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Married thirty-something mom. "I don't know what I'm doing." - Pretty much sums up my life these days.


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Answers to my questions in Please Hold:

Chapter 1 - I guess I'm liking this - so I'm continuing

Chapter 2 – Sometimes, but it is a necessary evil. Only if they are clearly marked – hopefully they are in this story. Totally! – I heart taio cruz (don’t hate – I didn’t burn out last summer – I was too busy with a newborn)

Chapter 3 – I got a lot of responses telling me to go my own way (I can’t escape the music!) so I did

Chapter 4 – I am in awe of the super organized – especially at work – my home life is more together than work these days. I’m catching the references, but then again I’m writing them.

Chapter 5 – I’ll never try to crawl into that brain again…

Chapter 6 – Music, sometimes smells – Herbal Essences will always remind me of my best friend in high school - I think for the most part I embrace it, although there are some songs I just can't listen to without opening old wounds.

Chapter 7 – I think we all blaze our own trails – including the universe. It’s all about how you handle it when those paths collide.

Chapter 8 – Yes, raising a kid - it’s just as exciting, only scarier and, at least for me, a lot grosser. No, I have a red wallet – easy to find and goes with every bag (at least that’s what I tell myself)

Chapter 9 - I have lots of questions I wished I would have asked, but never had the courage to. I've only had one crush ever (high school, not work), but my supposed bff made out with him within days of me telling her - oh the woes of a 14 year old girl ;)

Chapter 10 - I'm slightly messy, but not dirty (at least not in the gross way); I avoid asking for it at all costs

Chapter 11 - Total carnivore, no chin - I use the fist technique, only with talking - and I make zero sense, yes - it is far more interesting (at least to me), yes - I hate going to the principal's office even now!

Chapter 12 - Really did have the 90th with the MCMC - the room was double booked, I don't think the calm before the storm thing is real in life - it's more our perception of calm before chaos, I'm curious about what other people think about all kinds of things - plus I never know what to write in reviews so I figure I'm not the only one (although they may through potential readers for a loop when you, dear reader, answer them).

Chapter 13 - I hate being embarrassed - more than almost any other emotion, but I am very difficult to embarrass, so it works out

Chapter 14 - As the child of an insanely passive aggressive person, I tend to be very confrontational and clear when I'm upset

Chapter 15 - I love minesweeper - it can kill time like no other - especially for an insomniac like me

Chapter 16 - I'll put him out of his misery soon. I love dark chocolate and most kinds of fruit (but not together), I really do need fashion help - I'm still stuck in postpartum does-it-kinda-fit?

Chapter 17 - I'm a dark beer girl mostly, but iced cold cheap beer can hit the spot on a hot day; I'd rather go chill in a blues bar than go to a crazy dance club.

Side note – I do have the twitter, and I use it way too much – I’ve decided it’s like Aqua Teen Hunger Force – a total time suck that I’m pretty sure isn’t worth it. I'm sure it's not that way for everyone - I just find myself thinking, "I'll never get that time back, ever." Or I think of that Henry Rollins rant of waiting behind time killers at the airport (can't find the link on that one). However you can send a follow request to @Danger_immn – it’ll show up in my email. (But then again - so will a PM).

PPS - unsigned reviews that irritate me will be deleted (especially if you use text type) - I'll be singing Cee-Lo Green too. - the worst text type? UR - it always makes me think urine; totes also gives me an eye twitch

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The Lawyers Against the Cup by Tangerine-Alert reviews
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Please Hold reviews
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