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Heyy everyone, woo! =D

sorry about that, I am, Henna. I am 14. I live in London. I am bored. I am colourful. lol. I do love Edward Cullen. I do love The Twilight Saga. I do love The Host. I do love HSM. I do agree to the fact that there are not many people out there who agree about both Edward Cullen & Zac Efron being too fit. I also agree with the fact that most people are either on one side or the other and that's a couple of miles away from each other. I also agree with the fact that I am not alone on the fence & have made my decision to stay there forever. I agree that I am not torn between Edward & Zac, it's just that I love them both equally, Edward a bit more, maybe because he's not real. Wait, he is but everyone else does not believe me and tells me to not be in love. Because they are gay. And because they are angry that I killed Bella. But what could I do? He was standing right there. She was there too. I had to rip the thing (Bella) to pieces and burn it. It smelled a lot but who cares I was in Edwards marble smooth arms. Once again. And I didn't even need to be in the bathroom to do it. =P

Enough about me in a shit manner. I love my life, however I am not the bitch who wants to stay human and die eventually because she hates immortality and likes it when people stare at her like zombies, ecspecially men and likes to be raped by her fiances and then likes to go and kill them in wedding dresses and blood and shit becasue she is a complete freak. because I am not Rosalie Hale.

Mwahaha. Sorry, but Rosalie is quite an evil bitch who goes around completely hating Bella becasue she was human, I mean seriously. You can't get more evil than that.

I have nothing against Bella. She is actually very amazingly cool. I love her to absolute peices, but I love Edward a bit more, so my sister had to burn; well she always wanted to know what it was like to burn (well she did in a restaurant in a nice dress waiting for a forger of illegal documents to get the documents to her that would save Renesmee and Jacob, at least that part of her family would be saved, she thinks to herself, little does she know that everyone survives and that Edward can read her mind - if she concerntrates. Sorry if I gave the whole of the end of BD way to people still reading it. It's not my fault it came out nearly a year ago, you have to had read it by now!! Oh well.) and I really love her but Alice makes her do funny things, not my fault.

TPLS - The Perfect Love Story - I know everyone's like where is the next chapter, it's coming guys, relax. I'm on teh fourth page. Sorry. It will be here by next week (1st March 2009)

OME! Have you heard about Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens being engaged OME!! Ahem. He asked in late January in Japan becasue Gina was pressurizing him becasue they were living together unmarried/unengaged. (if the latter is even a word...) but OME! They're getting married in 2010, confirmed!! Google News Search it. tee hee. I'm realllllllllly excited now!! =D
(1st March 2009)

AND! We should all totally go to the wedding and be like, Hey there we love you! lol. I'm gonna try go becasue...shh, don't tell anyone, but my cousin knows Nessa well, so I'll try sneak people in. lol. That's actualy true, no lie.
(2nd March 2009)


This Or That:

Carlisle or Edward: Edward

Edward or Emmett: Emmett

Bella or Rosalie: Bella

Esme or Alice: Alice

Esme or Jasper: Jasper

Alice or Jasper: Alice

Emmett or Rosalie: Rosalie

Esme or Carlisle: Esme

Carlisle or Emmett: Carlisle

Jasper or Carlisle: Jasper

Carlisle or Charlie: Charlie

Billy or Charlie: Billy

Charlie or Renee: Renee

Esme or Renee: Esme

Renesmee or Bella: Renesmee

Jacob or Renesmee: Jacob

Leah or Jacob: Leah

Leah or Seth: Seth

Paul or Jared: Paul

Sam or Jacob: Sam

Sam or Carlisle: Carlisle

Rosalie or Jacob: Rosalie

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Sm or JK Rowling: SM

Dear Canada Series or Dear America Series:Dear America Series

Twilight or Harry Potter (Movies): Twilight

Pizza or Salad: Salad

Emmet Cullen: Stronger Than You since 1915

Jasper Hale: Charming Ladies since 1843

Alice Cullen: Quirkier than You since 1901

Rosalie Hale: Better Than You since 1915

Edward Cullen: Hotter Than You since 1901

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1. What would you say about your boyfriend?

Going Under - Evanescence (Yeah He's going down.)

2.What is the first thing you say in the morning?

Told You So - Jesse McCartney (lol, kay...)

3. Your teacher is...

Sweet Sacrifice - Evanescence (No he's not really, he may be Aussie, but he's a real pain!)

4. What's written on your classroom's whiteboard?

Freeze - Jordin Sparks (Okay then...)

5. How would you describe your next door neighbours?

Breakin' Dishes - Rihanna (So that's what the noise is...)

6. What would your Best Friend say about you?

My Immortal - Evanescene (Yay I'm a vampire!! Or werewolf...Nah, I like having my choices, I chose vampire. Like she did.)

7. How do you feel right now?

Miracle - Paramore (No not really. lol)

8.What's on your bedside table right now?

Kuch Kum (A Little/Too Little/something to do with hindi) - Dostana (ha, no it's overflowing.

9.What did you do when you woke up this morning?

Walk Me Home - Mandy Moore (No I took a shower. lol.)

10. When you open your wardrobe you see...

Leave (Get Out) - JoJo (haha, no a load of clothes, realllllly.)

11. What did you say after you last attended a concert?

Let's Party - Mumzy (Ft. Rishi Rich) (tbh that's hilariously iirnoic, becasue I did!!)

12. If you had to write a Fan Fic right now, what would it be called?

Love Story - Taylor Swift (Funnily Ironically Scary - TPLS The Perfect Love Story...Similar

13. A song you would sing at your school's talent show?

Be Strong - Delta Goodrem (HILARIOUS. iTunes is reading my head! I did this at Starbucks. lo. No that's not school, close enough...)

14. Your life's theme song?

River Flows In You - Yiruma (Totally is! lol. Yeah maybe. unny cause on iTunes it's called Bella's Lullaby (old one) Because they were gonna use it until they got the real one which is what it's called, the real one that is. I love it passionatley, so much that its count is 892. lol.)

15. How would you describe what you are doing this moment?

Lose Your Love - VAnessa Hudgens (No, I'm doing this and now listening to the song. So yeah.)

16. If you had to go and jump of a building, what would your last words be?

Never Again - Kelly Clarkson (yeah I'd never do that again...)

17. Your motto is..

Tatoo - Jordin Sparks (No...I haven't got a motto)

18. If you could by anything in this world you'd buy...

7 Things - Miley Cyrus (Okay. Here they are...A Ticket to LA for next year so that I can go to my cousin's friends cousin's (aka. Vanessa Hudgens') wedding. Midnight Sun complete. yeah I only got two atm. I have writers block. lol.)

19. What did you dream about tonight?

SMBH - Muse (That's Supermassive Balckhole for non-MuseLovers. Loveely I dreamed of a black hole. No I actually dreamed of...I forgot. =P)

20. Any last words?

Because You Live - Jesse McCartney (Because You Live...I Live.)


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