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Age: 23

Birthday: July 4

Sex: Female

Fandoms: Harry Potter, Firefly, Young Wizards

Hogwarts House: Slytherin and proud!

Pottermore name: GhostThorn187 (black cat familiar)

Tumblr: spelling-problems(dot)tumblr(dot)com; cthonic-multiplicity, darklotusdesign

I realized I hadn't had a proper description up of me for a good while, so here's some (possibly interesting) info about me. I am a Cancerian, with strong Scorpio and Sagittarius tendencies thanks to my Moon. I am Pagan and a practicing Witch, a graphic design student approaching graduation, and eccentric in more than a few ways.

30 April 2014

Chapter 8 posted, even without further review by the Cupcake. She's been too busy to read it, I'm happy with it as it is now, and so I'm posting it without further edits.

Also, I finished my incomplete school work, so after my application goes through for graduation, I will officially have my degree! Woo! Excitement is short-lived, though, because I'll be going back to school for further skill development in web design, since that's what's in demand.

17 January 2014

Speaking of being a really freaking long time, I'm back working on Chapter 8 again. Things got split up, and I got off the writing bit when I really got going on my graduation art project last Spring. Now, all I'm doing is trying to get the last stuff for my incomplete in and I'll be a college grad! I'm getting a lot of time to work on this at my new coffee shop job, so M&B came back to life again.

The Cupcake is currently questioning my timing for some of the discussions the characters are having, so there's some more rewriting to be done, but hopefully, I should have something up for you soon. (I'm sorry I'm such a horribly inconsistent writer with my timing. But that's life, I guess.)

11 September 2012

Ma diesse, everyone. I know it's been a long time. The next chapter is written, but there hasn't been a whole lot of time for my Beta reader to check it out. I don't want to post it without review, since she's sort of a co-author since the rewrites.

11 July 2012

Chapter 7 Of Melancholy & Bliss may very well be done. I'm trying to decide whether to break it here or add in the next scene set that I have written, or to save that for the next chapter. (Chapter 8 - uncharted territory for this story yet!)

21 June 2012

Oh my gosh, guys. So I was reading through everything I posted and realized that I left at least one rather important scene out at the end of Chapter 5 - Filth in the Beauty from M&B. In fact, it's the scene that gives the chapter its name. I can't believe that I did that, so be looking out for the new scene, and please read it! Apparently no one's noticed too much that it's missing, but I want to put it back in just in case and for the sake of continuity. It makes the opening scene of Depths of Hell and Madness make a little more sense. And it intro's Blaise and a little bit about Ginny's summer.

So, repost of Chapter 5 coming soon, and there'll be an author's note at the top to explain.

8 June 2012

Alright, it's been a while since the story has been down, and there have been significant rewrites to Chapters 1 - 6 of Melancholy & Bliss. Chapter 1 has been up in its updated form for a while, but I will post the updated, edited versions of the chapters soon, hopefully in the next couple of days. I've been inspired this week, writing scenes for upcoming chapters and reworking Chapter 7. I'm not sure when the new scenes will fit in to the story, though the one I started today will be present in the new Ch. 7 - introducing some very fun OCs. Names have been changed (partially to fix continuity issues, and partially to set this up clearly as AU), some events have been rearranged or re-explained, even changed outright. I think I like the story better this way, and I hope you do, too.

Chapters will be up soon! Happy reading.

Update: Chapters are up and ready for your reading pleasure! Hope to see some reviews coming my way from everyone!

5 December 2011

Okay, guys, I've done something radical, and I'm sorry if it's freaked you out at all. I took down everything except for the first edited chapter of Melancholy & Bliss. I'm making some serious changes and fixing continuity issues between it and book 6. On top of that, my lovely Beta, ToxicCupcake1425, wants to write a prequel alternate timeline for the 6th book, so that's taking some research and finangling. All in all, I thought it would be most helpful to take the chapters down and do the rewrites on everything I have, and then repost them so everyone on the Story Alerts list will get the emails for the updated chapters. Like I said, there are some major changes to things, and hopefully the continuity will be better, so I hope everyone goes back and re-reads the story once it's back up.

Thanks for dealing with all the crazy, everyone, and I hope to have updates for you soon!

6 October 2011

Again, things seem to have taken at least a year to get anything done. The good news is that Chapter 7 of Melancholy & Bliss is finally written and published!!!

In the time between updates, a lot has happened, including the crumbling of my 8 year long relationship on the negative side, and Pottermore on the positive!!! I got in with the Magical Quill challenge, and I have been sorted as a Slytherin! I am very proud of this, and have fully embraced my Serpenthood. Expect the Slytherin Pride to show up a good bit in the story, and you might even get info about Slytherin that is exclusive to the Pottermore perspective.

Add me if you're on Pottermore, my name is GhostThorn187!

By the way, I know everyone is gonna get a bunch of story updates from M&B. I'm working on revising the chapters and, because of a bit of confusion with the document and story management, I've had to repost all of them. Chapter 1 has been revised, and there's a long A/N at the bottom detailing some of the reasons for the changes. Chapters 2-7 will be revised accordingly with my new characterization work, but I don't know how long it'll take for me to get up to speed and everything fleshed out. I hope that everyone will like the new additions to the story, but it'll be quite a bit more angsty, so if you want fluff, this might not be the place for you. (Then again, what with Chapter 6 and all, the fluff was decidedly stained, so maybe you won't mind the angst.)

8 November 2010

So it's been nearly a year to the last day I updated my profile, and I am no closer to having Chapter 7 of M&B written. I have started over countless times, but it seems my writing muse has left me since I've jumped fully into my role as a visual artist. Apparently, being a graphic designer with a talent for page layout and typesetting doesn't get me any bonus points.

I'm really sorry to everyone that's been waiting over a year for this new chapter, especially since I cliffhangered you!

And, yeah, Little Dragon is pretty much no longer in existence. Maybe I should red robin these things and let someone else figure out where these stories are going.

9 November 2009

Note to readers of Melancholy and Bliss: Hey, everyone. It's 9 February 09, and I know I promised to try to get Chapter 7 of M&B out by the end of November. I'm sorry to say that it's not even close to being ready. I have to say thank you to everyone who's been waiting so patiently for the next installation, and I'm so glad to have such faithful readers. Unfortunately, a college schedule and needing a job doesn't help much with my extracurricular writing. And to top this all off, I'll be going to Mexico on the 19th for a family wedding, so the preparation for that will screw everything up even further. I am trying to get everything back on track, and I'm going to try to put my timeline together a little better than usual (I tend to write organically, so I'm not really sure where things are going either!) so I can get this next chapter to you soon.

Sorry to everyone who doesn't like fluff in a romance, but bits are probably going to have enough fluff to stuff several large teddy bears. That's what happens around Valentine's for me.

Thank you for your patience!


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