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Hi! I'm JVern. Let's see...I'm a 21 year old college student studying animation and getting a certificate in writing. I even hope to put up a webcomic eventually. I like a wide variety of anime, manga, books and tv shows but I tend to have a soft spot for adventure stories, especially when cute couples or cute potential couples are involved (aka I'm a sappy romantic, but I like the occasional fight scene and action show too). So, since I see this a lot in the profiles I've checked out, I'll list some of the pairings I enjoy reading and writing.

Tsubasa Chronicles:













Other series I enjoy (and I will probably look up the fanfics for these before too long):

Anime (or the anime _and_ the corresponding manga):


CardCaptor Sakura


Gundam Wing



Peacemaker Kurogane

Scrapped Princess

(and I didn't even fully intend for that to be in alphabetical order...eerie)


Vampire Game

Eerie Queerie

Until the Full Moon

Television Shows:


Criminal Minds


I'm sure more will be added to the list, I only got heavily back into fanfiction about a month ago. In my junior high days I wrote and co-wrote a couple GW crack fics, but I have no intention of bringing those to your attention. ;_; Kinda got caught up in other hobbies (I really have too many) between that point in time and now. So, feel free to message me to chat about anything or anyone on the above list, I love discussing series and even discussing pairings, why people do or don't like them, etc. So, in short, I'm kinda rusty at all this, I humbly beseech you to be friendly. Thank you!



Oh and one or two other random bits of amusing things I've decided to share

September Stats: For the month of 2008-09, there have been a total of 16 Hits and 16 Visitors to all of your stories.

-Me: fanfiction.net's reader traffic thing actually said that. All I have to say is Hurray for the month of 2008-09 XD

If you think Sasuke's a manwhore who ditched his village for his own selfish purposes and he deserves to burn for all the screwups he's made, copy this into your profile

My response to the above: and how! (ps: thanks nice person who had that on her profile!)

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