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02.07.2015 Oh, wow. It's been a while. Sorry.

12.27.2009 In the spirit of Christmas (and hilariously cliche boy-love), I have christened the Tomica Hero section with a nice story. Enjoy.

09.12.2009 A new Den-O fan fiction (and my first, technically) concerning the whole problem that is Airi/Sakurai/Yuuto. And a little bit of slash, too. Oh, the slashiness.

05.20.2009 I finally found the time to produce the first two one-shots in a series that will cover my own warped and sometimes hilarious view of the relationship between Tendou and Kagami in Kamen Rider Kabuto.

04.09.2009 Okay. So I really do like it when I can imagine Chiaki being (accidentally) molested by the likes of Takeru, but even I like to venture back onto my roots of realism at some point. A new story has been published; take a gander, and enjoy.