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I come from a country with St. Nicolas and Queen's Day.
The country where you get rich but have to hand over so much
That you'll think: what does it matter?
This is the country where I go home after vacation
The country that joins the war in Iraq
Cuz' uncle Bush has Balkenende in his pocket
The country of being stingy
Giving another round is too expensive
The country of riots between Ajax and Feyenoord
But when Orange
(national soccerteam) plays
Everyone's together
The country where I'll overcome in the end
Untill I sing along at the Arena lines

This is 4 HOLLAND!
(Lange Frans & Baas B)

Thanks for reading my stories, but we have a problem here. My dad blocked this site (omfg why did he do that?!) so I can't upload stories at home. So, you have to wait 2-5 weeks until there's a new chapter.

Favourite soccerteam: Feyenoord! Hand in hand, my pals, hand in hand, for Feyenoord 1! No words, but action, live Feyenoord 1!
Favourite film: The Ron Clark Story, HSM2, Good Luck Chuck, Because I Said So
Favourite actor: Leonardo DiCaprio'
'My' cuties: Lucas Grabeel, Benjamin McKenzie, Shawn Pyfrom, Brian Calcara, Brian Littrell, Matt Czurchy (They're all number ones, it's not that Lucas is the best or something!)
Favourite Tv Show: Bones, Desperate Housewives, Friends, Ugly Betty, The Nanny, King Of Queens, Girlmore Girls, Dirt, Spin City
Favourite 'Feel Good' song: That song from 'Leaf'. They keep singing: Whoo-hoo-oo-oo, why's my life so boring? Whoo-hoo-oo-oo, there's gotta be a little bit more in score for me...

(things I've said are bold)

"And for the records, I DO find myself interesting!"

"What happened to your head?!"
- "What happened to my head?!"
- "I hit it against something."
"You said you fell."
- "I did! I hit and during it I fell my head!"
"Well. Okay. It seems that nothing's wrong with your Dutch."

"We need toiletduck." (toiletduck is translated to Dutch a cleaning liquid for the toilet 'wc-eend')
- "Toiletduck?"
- "Well, then I guess we have to kill a duck." (my dad thinks he's funny)
" (calmly) Not a duck. A toiletduck." (take that, dad. now I think I'm funny)

"We're saying goodbye to her, do you really wanna go?"
- (confused) "Uhm,!?"

"Hey guys, I can't believe this is the last time I'm gonna see you two. I'm gonna miss you."
- "Yeah, allright, but we have to go, our train is coming...see ya!" (they ran off)

"You want a tissue?"
"Do I have to cry? I'm really gonna miss you. So don't get all emotional. Can't stand it."


"And don't worry, after we've opened our gifts we'll come back and tell you guys this was a joke."

"Look at all the gifts! Seriously, sis, we have to go away a lot more!"

"I have this weird feeling in my gut which tells me that (name) is going to annoy me from now on."

"I'm so sorry, I totally forgot you!"
- Yeah, me too!
"Well aren't we great friends."

"Man. It's going to be so boring this year on EO Youth Day. And we have tickets on the field!"
- "I know."
"You know what? We were going to make a film, right? I can then concentrate on the details. You know. Focus on the artists: "hey, his fly is open" and zoom in a little."
- (laughs) "You're sick. That's stupid (lullig)."
"It's stupid that you just used that word."

(with food in hands)
"Oh, balls are rolling away!"

(all the girls are talking about this really 'hot' intern)
"He's so hot!"
- "Who?"
"The intern."
- "I don't see him."
(grabs my arm and shows me his face)
- "He's not hot."
(they all stare at me)
- "I shouldn't have said that, huh?"

(bursts into laughter)

"I gotta go back to my boyfriend."
- "You have a boyfriend?"
"Yeah, (name)."
- "He's your boyfriend? Seriously, I thought he was your brother."
(awkward laugh)
- "Okay, I'm gonna stop talking now."

"When you think about it we're actually friends."
- "Who?"
- "Oh, 'we'! I thought you were talking about another 'we'."

"I was kinda confused when I got my books, so I have my English here instead of my maths."
- "So..your books are in your locker?"
"No, my books are in my locker."

"You know there are moments you can stop talking."
- "And when was that moment?"
" 15 minutes ago."

"You know what's weird? When I was on vacation in Surinam, I didn't sweat at all! I didn't even smell!"
- (weird look at me)
"I'm serious! (jokes) I've felt my armpit each time, I wasn't even wet!"

(We walk on the stairs, and a girl takes my bag)
"Ah, what did you do? It was all spinning happily!"

"Oh my god. You just scared me."

- "What's communism?"
"When people learn their kids that their country is so great and so special and none can beat them. Pretty much the same thing as arrogantism."
- "Is that even a word?"
"Hey, don't ask me, I already answered question one."

"It's unisex."
- "No, it's not."
"I know, but I just think it's a funny word."

- We're going swimming next week.
"I don't like swimming. Only on the beach. But I don't like that either."

- (about a christmas song) "Feed the world."
" (takes a big bite) "I know, I'm already feeding my world."

- (still about the christmas song) "Feed the world again."
"I do. With each bite I take, I think of an African kid."

- (about the christmas gifts, my grandpa is looking at the gifts of the person who aren't here) Carmen, Carmen, Carmen, Carmen
"You know, my second name is Carmen."

- "Does anyone know how to say 'stofzuiger' (=vacuum-cleaner) in English?"

Weird things I thought 2day:

I've gone crazy! If I weren't already...

This profile is under construction. :) Thanks for reading so far!

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