, for it ended with a kiss on the docks. Aelita was then brought back, but Crissy visited often. After several weeks, Aelita saw Crissy talking to a Milotic gijinka in a different part of the aquarium. She immediately became jealous. After Crissy took her out of the aquarium, Aelita knocked her out. Crissy never awoke as herself. Instead, she was turned into Aelita's cyborg slave. They ran away together and spend their time in an underground lab that is made to give Aelita her own fantasy life with Crissy.

Aelita still loves Crissy, but she refuses to let anyone take her away. Crissy was, and always will be, Aelita's girlfriend, lover, wife and Flareon.

(80) Name: Crissy

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Flareon Cyborg

Appearence: Crissy stands only 5ft tall, with pale skin, or what is left of it. She has metal plates adorning her left arm, lower abdomen, her legs, and side of her head, with a classic red android like eye. She has a short ponytail of red hair, and two short, triangular ears on top of her head, with a red, bushy tail. For clothes, she wears a jumpsuit, with sections cut out to show her cybernetics, namely for intimidation purposes. She has a harness on, that has numerous pouches, sheaths, and holsters on it.

Abilities: Like all Flareon, she is able to use fire attacks, and being a cyborg, her strength is much higher than a typical persons, with her being able to dent thick metal plates with relative ease. Her speed and agility are also above average, and she is skilled in sword fighting, and stealth techniques.

Weapons: She carries numerous weapons, namely several types of blades, all sheathed on her suit, two large caliber pistols, and a katana on her back. Oh and a few grenades, just for when she needs a good boom.

(81) Name: Chelsy

Age: Too old to list.

Gender: Female

Species: Palkia Cyborg

Appearence: Chelsy stands roughly 6'6, with light caucasion skin, short cropped white and red hair, with red and cream colored eyes. She has cybernetic parts on her left arm, which is entirely robotic, that has steel grey metal plates, with a shoulder pad holding a large pearl on it. Her left leg, and right part of her torso are also cybernetic, with parts of her head as well, specifically the back of her head, and back. She wears a pair of shorts, and tank top, with black combat boots. She also has pearls on each of her knuckles on her cybernetic arm.

Abilities: Along with all the powers of a Palkia, she is quite adept in sword fighting, and uses her enhanced speed and reaction times to her advantage in combat.

Weapons: A small, rapid firing energy pistol, and a 3ft long sword, with chainsaw teeth running down its length, that can be revved with an engine near the grip via pressure on the grip itself.

(82) Name: Sayyida.

Age: 25

Gender: Female.

Race: Absol gijinka.


Personality: Sayyida has a bossy attitude, and doesn't like to be talked back to, along with a short fuse regarding her temper.

Bio: (Read the fanfic called Driven to Fight, since this is supposed to take place after Senka leaves to get Gigajolt back.) Sayyida was used to working, despite being born into wealth. They say that money would give you the best of education, the best of coverage, etc. That wasn't the case for her. Sayyida had to learn to do everything herself. She taught herself, got herself a job and learned how to fight. It wasn't kill or be killed, but it sure did seem like it sometimes with her small anxiety problems. This anxiety doesn't happen during any certain instance; it comes randomly. She doesn't let anyone know she has it though. Even during the moments the small anxiety makes her tense up, she remains calm and collected, though her body does tense up.

It was when she was being interviewed to go to a prestigous college that disaster struck, when a certain drunk Luxray messed everything up.

You see, Sayyida had found Senka on the street just a few hours before the interview was supposed to happen. Big mistake on her part, since Senka found Sayyida's stash of alcohol a bit later, and now Senka was flirting with both Sayyida and the person who was supposed to be interviewing her, ruining her chances to get into that college. Needless to say, Sayyida holds a grudge against Senka, even to this day.

Wiyu: (82) (Wii U personification) (Wiyu is about 17 years old, though she looks like a 15 year old. Her white hair goes all the way down to her shoulders, and she's also wearing a hairclip with the Wii U's on, off power symbol. For an outfit, she wears a blue shirt with a white W on, as well as a black jacket over it, and wristbands with the Wii U's U symbol on, and black khaki pants, and black and white sneakers.)

(83) Name: Hanako

Age: 26

Gender: Female.

Appearence: Hanako stands 5'7, with caucasian skin, and short brown and pink hair, with light green eyes. She wears a brown bomber jacket, over a sleeveless shirt, with a thin combat harness over it. The harness holds numerous pouches, with various tools in it, and several sheaths. She wears a pair of somewhat baggy pants, with a pair of black combat pants beneath them, that have a few hidden pockets that hold small weapons and tools, and a pair of black boots, with small kits in the soles, and deployable knives in the toes. Her build is slender, but she is somewhat buff, but not enough for it to appearent at first glance, especially with her outfit on.

Abilities: She is skilled in the arts of stealth, and assassinations. Having been trained since a young age, she is an expert in close combat, being able to easilly hold her own aginst even a trained soldier, by using agility, and speed against the, combined with her array of deadly tools of the trade. She is quite fast as well, being slightly faster than the average adult, due to constant training, and the need for it to escape a fight if needed. Though rarely using them, she is skilled in the use of most modern fire arms, and isn't above utilizing a rifle to take care of a target from a long range. Aside from that, she typically utilizes her custom "Thorn of Pity" knife to bring her opponents down should she be forced into a fight. She is also skilled in poisons, and somewhat in technical skills, such as hacking into a computer, or bypassing a pesky lock to get to her target.

Weapons: She carries a wide variety of tools and weapons with her, but mainly she relies on her "Thorn of Pity", a 13 inch long pink hued weapon, that is coated in neurotoxin, and very deadly. She also carries a silenced M9 Handgun, for those times when you need to drop someone at range, and a knife simply won't do.


Other: She is rather sadistic, while being cold and efficent, she is not above flaunting her skills at others, even innocents, to prove her domination over them, and the fact she can easilly drop them in a matter of moments. She is also prone to getting into fights, if someone doubts her skills, or is unwilling to hire her if the situation in right.

Athena: (84) (Witch) ()

(85) Name: Glacies

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearence: Hailing from the frozen ice fields of the North, Glacies is quite pale, with her complexion being just above that of an Albino. She stand's about 6'3, and generally wears a unique ice dress, with metallic plates on the shoulders, chest, and around the bottom. She also wears long white boots, with gems on the knees. She keeps a holster on his waist, for her unique weapon.

Abilities: Being the queen of the icy planes in her world, she is quite skilled in ice based abilities, such as creating ice from thin air by freezing the moisture in the air, and lowering the temperature of things around her. Despite her outward appearence, she is rather strong, as shown by her ability to swing her frigida silicem around with a single hand. However, being an ice elemental, she is rather weak against high temperature attacks, normal fire attacks do not have much of an affect on her, but higher temperatures will lead to her downfall.

Weapons: Aside from anything she forms from ice, she wields a rather odd weapon. The Frigida Silicem is a weapon that consists of a meter long rod of metal, with a connecting chain, that ends in a large chunk of ice, that easily weighs several hundred pounds.

Edra: (86) (Shiny Mew/Female) (Edra has very long darkblue hair. (Since she thinks long hair makes her look exotic.) In fact, it's so long, it falls to her matching blue tail. For an outfit, she's wearing white shorts and a blue sleeveless shirt that matches her hair and tail. She also has a tribal tattoo on her left arm. Her chest is sorta small, but she don't really care. She has a naturally small figure along with shining green eyes.)

Jazmin: (87) (Darkrai/Female) ()

Arturia: (88) (Honedge gijinka) ()

Aiday: (89) (Moon Ethereal/Spirit) (Aiday stands about 6'5, with extremely pale caucasian skin, short blue/black hair and violet colored eyes. She wears a rather odd outfit, it consisting of truly nothing more than a black jumpsuit like suit, with twin belts hanging from her waist with stars on them. She wears a long, billowing cloak that seems to reflect the night sky itself, and carries a long silver staff, with a platinum crescent moon on the top.)

(90) Name: Unknown, goes by Mary

Age: Unknown.

Gender: Female

Appearence: 'Mary' stands about 6'6 with a dull red complexion, that makes her seem as if she has a bad sunburn, short jet black hair, and a piercing red eye. She has several cybernetics on her, such as an entirely robotic arm that has patches of rust looking color on it, and clawed fingers. She also has a metal plates visible on her torso such as her stomach, back, and side, as well as a robotic eye replacing her left eye. A spot on her neck is situated with a neural uplink receiver, and finally her legs have been replaced as well, with demonic looking semi organic legs, with patches of what seem to be organic material hanging on them. She typically wears a ceramic body plate, that covers her torso and neck, as well as a cloak to go around her.

Species: Cybernetically augmented demon

Abilities: 'Mary' is highly dangerous in combat, due to the unnatural resistance that comes with being demon born, coupled with the numerous cybernetic augmentations. Her cyber arm is capable of releasing a torrent of fire, and can double as a melee weapon thanks to the claws. She is able to outrun and out perform a typical human, and is quite strong as well. Due to her occular augmentations, she is able to see in both infrared and night visions.

Weapons: Her claws, and fire.

Other: N/A

(91) Name: Unknown; Goes by Nightshade.

Age: "Redacted".

Gender: Female.

Nightshade stands roughly 6'3 with pale skin, dark brown hair, and short fuzzy reddish hair, and emerald colored eyes. She typically wears a nervous interaction suit, which is a black and white body suit with circuits running up and down it. Over it, she wears a special suit of powered armor designed by an expert in the field. The suit itself is rather unique, with it being comprised of a series of interlocking plates that move and form to the shape of the user, with almost no restrictions to movement. The suit is a dark beige color, with streaks of red going up the legs, and torso, and dark green lines running down the arms. On one arm sits an arm cannon, a sleek wrist mounted weapon made from a ceramic material, like the suit.

Species: Human.

Weapons: Her Arm Cannon, an energy weapon capable of firing out plasma bolts at a rapid speed. Along with an energy bayonet, and several other energy weapons.

Abilities: Aside from being rather skilled in general combat, she is rather skilled in tracking people. Her suit grants her enhanced strength, speed, and agility compared to normal humans due to its nature as a power suit. The suit is protected from some damage by a recharching energy shield, and the armor itself can withstand quite a bit of damage. It also boasts a small jetpack, allowing for boosted jumps, and short flights of about 30 seconds.

Cheyenne: (92) (Human, turned demon) () (Backstory: The tale of Cheyenne is a rather sad one, all things considered. Being born to a pair of well known demon hunters, she lived a relatively normal life, as normal as one could be for someone in her place. Being raised and trained from a relatively young age by her parents in the arts of demon hunting, and how to defend herself against the mythical beasts. However, on one ill-fated day, everything about her life changed, and for the worse. During a routine training session with her parents, the goal being to track down a demon that had been causing trouble in the region, is when the world for her turned upside down. After following the tracks of this demon for several days, they eventually found the thing, and managed to corner it in a small cave. Using her skills, Cheyenne was able to dispatch the creature with some aid from her parents, and gained a new kill to her name. However, the demon slain was not the intended one, rather, it had been the spouse of the intended kill, and upon finding the corpse of his slain mate, it sent the creature into a frenzy. After mindlessly pursuing the family for three days, it finally found them, and launched a merciless attack. After ambushing the three at night, the demon was able to successfully subdue the girls parents, and kidnap her in the process. After several hours of searching, her parents eventually found her, and were able to slay the demon, but at a cost. During the time the creature had her in its captivity, it had forced upon her, a transformation, both on the physical level, and on the spiritual. Using ancient and twisted magics, the creature was able to mutate her soul into that of its own kind, a demons. Now, after several years of having to burden this curse, and after numerous attempts at failed purification, she attempts to live a normal life with her parents, and recently, has begun using her gained abilities to hunt the very thing that made her into the abomination she considers herself to be.)

Emily: (93) (Catgirl with the power to summon and control ghosts) (Emily has somewhat tanned skin, long black hair that goes to her back, with red highlights in. She has dark green eyes and brown furred cat-ears. She wears a gold colored tank-top with the Ghostbusters logo on the front, along with wearing a blue-ish jacket over it, and a black skirt as well. Emily doesn't wear shoes however, instead preferring to just walk around in ankle-long kneesocks.)

Calantha: (94) (Leafeon gijinka, who's also a cyborg) (Calantha is about average size for a 21 year old girl, with somewhat tan skin, and long green hair which she's wearing in a ponytail. She's wearing a lightgreen t-shirt with a picture of a leaf on it, and a darkgreen skirt, along with black thigh-high kneesocks, as well as sandals. As for her cyborg parts, she has a cybernetic eye which can shoot lasers, a robotic leg, hidden away by her kneesocks, of course, and a robotic arm with a wrist mounted rocket launcher built into it.)

Callisto: (95) (Witch) ()

Selah: (96) (Rock person) (Selah stands a normal 5'5, with rather pale skin, that has a light greyish tinge to it, along with silver/grey hair that goes down to her back, and brown/silver eyes. She is somewhat build in terms of size, with her most distinguishing characteristic being her one oversized arm, which is quite built. She generally wears a pair of torn pants, with grey shoes, and a sleeveless shirt with a rock logo on the back.)

Umbra: (97) (Human, demon hunter) (Umbra is a tall girl, standing at about 6'3, with slightly pale skin, long shoulder length black hair, and light green eyes. She wears a rather unique outfit, consisting of a corset, with an undershirt unbuttoned under it, along with a long form fitting coat on above it, as well as wearing a cross shaped necklace. She also wears a pair of linen pants, with knee-high black boots, and thick thigh guards, one black, one white on each leg. She also carries a long staff, with crosses on each end, as well as a crossbow that she carries on her back.)

(98) Name: Keira.

Gender: Female.

Species: Sealed Destroyer.

Age: N/A.


History: People can be bitches, can't they? It seems that no matter what you're doing, there's always someone to ruin your fun. Keira knows of this all too well. She was a spirit--a weapon--created by the many demons of Hell in order to bring death and destruction to her planet. However, Heaven wanted to jump on the idea as well.

The angels created their own spirit, one that was made to seal Keira away forever. The day would be saved, and it was. The two opposing spirits met face-to-face and fought. It seemed very close at first until the heavenly spirit decided that they were tired of the game and created a seal within a castle. Keira was immediately caught within it and trapped, unable to escape.

Now, she lays waiting, crafting various swords in the meantime. Perhaps one day, Hell will come to her aid.

"And when they come, I'll repay them with a mountain of corpses."

Neiva: (99) (Goddess of snow and ice) ()

Marita: (100) (Yveltal gijinka) ( and )

Astra: (101) (Goddess of lust.) ()

102. Name: Kaguya

Species: Vulpix gijinka

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: Kaguya has short, red hair with a semi-swirl to the right, nearly covering one of his two hazel-brown eyes. He wears an orange-red version of a ninja outfit with dark-red gloves and shoes. He also wears a bead necklace around his neck, which was a gift from his sister.

103. Name: Saki

Species: Vulpix gijinka

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Appearance: Saki has long, beautiful dark-red hair, tied in a ponytail with a black ribbon so it doesn't cover her hazel eyes. She wears an orange Kimono with dark-red linings and tied closed with a snow-white belt, along with white shoes.

Estha: (104) (Goddess of Luck) (Estha stands a tall 6'3, with albino skin, pale blue eyes, and long, braided black hair. She wears a long black dress with white lines going up the sides, that end in a corset bound with golden wire. She has black nails, and carries a small umbrella made from bone with her.)

Francesca: (105) (Vivilion gijinka) (Francesca has long, silky black hair that goes down her back, two of the locks being slightly longer than the rest of the hair. Her soft purple eyes are often hid by sunglasses. She wears a long, beautiful, dark-purple dress with two yellow ribbons at the hips, and one single red ribbon around the waist. She also wears purple pumps.)

106. Name: Nefi

Race: Scolipede gijinka

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Appearance: Nefi is a busty young woman with lightly tanned skin, long black hair with sickly dark-red stripes in it and a pair of pointy strands of hair pointing out like Scolipede horns. She has a pair of toxic-purple eyes and an animalistic set of teeth. Her body is very curvy, and she has often used it to lure in men before killing them mercilessly. She wears a dark-red tank-top with a pair of black half-rings down the sides, a pair of black jeans and dark-red boots. She also has a couple of piercings resembling bug horns on her lower lip.

Letum: (107) (Goddess of Death) (Letum stands about 5'6, with pale caucasion skin, dark brown hair that goes down to her back, and light blue eyes. Her hair is tied back in a braid, with silver bands of material, and two bangs sit out in front of her face. She wears a sleeveless white shirt with a skull on it, and a black vest, with a silver skull on the back. She also wears torn jeans, with knee high black boots, with silver toes. She carries with her a scythe nearly twice her height, made from bone, with a long nearly 5ft long blade made from gleening soul forged steel.)

Tipyru: (108) (Goddess of purity) (

Alcindia: (109) (Goddess of the mind) (

Galfuria: (110) (Gardevoir gijinka/clone of Galaxia) (

Yauma: (111) (Meowstic gijinka) (

112. Name: Cruz Alont.

Appearence: Cruz Alont stands a tall 6'3, with semi-tan skin, long red hair tied back in a pony tail, and light green eyes. She generally wears a loose fitting jacket, along with a pair of jeans over her undersuit. The undersuit itself is a dark green in color, with lines running along it to points where the armor she wears connects to it.

Cruz also wears a custom suit of shapeshifting armor made from an exotic, prototype material codenamed 'Metamorph'. The suit itself is based on the prototype pattern used by the criminal Sylux. The main difference is the fact that the suit lacks the right arm shock coil, along with the shoulder spikes, and is over all smaller in design, and more curved than angular.

113. Name: Beel: (Incarnation of Gluttony)

Appearence: Beel has long dark-red hair that she wears in a ponytail, as well as infront of her left eye, with her having a black stripe running though her ponytail. Her green eyes often seem to glow very faintly, proving this isn't your average girl. Beel's outfit consists of a black/blue-ish tank top with the kanji for 'food' on it, blue shorts, stockings (one of them being black/white, and the other being white/black), and brown sandals, though she's usually wearing a white apron with pink frills over that.

Backstory: The story of Beel is a rather dark one. Some time ago, a project was started in a country of unknown origin. This project's goal was to create a source of energy capable of accelerating the growth of cell development, thus, allowing plants and stock animals to develope at rates infinitly faster.

After many years of research, enough information, preperations, and resources were gathered, and the plan put into motion. When a portal was opened into another realm, to draw out the energy, the power they sought was slowly coaxed into our realm.

After the portal was closed, and the energy contained, it was sealed inside of a sphere, capable of directing it as needed.

Initial tests were quite successful, as plants, and animals exposed to the energy grew at a much higher rate, along with their neutritional content being much higher.

However, over time the energy picked up, on the small times it was allowed to be exposed to the world, the owners greed for food. And one day, when the sphere was used, the energy sought to endulge itself in its masters own desires.

It escaped the sphere, in a mighty thunderclap of super natural force, and swept across the animal it was exposed to. It absorbed itself into the animal, and using its powers, slowly devoured it.

With the new mass, the energy fashioned a body for itself, one that would now allow it to to indulge itself on these urges. Shortly afterwards the new thing escaped the facility, and now roams the world.

Oma: (114) (Xerneas gijinka) (

Libra: (115) (Goddess of Balance) (Libra has long black and white striped hair that she wears in a braided ponytail, with it being so long that it reaches the ground. Her eyes are as blue as the sky, and her skin is a porcelain white. Libra's outfit consists of nothing more than a black bra and panties, as well as a white toga ontop of them and a pair of Geta. Libra is also wearing a marking of the Taoist symbol on her back, as well as having a marking of the black part on her right palm, and a marking of the white part on her left palm.)

Mikhaela: (116) (Salamence gijinka/Leader of STRK) (Mikhaela stands a tall 5'7, with fair caucasian skin, neck length spiky teal colored hair, with a row of spiky pieces along the top, and dark brown, almost black eyes, she also had twin red stripes running from the top of her forehead down to the eyes. For clothing, she wears a midriff revealing teal colored short sleeved shirt, with a white chest, two red lines, and a button over the left breast, along with a red collar, and shoulder stripes. She also wears a pair of teal shorts, with a red area around the inside thigh and groin area, and two small black leather straps on each interior, along with a black belt containing two silver buckles, and additional loops around the hips. Lastly, she wears white shoes, with knee length teal colored baggy socks. Oh, and then there are the spiky like red wings coming from her back, with her weapon of choice being a large battle axe.

The 'Sala-Mencer' as it is affectionately called by its owner, is a 6ft tall crescent bladed battle axe, designed for utter destruction of the enemy. With its alloy pole, it retains a light weight, and the blade itself being forced from a crimson hued, dense metalic substance, it is able to put most of its weight into swings of the vibrating supersonic blade. When activated, the axe emits a high pitched buzzing noise, which turns into a shriek upon contact with something, though, if it is the weapon, or the enemy, it has yet to be determined.)

Adamina: (117) (Tyranitar gijinka/member of STRK) (Adamina is a tall, respectable 6'1, with a slender build, hiding the strenght she possesses, she also has fair caucasion skin, somewhat pale from her body suit being on all the time. She also has long olive green hair tat extends down to mid thigh, with a few tufts sticking out around the top, and a small spike like part around the top, along with light steel grey eyes.

For attire, she wears a full body garb meant for protection against the elements, and to act as a good camoflauge cover when in the forest.

On her top, she wears a combination of a one piece open topped shier, along with a long coat, and arm long, fingerless gloves.

The shirt itself is a light green, that goes from the top of her chest, down to her waist, where it is combined with a pair of shorts. On the midriff, there are two slits on each side, revealing the bodyglove underneath. The waist holds a green belt, tied into a knot, with two long strips handing down to her knees. Towards the top, it is open, revealing her chest, thankfully some modesty being present in the way of a black chest wrap covering most of her breasts.

Her coat is a primary staple of her attire, being quite well made, and designed. Its main color is an olive drab green, with short sleeves on the arms, including black lines on them, forming a psudo band. Running along the hem on the front, are a line of light green brass buttons, that run down to the bottom hem, where a line of triangles run along the bottom. The top holds a folded over collar, with the interior, like the rest of the coat being a teal color, with lines running verticly down the lenght of it.

On her lower half, she wears knee lenght forest green, form fitting shoes. They are black souled, with a white hand on the toes, and a dark green top toe. There is a black dot on the top, that runs up along up to just below the knee, where another dot sits. On her ankles are two connected rings, that are beigh in color, that extend down to curved bottoms. Honestly, they look like top hats. Around the ankles, there are also strips of bandage. Also on her knees, are knee pads, with cushioned bands around them, red ties on them keeping them on.

On her neck, finally, is a a black choker, with a red jewl hanging from the bottom.

For her weapon, she weilds a mighty greatsword sized blades, affectionatly named the Tyrant, because of its elegant, yet menacing appearence. The main body itself, is made from a black iron like metal, about six feet tall from hilt to to tip, and forged as a single, solid, durable piece.

Along the blade, are sevel long, razor sharp downwards turned edges, giving it the appearence of a large saw blade, each spike being capable of shredding flesh, even bone with ease.

The handguard is where the main characteristic of the blade lies. A bone like decoration piece curves like a half moon along the guard, down onto the grip, and just out from the guard, with three upwards turning, curved spikes extending out. Part of it also goes up the back of the blade, with six brass buttons on it, and two triangles cut out of it. There is also a gold chain connected, that runs down to the hilt, where three spikes are.)

Ishi: (118) (Regirock gijinka/member of STRK) (Ishi stands a tall, intimidating 6'6, with a lean, yet heavy frame, showing that he is a physical force to be reckoned with. He had short, spiky grey hair, with hidden, but present mud brown eyes, that are usually covered by his visor. For attire, he wears an intimidating suit that is a combination os stone, steel, and rough cloth.

On his torso, he wears a long over coat, that is torn around the bottom half which extends down to just below his waist, as well, it has a rather high collar. A hexagon styled pattern is along the bottom, alternating orange, grey, and beige. On his shoulders, and back, he wears dense, heavy metal armor, in the form of three angular spines along his back, and sloping, samurai esque shoulder pads. On his arms themselves, he wears segmented stone armor, a granite like rock that is harder than steel, and covered in cracks.

On his lower half, he wears light brown trousers, with a black belt along his waist, and shin high sandles with orange/brown bands on the ankle, and top.

On his head, as well, is a headpiece resembling a visor, made from a stone like material, which holds seven eyes, three on the sides, one in the center, that acts as a high tech scanning device.)

Seth: (119) (Krookodile gijnka/member of STRK) (Seth stands a tall 6'2, with fair caucasian skin, short gelled down black hair that extends down to the back of his neck, and rounds in the front, along with blue colored eyes. His choice of clothing is rather...Bold, with reds and whites being the primary, and only colors. He wears a white sleeveless undershirt, and a pair of white pants, with the outside thigh, and leg areas being crimson red, along with a black belt, sporting a white strip in the center. He also wears a long black coat, its primary color being red, however, stripes are present along the bottom hem, and two more spaced out to the waist, more stripes are present on the elbows, being more bands than anything, and finally, two black triangles along the upper breast area. He also wears a pair of black sunglasses, a black nose strip, and a black choker with a length of wirey mesh hanging from it. Seth's weapon of choice being a pair of shock gauntlets, that he can wear without any problems, being part Ground type.)

Neva: (120) (Ice spirit) (Neva stand's a tall seven foot, three inches tall, with opaque, semi-translucent colored ice for skin, and only light yellow spots on her face for eyes. Her face is smooth, with swept back ice for a head, which ends in a series of mini spines on the back crest, with a tall tiara made of multi-colored auroric ice that constantly shifts colors. Her torso is vaugely feminine, with curves on the waist, chest, and back showing she is indeed female, and connected to it are her even more unique limbs. Her arms are made of a clearer ice, with small spines on the elbows, and frost around the wrists, and what look like snowflakes dotting her shoulders. Her legs are a bluish color, with long spines extending up from her knees, and her feet ending in three clawed feet. As well, a skirt of ice hangs from her waist, with a five foot long tail poking out from underneath, ending in a foot long blade like spike on the end)

Yaana: (121) (Goddess of Creation, as well as the creator of my other goddesses) (

122. Name: Astrea Whitham (Fable OC)

Age: ?

Gender: Female

Appearance: Astrea stands at about 6'3, with caucasian skin, long Black hair that goes down over her left eye, and dark green eyes. Her outfit consists of dark-ish red ropes, which shows off her stomach area , with lines running all over it them, As well as wearing a metal chest piece that extends to around her neck, and a folded down Hood, and a cape made out of a Balverine pelt. Visible on her face and arms, are glowing red lines, that forms into spiraling designs, with her wearing a pair of iron gauntlets as well. Astrea's footwear consists of a pair of leather sandals with brass buckles.

Species: Human/Archon Mage

Weapons: Just a witch's staff for channelling her magic, though she's not powerless without it.

Abilities: Being an Archon, Astrea is able to use all three aspects of her founders bloodline, Strength, Skill, and Will. Being a Hero of Will, Astrea is an immensely powerful mage, and a capable fighter, taking great pleasure in battles, whenever she gets a chance to fight.

Bio: Astrea never really liked how people treated Heroes, so she decided to be a "self-appointed" watcher, as to keep them in line with her magic.

123. Name: Dominique or X-6

Apparent age: Ranges from about 14 to 30, depending on mood.

Species: Metallic liquid shapeshifter

Gender: Usually taking the form of a 18 year old girl, though it can be a male if it desires.
Appearance: Even though Dominique's actual form is a amorpheous blob of liquid metal, it's preferred form is a 18 year old girl with long black hair tied up in a ponytail, clear blue eyes and slightly pale skin, with her outfit being a grey shirt worn underneath a black jacket, black gloves, a greenish skirt, as well as black stockings that goes to her thighs, and white sandals.

Height: Around 5'6 for her preferred form.

Special Traits: (Will post this later.)

Strengths: Due to being a shapeshifter, X-6 can alter her bodymass to perform tasks regular humans cannot, though she don't want to, feeling it's beneath her capabilities, as well as being made of liquid metal in the first place, Dominique can dodge most attacks by splitting herself in half, or retracting the metal in the area where the attack would connect for a couple seconds.

Weaknesses: However her metallic form is also a liability, as it makes X-6 susceptible to different elements, such as fire, electricity/lightning and ice.

History: Dominique was the latest creation in a government funded attempt to create a super soldier, and the most stable version so far, but after 5 failures already, the funders pulled the plug on the project, and demanded that X-6 had to be scrapped, despite the progress made. However, Dominique had developed her own personality, and escaped the facility before she was scrapped. Now she's out there somewhere, watching her back.

124: Name: Meraval

Age: 23 (Human form, real age unknown)

Gender: Female

Appeareance: Meraval's physical appearance is highly similar to her true form, and represents her very nature. She stand's a tall 6'5, with a slender build that is elegant in appeareance that betrays the powerful nature she hides within her. She has long dark pink hair that goes down to her waist, and light gold eyes, and her complexion is a fair caucasion, with flawless skin, she also has trimmed nails that are painted black and purple.

Her attire is elegant, as she is in almost every aspect, yet it holds the intimidating presence of something more. On her top, she wears a long light to dark pink dress that goes down to her ankles, that is split from the mid thigh down, revealing her legs underneath. Over that, she wears a pink coat with black fur along the shoulders, and sleeves that end in hook like parts along the end of the sleeves. She also wears a pair of black thigh high socks that have pink bands along the ankles and knees, and light pink waves along the upper thighs. There are also black heels on her feet, with an odd hook like design on the toes and heels, and on her head, she has a hairband that holds two parts of her hair up in a horn like fashion. Heartless emblem is in the form of a tattoo on her chest, directly above her breasts and where It can be hidden of flaunted depending on her coats position.

Species: Phantomtail Revert

Weapons: Her sleeves and heels can be used to great effect as weapons, as well as her horns. There is also the matter of her elegant rapier that is used when more range and special pokes are needed.

Abilities: Meraval is quite a dangerous foe, combining speed and strength along with magic to destroy most foes in a spectacle of ghastly power. She is quite fast, and capable of flight because of her true nature, and uses this to great advantage when she goes in for a swipe with her talons. Several magical attacks are avalible to her, ranging from shockwaves, using her horns to fire energy balls, and her claws and talons being able to rend steel like cardboard.

125: Name: Emerald

Age: Looks like an 27 year old, though she is much much older.

Gender: Like all Gems, Emerald is technically genderless, though she takes on a female form.

Appearance: Emerald stands at about 5'8, with green/dark green-ish skin, long pale green hair she wears in a braided ponytail that splits into three tips near the end of it, and yellow eyes, as well as being a little chubby. Her outfit consists of a loose lightgreen T-shirt with the text "Bite me" on it, which shows off the area around her belly button, with the gem on her shoulder being a dark-green color, as well of wearing a pair of black jeans and a pair of pale green sandals.

Species: Gem. (Steven Universe species)

Weapon: Kusarigama, also known as a chain scythe.

Abilities: Due to being a Gem, Emerald has access to all their abilities, such as being unable to age, super human-strength, as well as being able to fuse with other gems, and shapeshifting.

126. Name: Adrian Lechance

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Appearance: Adrian's physical appearance is rather odd, especially compared to other Hunters. He stand's in at a tall 6'2, with light to dark red hair that extends to his neck and light orange hued eyes. His body is rather lean, with only some muscles built up across his form, while his skin tone is a semi-tanned caucasion in hue.

As with his own appearance, Adrian's clothing is quite unique as well. On his top he wears a long sleeved, form fitting dark red shirt bearing a small phoenix on the left breast. A pair of orange bands are tied around his forearms, inscribed with runes that extend down to the dark orange leather gloves he wears.

A pair of orange yellow paints adorns his lower half, made from a durable cloth that is quite resistant to damage. The bottoms of the pants are feathered, torn to resemble flowing feathers of a bird. He also wears a pair of thick leather boots, that extend up to his knees with multiple brass buckles keeping them on him.

Perhaps his most defining feature is the bright orange coat he wears. With wide sleeves, and a heavily feathered bottom, it features hundreds of multicolored flaps that change hue as they descend downwards.

Species: Human/Phoenix Halfbreed

Weapons: Phoenix Burst, a twinblade capable of changing into either a bow, or two curved swords depending on its current form. Throwing knives, silver daggers, and fire bombs.

Abilities: Like all Hunters, Adrian is capable of physical feats well above a typical human. He is quite durable, being able to handle blows that would kill a mundane being a dozen times over with only moderate injury. His strength is also rather high, a good punch being able to shatter a mans bones, or dent steel. Speed and agility are his strong points, in such a way he can seem as an orange blur while flipping from spot to spot.

He also has an impressive command over fire, thanks to his other half. This manifests itself either through his blades heating to white hot temperatures, arrows of magical fire raining down on foes, or a flick of the wrist sending out a torrent of flaming feather shaped streaks. As a phoenix, he also has the uncanny ability to recover from almost any would be fatal blow, though doing so puts a great strain on his body, and mind.

Mercuria: (127) (Goddess of Truth and Lies) (

128. Name: Heliotrope

Age: Heliotrope looks like she's 19 years old, but looks can be decieving.

Gender: Like all Gems, Heliotrope is technically genderless, though she takes on a female form.

Appearance: Heliotrope stands at about 4'7, making her her rather short. Heliotrope's skin color is pale black, which makes it look rather grey, with her hair being black braided hair that goes down near the front of her head, and piercing red eyes. Her outfit consists of a formfitting suit, which she's wearing underneath a dark cloak, complete with a pair of black colored boots, with the gem on her forehead being a mixture of black and red.

Species: Gem. (Steven Universe species)

Weapon: Scythe.

Abilities: Due to being a Gem, Heliotrope has access to all their abilities, such as being unable to age, super human-strength, as well as being able to fuse with other gems, and shapeshifting.

129. Name: Cephalli Pod.

Age: Around 16.

Gender: Female

Appearence: Cephalli stands at about 5'3, with lightly tanned skin, pointy ears and a raccoon like mask on her face, with her purple tentacle hair being worn in a bun shape ontop of her head, as well as having two tentacles go down her back as pigtails. Cephalli's clothing includes a cap, an earring in her left ear, a fishnet stocking on her right leg, a light purple/black tanktop, a dark purple skirt and brownish sandals.

Species: Inkling

Weapons: Cephalli's weapon of choice is the Splat Roller.

130. Name: Zerach.

Age: Thousands of years old.

Gender: Genderless, though Zerach prefers making a male form.

Appearance: Zerach stands at about 6'7, with tanned skin, glowing blue eyes, and silver-blond hair that goes down his back as a braided ponytail. Zerach's outfit consists of a form-fitting suit worn underneath a white cloak with golden outlines, a pair of golden-white gauntlets, white sandals and a helmet shaped like a dragon skull ontop of his head.

Species: Zerach doesn't technically have a species, but he is the embodiment of light.

Weapons: Zerach's weapons of choice are a couple of swords he's carrying on his back, though he also knows some light based magic.

Other: N/A

Miel: (131) (Miel is a fairly attractive young girl standing in at around 5'6, with a fair tan complexion that compliments her short black hair, and dark blue eyes. A pair of antenna stick out from beneath her hair, while a pair of spindly wings and a decently sized bee abdomen hang from her backside. Her clothes reflect her unique nature in the form of a black gothic Lolita dress, with a pair of fingerless black gloves and black stockings, both of which sport fluff around the seams, and black undergarments. She also carries a brown satchel around her waist to keep her belongings, several sticky honey grenades, a pollen blaster, a sniper rifle stocked with honey bullets, and a stinger shaped sword.)

132. Name: Gwenora [REDACTED]

Age: 132

Gender: Usually female, but due to her shapeshifting abilities Gwenora can be male too.

Appearance: Gwenora, like all Callidus is an enigma when it comes to appearance. However, she do have a preferred form when not out on a mission. In this form she stands at around 5'2", looking like a slightly chubby 19 year old, to throw off suspicion of being a Callidus assassin. Her skin tone is a light tan color, with her eyes being a dark-blue color and her braided hair is a rich brown chocolatey color. Her clothing when not on a mission consists of a necklace with a heartshaped decoration, a white/black striped T-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and black heeled stilettos.

Species: Human

Weapons: Gwenora prefers taking out her target from afar and only gets up close and personal if she can't avoid it, and as such she mostly carries firearms, though she has close range weaponry as well, if the situation calls for it.

Skills: Despite preferring to take out targets from a distance, Gwenora is no slouch in the close combat department, as many a unlucky victim has experienced. That said, Gwendora does enjoy the shapeshifting ability she has, usually using them for pranks when she gets bored enough. Though, it has backfired on her more than once.


133. Name: Reye.

Age: Around 21 years old.

Gender: Female.

Appearence: Reye wears an interesting outfit to say the least. Her hair is deep black, with a single golden yellow line running through the middle and ending in a zipper-shaped hairband. Her skin is pale and ghostly, her eyes a sickeningly yellow color. She wears a necklace with a little skull around her neck, claiming it's her "guidance". Her dress is all kinds of frills and silk mashed together, ripped in places, and zipped shut other places. The zippers hang slightly loose, as if they could fall off any moment. Her big black boots are covered in the zippers as well, with a few of them filed down to look like claw-like toes.

Species: Banette gijinka.

134. Name: "Lady" Meria.

Age: 32 years old.

Gender: Female.

Appearence: Meria is a fine lady, and her outfit surely depicts that. Her long, thick silk-like black hair is held in a nice grey ribbon. Her hair is split in two, with small white stripes down each side to make it almost look like teeth. Her skin is rich in color and smooth, her eyes dazzling and bright blue. She wears a yellow silk dress with light sleeves, and a pair of yellow flats to go with said dress, as well as a Mawilite necklace. In her Mega Mawile form, she looks mostly unchanged, but her dress opens up a bit to suit her battle needs, and her hair grows longer.

Species: Mawile gijinka.

135. Name Aramida.

Age: 17 years old.

Gender: Female.

Appearence: Aramida is a young, beautiful Bellossom gijinka with long dark-green hair that goes down to her back. Two pink Lily hair clips sit in her hair, matching her cheerful pink eyes. She wears a dark-green dress with light floral patterns at the bottom to match her green slippers with Lily clips.

Species: Bellossom gijinka.

136. Name Sinemora.

Age: Despite being over 1000 years old, Sinemore only looks like an 22 year old.

Gender: While appearing male, Sinemora has no apparent gender.

Apparence: Sinemora sure stands out from the rest of the gang. Not because of his tall stature. Moreso that his style of clothing is...special. He is very tall, roughly 6'5, with short, kempt white hair under a cap with a lot of pink circles around the center. He has a bare torso, with tattoos and ancient symbols running all over his body. He has all kinds of jewelry, from tooth necklaces and ear-rings to golden anklets. He wears a pair of dusty black shorts with a brown belt, and doesn't wear shoes. He doesn't feel the need to as he levitates most of the time.

Species: Claydol gijinka

137/138: Torie and Toria: Twin Yuri goddesses

"Torie is the one with the Crown"

139: Elyza: Goddess of the afterlife

140: Lianna: Goddess of Mirrors

141: Deyanira: Goddess of Destruction

Deyanira's true form:

142: Celoa: Goddess of temptation

143. Laurel Vert: (RWBY OC; leader of Team Llac)

(Laurel is a caucasian girl at around 17 years old, with green hair joined with a couple paler green stripes that she's wearing in a braided ponytail over her shoulder, with her chest-size being kinda small for a girl her age which she doesn't take lightly to, as well as her eye color being a pale blue. For her outfit, she's wearing a black t-shirt with the caption "Rage Quit" on, as well as glasses, with her skirt being a dark blue color, complimented by her white panties, while her footwear consists of a pair of brown sandals. As for her weapon, it's a halberd/rifle hybrid with different options for the gun, such as a assault rifle and a sniper rifle. Laurel also have a tattoo of a King Taijitu wrapped around her left arm)

144. Lavender Corcra: (RWBY OC; member of Team Llac)

(Lavender is around 19 years old, with her skin color being a light caucasian one, and also the girl with the biggest chest size on her team, with her hair being a pale shade of purple that she wears in a ponytail, and her eye color being a mix of yellow/orange. As for her outfit, she's wearing a black top with a hoodie that's always down, as well as a white/black striped skirt coupled with a pair of black panties, with her footwear being a pair of white heeled sandals. As for Lavender's weapon, she's using a pair of sabers that can combine to form a bow, with her always carrying a quiver)

145. Aero Sini: (RWBY OC; member of Team Llac)

(Aero Sini is around 17 years old, with short blue hair, and her eye color being a dark purple. Aero's outfit consists of a hooded shirt, a pale blue skirt and pale blue panties, as well as black fishnet stockings that compliments her tan skin color, with her footwear being black combat boots. For her weapon, Aero Sini is carrying around a scimitar capable of transforming into a bladed whip)

146. Carnelia Rouge: (RWBY OC; member of Team Llac)

(Carnelia is 18 years old, with tan caucasian skin and her eye color being a light green, with her red hair being tied up in braided twintails. For her outfit, she's wearing a black tanktop and a pair of purple shorts and red panties, as well as white knee-high stockings, and white stilettos. Carnialia's weapon is a Warhammer/Minigun hybrid, though she'll only use the Minigun function of it when she absolute have to, due to the insane amount of Dust pellets she knows it'll consume upon being used)

147. Name: Miranda "Titania" Wright.

Age: Around 27 years old.

Gender: Female.

Appearance: Miranda stands at about 5'5, with fairly tanned skin, long black hair that goes down her back with two braids going down her front, with her eyes being a dark purple color. Miranda's outfit consists of a pair of black glasses, a unbuttoned black jacket worn over a red shirt, a Black dress that goes down to her knees, and a pair of high heeled shoes.

Species: Human.

Team: Miranda's team consists of Azura the Gardevoir, Camilla the Mawile, Elise the Sylveon, Nyx the Florges, Yukimura the Azumarill, and Effie the Wigglytuff.

Other: N/A

148. Tokemi

Age: N/A

Gender: Female.

Appearance: Tokemi stands at about 6'2 feet tall. Her hair is a dark green color, with her wearing it in a braided ponytail, with her eyes being a darkblue color. Tokemi's outfit consists of a flower themed dress, with vines holding it together and vines wrapped around her wrists and legs, as well as a pair of fairy-esque wings protruding from her back.

Species: Celebi gijinka

Other: N/A

Essence: (182) (Goddess of Dreams) (Essence stands at about 5'6, with darkbrown skin, purple eyes, and long flowing dark-blue hair. Essence's outfit consists of a White dress adorned with blue stripes forming a pattern and a pair of sandals.)

149. Name: Annika Balurian ("Tales of" OC)

Age: 15 years old.

Gender: Female

Appearance: Annika stands at about 4'3" a bit on the chubby side, with lightly tanned skin and freckles on her face, darkblue eyes, and short braided hair that alternates between light and dark brown. Annika's outfit is a light-blue dress with patterned stripes going up and down and across, and some pink frills near the bottom, with her wearing wrappings on her knees and a pair of geta, though her dress has some tears here and there from travelling so much. Annika also owns a female ventriloquist dummy with black hair tied up in odango buns, with it wearing a black gothic lolita dress and black heels.

Species: Human

Weapons: Annika's "weapon" of choice is a ventriloquist dummy which she can use in battle via mana infused strings.

Skills: Despite being a adept battler, Annika takes a support role to her dummy while in battle, using Artes to either boost the defensive or offensive capabilities for it, as well as altering the size, with a smaller travel-sized mode and a larger form for combat, with the dummy itself focuses on fire and earth Artes

Other: Annika is a bit shy, preferring to use the ventriloquist dummy to communicate with new people.

150. Name: Cinder Ignacia, Ember Flare as her magical girl alterego

Age: 17 years old.

Gender: Female

Appearance: Cinder stands at about 5'1", with her being slightly muscular, with her skintone being lightly tanned, Cinder's eyes being darkblue in color though her eyes takes on a purple hue while transformed. Likewise, Cinder's hair is normally shoulderlength black hair, but while in her magical girl form, her hair becomes dark-red, and turns into twin-tails. Cinder's normal outfit is a dark brown hooded top, black shorts, a fishnet stocking on her left leg, and black boots. Cinder's magical girl outfit consists of a dark-red dress with black stripes, a red and black corset, a tiara decorated with red gems, and flame patterned boots.

Species: Human

Weapons: As with most magical girls, Cinder's weapon is a magic wand.

151. Name: Scoria

Age: 17 years old.

Gender: Female

Appearance: Scoria stands at about 5'1", with a muscular build, and a light tanned skintone. Scoria's eyes are normally darkblue in color though they take on a red hue when transformed, with Scoria's hair being a jetblack color and her hair going down over her face, obscuring an eye. In magical girl mode, her hair turns into a red colored ponytail that seems to give off a faint light. As for Scoria's outfit, while not in her magical girl form consists of a white tanktop, a pair of blue jeans and brown sandals. Her magical girl outfit is a whole other story, being a form-fitting suit that doesn't leave much to the imagition, said suit only covers the torso, and not her arms and legs, since Scoria prefers it that way.

Species: Human/clone of Cinder

Weapons: None, but unlike Cinder, Scoria can control her abilities freely.

152. Name: Aeriel

Age: Looks to be 18/19 years old, but her actual age is over a 100 years.

Gender: Female

Species: Flame spirit

Appearance: Aeriel stands at about 5'6", with a slightly muscular build, and a medium tanned skintone. Aeriel's eyecolor is a deep purple, with her reddish hair being made of actual fire, though her hair burns hotter and thus changes color, the angrier she gets, which is easier said than done, considering her personality. Aeriel's outfit consists of a red/orange tanktop, blue shorts, a pair of black stockings and white sneakers, and a pair of purple glasses, all of which is made of flame-resistant materials.
History: Aeriel is travelling the world, wanting to see everything it has to offer, though she’s been in a couple mishaps and adventures along the way, such as cursed pyramids and haunted houses/mansions, which poses a problem most of the time, though she’ve made good friends with the locals on more than one occasion.

Personality: In a twist to the usual personalities of people with fire based powers, Aeriel is timid and shy, preferring to stay out of fights if possibly, and as such doesn't like any direct combat, with her having no problems observing fights, however.

Special Traits: Aeriel has the ability to control fire and to turn into a being made of fire, though she rarely transforms.

153. Name: Ambrosia Celeste, Rose Petal Godiva as her magical girl alterego

Age: 15 years old.

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Appearance: Ambrosia stands at about 5'5", with her skintone being lightbrown in color, Ambrosia's eyes have a purple hue to it, though her eyes takes on a green-ish color while transformed. Likewise, Ambrosia's blonde hair is worn in a ponytail, but when she transforms her hair becomes a chocolate-brown color, and turns into pigtails. Ambrosia's normal outfit consists of a white shirt with a hood, though it's always down, blue jeans, and white/green sandals. Ambrosia's magical girl outfit, on the other hand, consists of a red dress with a white apron, white/red stockings, a tiara decorated with gems modelled after strawberries, and red sandals.

Weapons: Just like Cinder, Ambrosia's weapon is a wand, though hers is shaped like a candycane.

154. Name: Geena Kovacic, Lady Gaea as her magical girl alterego

Age: 14 years old.

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Appearance: Geena stands at about 4'9" making her the shortest member of Cinder's former magical girl team. Geena's skin color is a darker shade of brown than Ambrosia's, Geena's eyes have a darkgreen hue to it, though her eyes takes on a light green color while transformed. Geena's hair is black hair that goes down to her back, though it turns platinum blond while transformed with the hair curling up into a bun shape. As for Geena's normal outfit it consists of a green shirt with a maple leaf on the front, a grey jacket, darkblue jeans, and black boots. While Geena's magical girl outfit resembling a mixture of a magical girl outfit, a blacksmith outfit and a suit of knight's armor.

Weapon: Geena's weapon of choice is a warhammer, almost the size of herself.

155. Name: Tora Maxwell, Kitaeru no Raijin as her magical girl alterego

Age: 17 years old.

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Appearance: Tora stands at about 6'0", with her skin color being a fair tan. Tora's eyes have a deepsea blue hue to it, which stays consistant in both forms. Tora has lightbrown hair in a ponytail, though it grows down to her butt while transformed. And Tora's normal outfit consists of a white dress with grey/black trims that goes down to her knees and a pair of heeled shoes. Tora's magical girl outfit, on the other hand, consists of a white shirt with yellow-ish frills, a white skirt with yellow-ish frills, white thigh-high stockings, yellow-ish heeled shoes, and a thunderbolt shaped hairclip.

Weapon: Tora's weapon is a pair of yellow-ish gauntlets.

156: Ambre Belrose, Prism Princess as her magical girl alterego

Age: 19 years old

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Appearence: Civilian:
Magical girl:

Weapon: None. Due to being able to create crystals for any purpose, she doesn't need a conventional weapon.

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