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Poll: Storyline possibilities! Listed are some plot twists that have appealed to me for "Whispers in the Dark". What dramatic twist or plot twist appeals to you more? PS: This is for those who have followed the story. Vote Now!
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Hey everyone! :) Welcome to my profile.

AN:I got a new computer months ago, and I have a new chapter up for "whispers in the dark". Please leave reviews on what you think.

It's quite exciting to me on fanfiction.net where SO many people write, and give each other reviews.

I have written stories based on "Indiana Jones" ("Wait for me"), and "Constantine" ("Constantine: Whispers in the dark", and "Here with Us"), and I have a new edition with my first fanfic for "Jurassic Park". :) Yay for new things! It's about Dr. Grant, and it's not slash. It's a one-shot, but I'd still love to get reviews on it. Thanks! I am also writing a "strictly ballroom" fanfiction- so my crazy fellow fans please review it!

I have a poll for "Whispers" so please go vote if you love the story, and want to have your voice heard! Thanks! I'm in the process of writing the next few chapter, and I hope you like it. While you're waiting you can feel free to e-mail me about how the story is coming along and ask questions.

OH!! I have a video slide show to go with my story. It centers on Ariela, and Chas.You can view it here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=sB-sP8Uj82s --SO PLEASE sign in and leave a comment Oh, and if you also make videos and want to take a stab at remaking my video, tell me. I want to know how it turns out. :)

I also have written on original story called "Soul Revolution" with completely original characters, set in 1917 Russia.
You can also view my stories and art on: www.rsjguardian11.deviantart.com I draw portraits too :D

-I am also taking commissions in art, wallpapers, videos, ect, so let me know if want more information.

Brief vague bio: :)

Age: I'm old enough to drink, but smart enough not to. LOL!


Occupation: Student for now. I've been on the Dean's list, and I'm proud of that. I get A's in everything except Math. People who perform well in English, tend to be lacking in Math.

Gender: Female, hopefully you got that by my name. LOL! :) By the way, my avatar is Sarah Roemer in honor of my character Ariela Levy, from my Constantine Story. It's not me.

Favorite types of Fan fiction: The ones that pretty much stay within context of what the characters would actually say/do. They have to be familiar with the actors pattern of speech, and use words they would actually use (like using 20th century slang in the 1700's would NOT work). There are exceptions though, like of the character tends to swear excessively, I can deal with a change to that. LOL!

Good grammar and spelling. Now, I understand how spell check will not edit all wrongs (Like "of" where "off" should be-I've done that-haha!), but it's really nice to take that into account. Couples that are romantic, but that don't have sex, or at least before they are married. Then, I prefer it be "implied" instead of described in...detail. Characters that honor each other, and refrain from sex until marriage are wonderful. Oh, and trying to make them as easy to read as possible. I know new people on here can suffer from that, just from inexperience. I like to double space every line, as it makes it easier to read, and find mistakes.

Pet Peeves with Fan fiction :
-Slash: I'm not a fan of slash in ANY form. I find it a bit disturbing, especially in characters that are NOT gay!

Sibling pairings: Also those disgusting Susan/Peter Pevensie (Narnia) pairings have got to go! Seriously, they are brother and sister, and what you're writing about is largely illegal to actually DO in the US, and I'm sure other countries as well. It makes more sense to pair them with fellow royalty from other countries or something. Or maybe a schoolmate for times they're not in Narnia.

- Mary Sues, may be tempting to write but please- stop it guys. We all know why they are bad. I’m sure we are all capable of writing quality characters, or learning to do so.

- Smut- Arg! Why do romantic fics have to turn smutty? Subtlety goes a long way guys, and so does restraint. Where did the days go that purity and integrity were maintained? In my fics you’ll find that any type of sexual content is dealt with, with subtlety, and doesn’t shy away from consequences. Like if a character sleeps with someone who is not their spouse, it’s portrayed as less than ideal, if not downright wrong. I don’t like to write sexual content if I can help it.

Favorite movies: Movies with strong messages (hopefully positive ones), and I'm a sucker for a good romance. "Pride and Prejudice"(2005 version, as it's the only one I've seen), "The Lake house", "Enchanted", "Elizabethtown" "One night with the King", "Beauty and the Beast", "A walk to remember", "Sense and Sensibility", "Sabrina" (not the one about the teenage witch- the one with Harrison Ford). I also like some Action/ Adventure like "Lord of the rings", "Indiana Jones" (yes, even the newest one- I think Shia rocks, and no one can convince me otherwise), "Transformers", "Disturbia", "Star Wars" (the classic trilogy), "Constantine". Other movies with great messages like "The End of the Spear", "The Passion of the Christ", "One night with the King (about Esther), and others I'm forgetting.

Music: I mostly listen to Christian pop/rock/folk. The introspective stuff that makes you think, and isn't sugary sweet. Christian music is extremely varied now. Bands like Paramore, Flyleaf, The Jonas Brothers, and Switchfoot are faith-based bands. I like anything that I think is truthful, and artistly valid. I'm inspired spiritually by these artists: Bethany Dillon, U2, Nichole Nordman, Brooke Fraser, Amy Grant, Mat Kearney, Rebecca St. James, Barlowgirl, Fireflight, Delirious?, Skillet, Kari Jobe, Rick Pino, RED, Jonny Lang, and Flyleaf (among others). I also enjoy a romantic love song by Josh Groban, the softer stuff from Nickelback (only when it's NOT about sex), Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, Savage Garden, Delta Goodrem.

Interests: Finding God in unlikely places. The adventure of friends, and this journey of knowing Jesus Christ on this earth. I believe on day I'll be with Him forever. You can know him too. One thing I know is that He is the only One, and that he loves us more than we know. He wants us to know and love him too. Just e-mail me on how.'

I love animals, art, friends, music, and writing of course. I have a weird habit of caring about what happens in celebrities lives. I never want them to break up, become addicts, and die. So I pray for them. Right now I pray for Shia Lebeouf, Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, anyone who ever worked on "Lord of the Rings", and anyone else who's in trouble.

Feel free to comment on my stories, or send me a note!

Namarie! (Farewell!)

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