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Author has written 2 stories for Pokémon, and Freelancer.

Dude it has been forever since I got my password back! I'm glad to return to you all!

PS- that's what my character looks somewhat like in my stories. I like the hairstyle. Of course the real character is Michael, property of The Pokemon Company and Nintendo.

PSS- I know what he's thinking right now. I shouldn't have messed with Dr. Salvador in that Resident Evil 4 Crossover...

Age- Lost in the rebellion of late teens

Nickname- Tayls

Location- Think Fried Chicken

Gender- Male

Hair- Messy brownish Red

Eyes- Hazel, always with glasses

Height- somewhere above 6'4"

Weight- thats my business, I work out so its below 170.

I am in the midst of writing a dimensional/ Video game crossover.


Its the story of a boy named Taylor who learns to love the World, but is also sucked into a larger scheme involving dimensional and time travel. 6 Chapters out so far, and looking for characters to add in as teammates. PM me if you are interested!


Transgression finally gets that new chapter smell! Hooray. Hopefully with this and the new Freelancer Story I started, I can appeal to a greater sci fi audience. Anyway, good to do a bit of common courtesy and update, I suppose. It was a bit rushed, so don't expect great detail, but it moves the story forward, I'd say. Taylor will probably be leaving the valley soon, or so he hopes. What is is he's trying to avoid, but can't remember?

Also, PMD Zoner Chronicles and Resident Evil Project QUETZALCOATYL are on a temporary Hiatus as I am preoccupied with Freelancer: Racer's Trials.

What I like? Hmm, I guess I could tell you. I like videogames and Mangas and my Gibson Les Paul!

Bleach- Swords, beasts, and Kon. What isn't there to like?

Pokemon- I know its a bit childish, but I have stayed with it since season one in 1996. 11 almost 12 years old and still going strong!

Legend of Zelda- More Swords beasts and time travel or alternating reality in some way. Gotta love it.

Harvest Moon AKA The Farm Game. Take a break from killing things and make a living on a peaceful farm that you make your own. What could be better?

Guitar Hero- explains itself. I can play songs on there I can't play on my Les Paul.

dot Hack- Internet games with hacking and crazy characters. Essential for any gamer.

Boktai- gotta love using guns that fire bullets made of sunlight that kills evil creatures. Who wouldn't want to be bossed around by a talking flower named Otenko or Toasty?

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Freelancer: Racer's Trials
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