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Well, I guess I could just copy and paste my about me from my myspace and it would accomplish just as much as trying to explain who I am.

I'm a junior in high school in a small town in southern Indiana. I sing in our school's vocal jazz group, Star Sound which is the top ensemble at out school. I'm also in Chorale which is my school's second best ensemble. I am actively involved in all thespian activities in our school, whether it be the fall play or the spring musical. So far I have performed in It's A Wonderful Life, Dogsbreath Devereux, Barbecuing Hamlet, Annie Get Your Gun, Godspell, Treasure Island, and am currently in the middle of rehearsals for Grease. I have played cello for 5 years and I consider myself to be, unofficially, not half-bad. I competed in ISSMA solo/emsemble this year and am taking a cello solo, a vocal solo, a men's voice ensemble, a madrigal, a mixed ensemble, and a mixed string ensemble to state later this February. I also frequent around the piano and I dabble in acoustic guitar. I hate the following things, hypocrites, Physics, Math, Spanish, and stereotypes.

I am relatively new to writing fanfictions. I decided to start on a whim one day with not even a real concept or plot, and just started writing. I wrote a few chapters and decided that I would take a "Day in the Life" approach to the Avatar characters. But by the time I ended the Sokka section, I discovered that underneath all the action and other such things, I had buried, in my own mind, a somewhat interesting plot. I spent the next fifteen or so days writing a chapter or so a day and the story eventually turned into The Lower Ranks. After the story was finished, I decided to take a small break and focus on doing some other things for a little while like studying fan-vids (I plan on starting a few of my own once I get enough content on DVD). But one of my original characters from The Lower Ranks had gained a small amount of interest from one or two of my fans, so I decided that I would explore the character more deeply and crate a background story that gives insight on most of his past up to The Lower Ranks. This story became The Lonely Waves. Once I finish The Lonely Waves, I plan on taking another short break to clear my head and settle on what I want to do for a third installment that explores another original character from the original story, only this story will take place after The Lower Ranks, rather than before. When I'm done with the third story, I plan on trying my hand at short stories and other quick one-shot stuff, while keeping open the possibility of returning to my original three stories and maybe adding on some things to either of my original characters in the form of one-shots, or maybe even another full-blown story that has both of them in it. I'm really taking it one step at a time for right now though, so don't take any of these things as plans, rather than just ideas.

For the record, I have the following feelings about ships:

I love Toph. She is, in my mind, the absolute best character on the show, and she is definitely my favorite to read about. But a couple of weeks ago, I was having trouble deciding which Toph ship I wanted to get on. Tokka or Taang? I eventually came to a decision though, and as far as fanfictions are concerned, I ship Taang. I don't care for Tokka fanfictions very much so I tend to ignore them unless something really catches my eye. Consequently however, I am not a huge huge fan of Zutara, but I am sometimes forced to read some of it since Taang pretty much will always end up with Sukka and Zutara. As far as the actual show is concerned, I don't really know yet. I said originally that I would ship Tokka because it seems to be more canon, but the more I read Taang stuff, the more Tokka seems to be somewhat repulsive.

On a side note, I have a special soft spot for modern-day Taang fics. Those are my absolute favorites and I do anything to get my hands on them whenever I see them.

That's about it though as far as myself is concerned. As far as the rest of my cyberlife is concerned, my myspace url is myspace.com/the_mini_attic if you for some reason wished to find out more about myself. I am known on IMDb as i_mourn_the_wicked, and I am on the board several times a day reading and posting.

That should be all there is that you need to know about me.

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