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Thanks for checking out my stories and don't forget to leave a review, I'm always interested in what people think so go ahead and say whatever you want, flames are welcomed as well. I've done most of the popular pairings in one way or another so check out some of my other stories, you might find something that you'll like. At this point I'm not going to be introducing any new stories soon, I actually think I've done just about everything I can do with Naruto. In the future I might start writing for other Manga because by the time I've finished all my current stories I will have included just about every main female, with the exception of the movie ones because I haven't seen any of them and possibly the random filler Arcs because I hate watching them due to their likelihood of being terrible.

I would like to write a few stories for Sekirei since there are so few at the moment, when i checked I think I only found two which is horrible so whenever I get some time I want to do the same thing I've done with Naruto. Which means writing either one long fic with all the main girls or writing one or two stories focusing at two at a time. Either way I won't have time to start anything new for a while so If you're interested just be patient and eventually I'll get to it. At the moment I want to focus on pushing my newer stories so expect a few updates from them before I finish some of my already established stories. The Stories I want to focus on will be: A City Built on Bones, Turning Over a New Leaf, Finding Forever. I will still be updating everything just not in steady increments.

Here's some random information about me;

Favorite Mangas:

1.) Zetman

2.) Sekirei

3.) Air Gear

4.)Tenjo Tenge

5.)Death Note



8.)Unbalance X Unbalance

9.)The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer(I'm really intrigued right now, I might loose interest later though)

10.) Elfen Lied (The end basically made this Manga for me, it was so poetic it was beautiful)

Below will be a series of other random information and there will be rants marked in Bold, Most of these are angry rants so there will be language and possibly spoilers for the Manga I'm discussing. If you don't want to see either of these then just skip the walls of text.

Why My List is in This Order:

As you probably already have noticed by now Naruto is nowhere on my list, which I know is probably anything short of heresy, especially on this site but honestly I just don't think the Manga is that great. I don't take Manga at face value, I pay attention to the main themes of a manga, the type of world it is trying to portray and the general message it is trying to get across. I figure most people take Naruto for just being an action series but I'm more concerned about the actual core of the manga, the Ideas behind everything that are most important in my book. I'm just not impressed with flashy action scenes and wierd powers, those type of things won't cut it for me and that's probably why I don't care much for Naruto. The only reason I've read as much as it as I have is because It was the first Anime(and the last one I will ever watch, I just hate anime in general) I was introduced to( by my cousin) and I was bored so I watched it with him for a bit. Then I heard there was more online that took place after a time skip so being curious I went and read it. I thought it was really good at the time and wanted to read another manga and absolutely everyone on the internet suggested bleach. Since Naruto and Bleach were being advertised by pretty much every person that gave a suggestion I thought they were the best stories around so I read bleach too.

I wasn't really into it at first but I started to like it a lot more farther in. After reading this and yet again being bored I decided to venture out for myself and find other manga to read. I was getting bored of Naruto's amazingly slow plot development and the focus of Sasuke and Bleach was already becoming insanely repetitive so I wanted to find something to pass the time. This is when I found Air Gear and Death Note and realized how overrated and stupid Naruto and Bleach are compared to other manga. Maybe stupid isn't the right word but there are definitely many retarded things about Naruto which I think stop it from being a lot better. I know what you're thinking, If I hate Naruto so much then why am I writing so many Naruto Fics? I don't hate it, I'm just too irritated with it right now to pretend I'm enjoying the series. Also I feel like people need to open there eyes and realize the world of Manga doesn't start and end with Naruto. Its just so ridiculously overrated that it pisses me off even more, not the manga itself but the fans. No matter what your personal feelings are about Naruto's plot, characters, themes, and action, it is not the best that the Manga world has ever seen. With that said you must realize that there are tons of stories with a better plot, better action, and way way way better characters (because they were not only developed with a purpose but they also don't qualify as the standard 100 percent over-used manga archetypes you see if ever other series). At this point I read mostly Seinin manga because it's actually serious and you get a much better sense of realism and atmosphere. A serious story is always going to be better than one that's more comical or is too light.

Naruto is a fun little manga and all that crap, but it's simply too light. It's too much of a joke most of the time and even when they are trying to be serious either Naruto's retardation ruins the mood or Kakashi's over-monotone speech just makes it sound cheesy. I guess Naruto's a good story for people you don't read more adult work and enjoy the fantasy aspect of it but I find it hard to create a world focused on Ninjas were war has ravished the population for decades and the only infrastructure is entirely based on power and combat and then turn everything into a light-hearted joke where kids are running around in the streets "playing ninja" with each other and hiding in fake rocks and doing jutsus to become naked girls while pulling childish pranks and all that goofy shit.

Of course I have to acknowledge that Naruto is a shounen manga and like all other shounen manga is main target demographic is kids from 13-16 which would explain why most of it's fans have never read more series manga. Not all of it's fans since I've noticed a lot of Naruto fans are much older but this is the age group target when the series was created and unfortunately the author found it fit to scale things down for their benefit although a kid these days can handle way more than whats in Naruto. I think part of it's popularity is how fast paced the beginning(and only the beginning) is compared to other manga. I tried to get a younger friend of mine to read one of the seinin series that I loved and within the first chapter he's already complaining it's boring and there is too much talking and I'm sitting there thinking "What do you have, A.D.D. ? You can sit on your ass and read Naruto all day but you can't get past the first 3 chapters of anything else?".

I don't know what he expected but since there was no action or comical moments in the first chapter he was bored because that's what he had come to expect which is sad because you can't have action if you didn't take the time to definite characters and setting. Of course he thought Naruto was God's gift to humanity but I made him read past the first couple of chapters anyway and after a while he admitted that it was a really good series and it's now one of his favorites. I guess my point is that people that primarily read Naruto don't usually have a broad range of Manga that they read, they only read Naruto and shit that's just like it. In Naruto's bracket for random action, light-hearted shounen, I believe Naruto is number one, but in that bracket I only consider bleach and D-Grayman(someone keeps telling me it's good and I'm only reading it because I promised i'd give it a shot) and one piece(read the first 20 pages of the first chapter and stopped there). Like 80 percent of Manga is shounen but some of those read more like seinin and talk about things that your average 13 year old would not be able to understand or wouldn't have the patience to read. If I were to include everything i've read that is classified as shounen then Air Gear far surpasses Naruto in pretty much every regard I can think of. People complain the plot is too confusing but I think everyone that complains is just too used to everything being over-simplified for them by the author. Air Gear get's complicated but to complain that it's really confusing and makes no sense just proves that you're incapable of following a plot-line that isn't spoon-fed to you.

I hate when authors do something and then waste more fucking time explain completely obvious actions to you. Naruto is notorious for this shit, Kishimoto has a habit of repeatedly writing the word 'bonds' in pretty much every other chapter at points but now the new shit is the "new generation". Every chance this fucker gets he has to make someone comment about the "new generation" that is coming and how the bonds between the 'new generation" are something the ninja world has never seen before and all that lame shit. I think the thing that pissed me off last was when Pain was interrogating random Konoha ninjas during his invasion. He had been interrogating and killing off random shinobis since the invasion started and Kishimoto had shown this right at the start. But for some reason like 4-7 chapters into the invasion we get an entire chapter just showing Pain interrogating more people and all of them refusing to give out Naruto's location and choosing death over betraying him. At this time I was looking at forums and everyone was like "Oh wow, cool chapter everyone is helping naruto! This chapter was great and really important!Excellent work Kishimoto, you've done it again", or something equally as stupid while I'm like WTF we've already known this for about a month and a half. They showed this shit already and the only difference now is that Kishi took the time to write some lame shit about the will of fire or something gay like that. I don't think anyone is as angry as me when I see lame shit like "WIll of Fire" anywhere in the manga or even in FanFIcs, I just get the urge to punch the author every time. Why waste an entire chapter because some people are too fucking slow to realize about 5 chapters back that all those people that didn't answer Pain were choosing Naruto over themselves. Why fucking spell it out and use an entire weeks worth of plot development on that? And then I'm feeling like "Am I the only one that can fucking read between the lines or am I just psychic?"

I know everyone is fanatic about Naruto and Bleach but at the moment I simply can't stand either of them. I stopped reading Naruto as soon as He arrived back in Konoha during the Pain invasion. I'm will only continuing to read because I've invested so much time into it already and I want to see the finished product. I've already made a lot of predictions about the series and most of them were right so I want to see how much I guessed correctly. I'll start reading again in a few months and hopefully something interesting will have happened because the whole Pain Invasion Arc has been just as predictable as everything else. I stopped reading Bleach a several months back because things just went to hell after the Pendulum Flash Back Arc.

The Flash Back Arc itself was good but when it ended they just started a series of slow drawn out battle of characters I don't care about( and I'm pretty sure didn't exist before), and the worst part is that they have to fight one by one so that instead of returning back to Ichigo and getting along with the story we have to see each and every one of these weak guys fight some equally weak enemy. I only care about the top men, Gin, Azien, and the top espada, not everyone else who is basically cannon fodder until the real show starts. The same goes for Naruto, there is one thing I absolutely hate Kishimoto ( the creator of Naruto) for. I respect the man for his skill, don't get me wrong, he's definitely talented and creative but the way he designs each chapter is beyond infuriating. Naruto is the only manga I can read where I'll go through the entire chapter and no one would have moved. It's so ridiculous it's funny, sometimes a chapter will span over a month and sometimes the whole chapter will cover a twenty second period of time. It's like Kishimoto is just fucking with us and I'm the only one that notices.

But anyway there are too many characters and none of them are important at all, yet that doesn't stop Kishi from randomly switching to them when he feels like dragging the Manga for a few chapters. It's just ridiculously at times, we won't see a certain person for over 75 chapters, then all of a sudden we need to watch them do nothing for a whole chapter while something really important is going on somewhere else. The whole Current Pain Invasion Arc is so outrageously boring I couldn't stand it anymore, they show nothing of Naruto's training yet we're seeing Konohamaru trying to pick a fight with Pain, who is above Kage level, while Konohamaru is still a gennin. WTF !

Last chapter I read they had Shino, Kiba and some of their family members stepping up to different pain bodies, Shino and Kiba have always been failures in my book so naturally I'm not going to care what happens to them now. After seeing their performance in the 8 Man Squad Arc, when they ran into Tobi, I think it's safe to say they are both equally worthless. And that's the problem, everyone is so incredibly weak besides Sasuke, who wants to see a bunch of weaklings fight ?! Especially when we know they don't really matter in the long run because they have no real role in the story besides making Konoha look diverse. It's pointless and a waste of everyone's time IMO. It's bad enough so little gets done in each chapter but then we have to waste precious time giving worthless character #5 his fifteen seconds of fame.

I've also come to despise pussy protagonist as I like to call them, I'm not sure why but authors love making them these days. Why would anyone want the main character to be a wimp, or to be indecisive and have low self esteem, or just so stupid that it becomes a running gag on how dumb they are, you know, something along these lines. It seems like it'd be obvious that those qualities aren't interesting in a Hero yet I repeatedly see them again and again. Main characters that are too nice for their own good and let other people walk all over them, or don't have the balls to push back when they are in a Life or Death situation against an enemy. This just really bothers me, I just can't stand it anymore, no one is like that in real life so why would this become a reoccurring pattern in Manga. And If they aren't too nice then they are completely unremarkable, which is just as bad sometimes. The author actual goes out of their way to state that the main character is normal in every way and has no special talents or attributes that make him unique or special, which basically also makes him uninteresting. If he's just a complete average joe then why is he the main character. If the main character is someone without a single ounce of personality then why should I even bother to read the story, I guess they are trying to appeal to people that see themselves as completely average but do people really think of themselves like that? It seems a little sad to me if you honestly don't find yourself to be original at least in one aspect of your personality. Apparently some people like that kind of stuff though, otherwise it wouldn't be so common.

If the protagonist isn't a complete pushover then he's a moron, again why do so many authors do this? I think Naruto is a prime example of this, despite whether you like him or not, it's beyond obvious that he's a complete idiot half the time. Some times it's more of a joke but at this time in Shippuden the amount of stupid comments he makes is fucking ludicrous. It's a combination of him not being too bright and then having the maturity level of a seven year old. It was fine before the time skip because he was only suppose to be 12-13 but now it's just getting sad. I nearly cried when Naruto saw Kurenai while she was pregnant and asked her if she ate too much because her stomach looked like it was going to burst.

Like I said it would be cute if a seven year old said that, not someone who is about sixteen and is trying to become the fucking Hokage, I'd hope that people would want someone with a little more intelligence than that. Part of it is done for comic relief but even so, if Naruto doesn't mature soon this whole Manga is going to be a joke by the end. And if Naruto's intelligence isn't his handicap it's his enormous dependence on Shadow Clones. He can't accomplish anything without using them at this point, its a helpful tool but even now he can't preform a normal Rasengan without the aid of at least one clone, and now it's obvious that clones are going to become a major part in sage mode as well, I wish he knew more jutsu because I'm tired of seeing him beat this one to death. Naruto plans on being Hokage but he has only mastered two jutus, and before you try to argue, yes, it's only two. Rasengan and Kage Bunshin, everything else is just a variation of the two and sometimes both of these fucking jutsus combined which is even worse. Like I said I stopped reading right after Naruto returned to a demolished Konoha so I don't know if Kishi decided to stop being a lazy fuck and give Naruto a third jutsu but as it stands he knows nothing else outside of Rasengan as far as attacks go which is just fucking pitiful.

My last real problem with Naruto is how one sided the power is divided. Regardless of what people want to believe almost all the Kuniochi are completely and utterly useless (with the exception of Tsunade but even so she is more of a doctor than anything else). I don't see how the fans aren't more upset about this but then again people tend to believe whatever they want when it comes to their favorite characters. I've noticed Sakura and Hinata fans seem to be the worst at this, no offense. Sakura is the main girl at the moment but her skills are laughable at best, I don't know why Kishi would create a Manga about Ninjas then make the main female a street brawler. It makes absolutely no sense, Sakura has no level of taijutsu skills, we haven't seen a single jutsu in the manga, and not one genjutsu although she was described as a genjutsu type at the beginning of the series. Oh but she has super strength so I guess she has a purpose(sarcasm). We're getting to the point were we are seeing amazingly powerful enemies and the best Sakura can possibly do is hope they are slow and stupid enough for them to let her swing an uppercut at. The one major fight she was in she had to have an old lady control her body because she didn't have the fighting skills to avoid attacks and counter. The fight against Saori was the most boring battle I've ever seen because it was just watching Sakura super-punch again and again and again.

Then there's Hinata who everyone keeps claiming has ton of hidden potential but yet again we're getting another character that is probably going to never real use jutsu, which has become the only way of fighting we've seen lately. Look back at the Itachi vs Sasuke fight, it was completely jutsu for jutsu, so where is there a place for these characters that don't have a real fighting sense. The Byakugan is not enough to carry someone in a fight, it looks great on paper but then there's the problem of landing all those hits, it's just not going to happen. I don't even have to speak about Ino and Tenten which between the two of them haven't even seen real combat because they are just carried by their teammates. Out of everyone Temari seems the most fit to fight which is sad because she's in Suna and we'll rarely see her. She actual used a summoning jutsu and a wind attack all in one fight which puts her light years ahead of the rest of Kishi's eye candy but even so she's probably get destroyed in a real fight anyway. And with that said it's rare we'll ever see Hinata either, unless Kishi needs to stall again which is probably coming up soon since the story is actual going somewhere for once.

If you haven't noticed by now I'm extremely irritated with Naruto at the moment, which is why I think I love the main characters of Air Gear, Death Note, Gantz, so much, they can all be assholes every now and then. That goes heavily for Gantz and Air Gear in particular, both of the main characters don't take shit from anyone and aren't going to let some girl beat them up all the time ( again with being irritated at Naruto). They both just seem like more realistic people IMO, they are good guys without having the unbelievable 'saint mentality', so for example if a girl in a towel walked by them and the towel dropped don't expect them to get all embarrassed and turn around, they'd probably try to cop a feel. I can't even count how many times Ikki has gotten his hands on some titties or even slapped some random girls ass, and of course there is the infamous panty-seeing-game. Basically my point is that these characters aren't complete pussies when it comes to girls or sex in general. Lots of Manga like to set the main character up with SEVERAL hot girls that all want his baby and the entire time he runs away from all of them like a fucking little bitch. That is absolutely the most absurd thing I've ever seen but I can name tons of manga like that just off the top of my head, Tenchi Muyo, Vampire Rosario, To-Love-Ru, Elfen Lied anything to this effect. Almost all harem Mangas are like that, if he isn't treating the girls like they have the plague he's being indecisive and ends up having none of them because he can't choose one. Even in the situations were the girls are okay with sharing he refusing to comply, it's so stupid it just becomes annoying after a while.

In Death Notes case the main character is a villain which is fucking amazing, I'm glad someone had the balls to do it because it's such a good idea and has so many possibilities. Not only is Light evil, but he's a genius, is at least good at once sport, and is good with chicks. He's one of the few characters I have ever seen that doesn't have anything holding him back. He's not the standard over righteous guy that gets abused by everyone while being a borderline loser at the same time, those type of characters suck and you'll never see one in any of my Fics.

Pretty much all the girls in Air Gear are sick, you don't really get the feeling like the author is randomly giving some weak looking girl tons of power and you don't get the feeling like they aren't equal with the males. Just all around balance and it's a nice change of pace. My problem isn't necessarily girls being weak, it's making a manga about fighting and combat and just adding girls in the mix for eye candy while pretending like they are actual going to do something. Although I'll admit Oh!Great loves to throw out random nudity, at the beginning of the series I felt like a titty was popping out in every over page. Emily and the other girl(can't remember her name and I don't care to check) seemed like worthless characters at first but for some reason I actual enjoy them. I love emily for her random comments and despite them not being as great at air teck as the others they do odd jobs at the beginning an provide support which is nice because they aren't pretending to be essential but they aren't just sitting on the sidelines either. Emily is a support character on the team and that role is played well so I have no complaints.

My main point is that I enjoy bad ass chicks in Manga, especially when it seems natural and isn't forced. When it's forced, and it's clear that the author is just trying to hard than it's stupid and I dislike it even more than weak girls. I also loath ditsy characters. I can't stand stupid cutesy dumb blonde characters in manga that somehow are suppose to be the lead female. I honestly don't know what possessed me to read To-love-ru but I did and I hate LaLa, I just feel like choking her every time she speaks, characters like her just need to die so someone more original and interesting can be created. Why do women have to be idiots to be considered cute ? It drives me fucking insane, that's probably part of the reason I love Unbalance X2 so much, its a romance story were the lead girl is really cute but she's the exact opposite of characters like LaLa, she's tries to be strict, mean, and non-affectionate (for good reasons considering the situation she's in) but at the same time she's very intelligent, independent, and caring. She's a full character, not a caricature of one, meaning one aspect of her constitutes her whole personality. There is different sides to her and her character isn't suppose to act all cutesy in every situation.

Sekirei is the only manga I've ever read were I loved absoluetly all the characters. No matter what I've read in the past there is always a few people that I just can't stand and of course the author choses to focus on that person for whole chapters at a time. Even when it's not people that take up the main character's spotlight it's just annoying ass sidekicks or space filler characters, I'm talking about people that don't have a real purpose and are just around to make the place look diversified. Like I said earlier about Naruto this would be Shino, Neji, Lee, Tenten, Kiba, chouji, if all of these people were to drop dead there would be no real consequence or impact on the manga as a whole and they have a habit of not appearing often and have pretty much no plot development or backstory relevant to the main story. Neji had some importance earlier but that's pretty much over, unless this whole thing with Kumo involves him somehow. Anway I really love the character designs and the personalities with everyone, the only person that slightly annoys me is the rich kid with all the Sekirei that's always running around like an idiot. I can't remember his name but he has Mutsu.

I'm only annoyed though because he has so many damn Sekireis for some reason and he's rich, I hate rich people. All the Sekirei themselves are soo good though, I've never had such a hard time choosing a favorite character from a Manga before. Tsukiumi has to be my number One though, I love Tsundere characters. I don't really know why but they usually are my favorite. Plus I love her character design, her outfit is practically a wedding dress it's so random but creative to a point. And alll the chibi shots of her being pissed off are hilarious especially since her arms are always crossed over her chest and she has that perpetual frown on. Kusano is a close second, shes another good source of comedy and her skills could be very useful and powerful if they are ever developed. Plus shes so damn cute all the time. Kazehana was a favorite of mine right from the start, all Minato's sekirei have good personalities plus she seems the most sexy out of the bunch. Or maybe it's because she's probably the one that's most likely to rape Minato in my opinion. The disciplinary squad was good but Karasuba is my favorite out of all of them, her fighting style is cool and I'm hoping to see a good battle between her and Miya later. I like how she doesn't have huge boobs like everyone else. Every guy loves huge tits but it's dumb t make every character like that, it's good to have a nice range of body types and styles in a Manga and I appreciate the diversity.

..SEKIREI SPOILERS.. That's probably why I like Homura, sexy slim body type with nicely shaped smaller tits. From the moment I saw Kagari I said to myself, "this is definitely a chick" because he was always drawn with feminine features. His eyes for one have always looked like girl eyes and his hair didn't make it any better. At first I thought he was going to react to minato's sister because there was a moment hinting he felt something when he met her but then it didn't happen. I think it's safe to say Homura is 100 percent woman now, I've seen people say it's still a guy because Minato said he didn't have to change his mental state but his body is definitely that of a chick. Just look at the hips and waistline if the tits weren't enough proof for you. They wouldn't change him halfway to a girl just to leave his cock intact, that'd just be awkward for everyone. END SPOILERS. Seo and the lightning twins are also great. It's funny that he's the only Ashikabi that gets put in his place by his Sekirei and not only that but he's ridiculously poor for some reason and while everyone has those MIB VIP cards they are working odd jobs and taking free food from Miya. Hikari and Hibiki make such a good pair but you almost feel bad for them because they got stuck with Seo whose just a lazy bum.

Characters aside the story is really interesting to me, although it does mirror Pokemon in a way which is hilarious within itself. I'm really curious to see where the sci-fi aspect of it ends up. I'm really curious to figure out more about MBI and where the Sekirei actually came from more than anything else. The whole thing about the spaceship and the face the the embryos were already fertilized make it sound like there is something much larger than the Chairman's stupid game going on. The whole game almost cheapens the story because there could be something really huge going on behind the scenes but hopefully the author will get to that soon. I have high expectations for the reasoning behind the existence of the Sekirei so unless it's something epic I'm going to be very disappointed.

Zetman is manga I just got introduced to very recently but it has to rank in my top three. Without a doubt it's probably one the best Seinin series I've read, it's got a similar atmosphere to Gantz (in terms of drawing style and how dark the world is) but it goes in a different direction which I've rarely seen in Manga. I was thrown off by the cover before so even though I noticed it I didn't read it but someone recommended it to me so I went back and decided to stop being an idiot and check it out. It's fucking fantastic, it takes a lot of different ideas and puts them together in a way that could make it the best manga I've ever read( it's not finish yet so I'd have to wait before I can say that). It's way more serious that Air Gear and Sekirei and definitely more dark. I can't explain the story without giving too much away so I won't but it's a must read in my book. If you were ever into comic book heroes there is also a kind of graphic novel hero theme going on but don't mistake it for your average idea of a hero. I used the phrase graphic novel because it's not the cheesy cliche comic book hero that we see so much in America. This series is definitely not for kids, I wish it was bloodier but that doesn't mean it's not violent. It's almost on par with Gantz and occasion Tengo Tenje when it comes to blood but not all the time.

Anyway I think I've ranted enough so I'll end this here.


Here's some of my Favorite Characters, I have too many favorite characters in some Mangas to make just an overall list so I'll separate them into small ones.

Air Gear:

1.) Ikki

2.) Sora

3.) Mikan/ Kururu/ Simca ( I really can't decide, they are all amazing!)

4.) Aeon Clock (his gayness makes me LOL)

5.) Akito (again his gayness amuses me, plus Agito is cool)



2.) Kusano


4.) Karasuba


6.) Hakari & Hibiki

7.) Musubi

8.) Akitsu


1.) Naruto

2.) Kakashi

3.) Jiraiya

4.) Killer Bee ( I Don't understand why Kishi wouldn't bother to give him a real name, and no he does have a real name. They either call him Killer bee in english or they write it in japanese so we don't realize it. And sometimes they just refer to him as the eight tail in japanese)

5.) Pain/Nagato

Tenjo Tenge:

1.) Shin

2.) Bob

3.) Bunshichi


5.) Nagi

Here's a List of Things that Piss me Off:

If anyone really cares here's some of my major dislikes with fanfics I've read, mostly thinks I've seen in Naruto Fic's since those were the only ones I really read. At one point I read almost all the available Naruto-centric M-rated stories as long as they weren't Yaoi and of course if they had pairings I liked. So that includes Ino, Tsunade, Sakura, Temari, Tayuya, Anko, and Femm Kyuubi. Most fics I probably gave up on before the second chapter but I had a lot of free time originally so I did go through a lot of them. These are the things that I just can't stand but everyone loves doing them in their stories. I've underlined the main point or basically one sentence that very briefly summarizes what my point/issue is. I explain it more through the paragraph but most people won't take the time to read all of this.

Young Naruto/Pre-Timse skip settings:

I know this is unavoidable since people started writing fics before the time-skip happened but that doesn't account for the majority of stories on this site. This is pretty much my second largest annoyance, If I start a story and Naruto is thirteen years old I just won't read it. I don't care how great other people think the story is, it just annoys me immensely because either the author will not write Naruto in a thirteen year old mindset, he'll talk and act like he's in his twenty even though he's suppose to be barely going through puberty or he'll just be a complete naive idiotic simpleton and that just gets old quick. Plus I just can't take romance stories about thirteen year old seriously, I'm sorry I just can't. This also applies to him being even younger, I've seen stories were Naruto is supposedly seven years old but he's precocious enough to pass as in his thirties. It just makes me wonder, have any of you ever talked to a seven year old? Maybe it's just me but I have really young siblings and cousins and I just can't stop laughing after seeing some of the dialogue that is coming from a 1st grader. But the most important part is the plot, all of the serious main characters and plot lines were introduced post time skip so there is an extremely limited amount of material you can use if Naruto is still thirteen. The only options are for the author to make something up or try to come up with his/her own villains and have them related to the plot. Either way the stories just come out horrible, the only plotline anyone can think of pre-timeskip resolves around Sasuke or Orochimaru. That wouldn't be a problem if they basically didn't just take the cannon plotline and changed Naruto's strength to their liking. So instead of a original plot we are seeing the same plot from the manga but only this time Naruto is invincible and they character bash the entire time. Stories like this are stupid and just a waste in time in general, because no one introduces the story from the beginning and has an actual plan on what they are doing. And of course every story that has Orochimaru and/or Sasuke as the main villain has the same plot that took two seconds to come up with: "Sasuke/Orochimaru want to destroy or take over Konoha/the world". The plot is the lifeline of the story, if your plot is that shitty than your story in general is going to be fucking shitty. Anyway this whole pre-time skip shit brings me to my second point.

Carbon Copying Entire Scenes From the Anime/Manga :

I can't even count how many stories I've start were the entire first chapter is just a rehash of the first episode of the damn anime, and when I say copy I mean they don't add any new events of points of interest it's just the author writing the beginning of the series that every Naruto fan knows already. If you're going to write a story, write a damn story, don't fucking copy entire chapters/episodes of things that everyone already knows and pass it as your own story. People come to this site to read original stories not five chapters of your shitty summary of the first ten chapters of the manga. If you haven't noticed already this really pisses me off and this was the major reason I stopped reading fics on this site to begin with. Some people have the common sense to add a major difference if they are going to restate the beginning but that rarely happens. It's just that these people don't know how to start their own stories and since they don't have a single original idea they just copy the manga for a while until they can come up with something. Not only is this boring, pointless, and redundant but it's a complete waste of everyone's times and shows a very poor effort on the authors part. If you can't come up with a beginning to your story then don't write one, or at least take the time to think of something like everyone else.

Chunnin Exams

Basically this falls in line with my previous two gripes, originally I tried to give stories that fell into those cliches a try but than this is where I drew the line. At this point any story that starts pre-timeskip ends up copying almost all of the cannon events with the only difference being that Naruto is randomly super powerful, but anyway as the story continues to just copy all the events of the manga we make it to the chunnin exams. This is the one thing that absolutely every pre-time skip story has and for some reason people are impressed by these pointless chapters. I say chapters because when someone goes onto the chunnin exams it always last several chapters of pointless test that are either poorly thought up or don't make sense. But if that's not the issue that it's just an excuse to have random fighting in their stories and rarely does anything meaning come out of it. In my opinion all the meaningful plot points are all post time-skip and when a story is exclusively when Naruto is thirteen it almost always falls low on plot and just ends up being some fantasy about a godly Naruto following the same half assed plot-line of cannon without the gay focus on bonds and all that bullshit that Kishimoto loves so much. Again, no thought is ever really put into things like this and the lack of effort is always all too damn apparent. It's almost too much to ask for to have somebody actual come up with shit that actual matters when the start off in the beginning of the series which is why I just avoid it altogether.

Over-powered Naruto/ Omnipotent+Omniscient Naruto:

This happens a lot in dark fics but it also happens in any longer adventure story. It's not so much of a problem that Naruto is powerful but it matters how it is done. It's pointless if Naruto gains all his power at once early on in the story and just tramples everything for the rest of the story. A fight is meaningless without a struggle and something is never appreciated when there is no work involved in obtaining it so it cheapens the story. I agree that Naruto should be power in stories but it's also important not to overdo it. Authors also tend to kill Naruto's personality in the process, sometimes it's done on purpose but even then it gets annoying because now we have a character with as much personality as a wheat thin. Naruto always suddenly becomes a god-like being that knows everything and has all kinds of ridiculous powers with no drawback whatsoever. This gets really boring rather quickly when all Naruto has to do is lift his finger and enemies disintegrate. People should remember that even superman has a weakness, and that was done for a damn good reason. Anyone with common sense should realize that with every power given there should be some kind of limit or an overall weakness other you just created a god.

Cross-Overs :

I'm sorry I just don't see the point to it. Most the time I see cross overs with bleach but even so I don't understand what the author is thinking. Neither of those two manga hold any correlation and don't particular make sense together, despite how desperate you try to make it work. The characters are too different, the settings can't really mold and the focus is just all over the place when you mix things like that. Obviously people make cross overs to initiate a plot but that just comes off as pitiful in a way. The one good thing about Naruto is that the universe is pretty large, there are tons upon tons of things you could use to make a plot or add a spin to the already existing plotlines/ arcs. I just can't understand how people are incapable of using the existing material and are forced to combine mangas because they can't put something decent together with just Naruto or bleach by themselves. To me it's just taking the lazy way out and throwing together as much random shit as possible so you know you have enough material for a full story. Obviously this is just my opinion, I've noticed cross overs to be fairly popular but I personally find them to be moronic. Just the premises alone look like they were conceived by a ten year old within a thirty second time frame. Either they just flat out sound retarded, or they don't make sense, or the summary is something super ambiguous intended to sound mysterious and epic which is just as bad.

Awkward Kyuubi Fusions/ Giving Naruto a Tail/ Fox Ears:

I have no problem with the whole idea of Naruto and the Kyuubi fusion but annoys me is when an author uses that as an excuse to completely change every physical aspect of Naruto. It makes sense for him to change a little but I've seen people take it too far or just make ridiculous changes that don't really have a purpose. I remember seeing one fic were Naruto suddenly became seven feet tall and had huge bulging muscles or something stupid like that and it just came off as being retarded. Not really because he's taller than usual but because it was overdone, everyone in Naruto is like below or at the six foot mark with a few exceptions and than you take a sixteen year old and make him like 7 foot something and constantly reference how awkward his height is. I just couldn't understand the point, if you make someone that tall why repeatedly make comments about how it complicates everything or how everyone stares at him for being an over-sized goon. Then there are the people that love to turn Naruto into a furry, I'm sorry but it just comes off as gay. For those of you who don't know, a furry is an anime character with animal characteristics/features, usually it's chicks with bunny/cat ears or tails, or something along those lines. I'm not particularly a fan of it even when it's a girl but I'll admit it's cute sometimes. basically girl with cat ears/tail= cute, Guy with fox ears/tail= gay. Naruto is suppose to be a powerful and feared ninja, there should be nothing soft, cut, or fury about him, end of discussion.

Making Naruto a Sharigan User:

It's not that awful of an idea and could be done nicely to advance the story but what happens is that people do it carelessly and instead of giving Naruto a new ability they just turn him into Sasuke. What I mean by that is as soon as they give him a Sharingan all he does is use it and completely abandons all his old moves and styles and becomes an Uchiha knock-off complete with the arrogant attitude. If you want to give Naruto a Sharingan for some reason that's fine but at least have a good reason to do so. If its something to help to the plot and has a purpose im all for it but that's never the case. It's always like "Naruto wakes up and realizes he has a Sharingan too!", or something equally as stupid. Then there's the Sharingan rip offs where the author tries to make up his own special eyes but instead of one power the author just picks them all just so Naruto has something "better" than the Sharingan. This falls in line with making Naruto too powerful and again when his eyes can do everything he doesn't fight anymore, he just uses them all the time.

The Infamous Mask:

Okay it wasn't bad the first couple of times I saw it but then I realized that just about every other story on this site has that lame shit as being the reason for a complete personality change. At first it didn't bother me if the author didn't abuse it too much but now I can't stand it on any level, it's always "Naruto's a super powerful genius that puts on the mask of being stupid and weak...". It always starts like this but really it's a poor excuse to make Naruto gain the maturity and intelligence of an adult within a second, it's just too cheesy at this point. If you want to change Naruto do it properly, come up with a real reason instead of random bullshit. It's just another way to get out of actually having to develop the character on your own.


I don't know where to put this so I guess I'll throw it in here. It's somewhat connected because I always see notes about reviews in other people's stories and I leave them in my own. Okay so if you take the time out of your life to sit down and write a story for other people to read, you're going to want some feedback, that's understandable. What I don't get is why people ask for reviews and then right after write "No Flames Please!!". STOP BEING A FUCKING PUSSY! That's all there is to it, if you want to know what people think of your stories than that includes everything. Not just people singing your praises but criticism and occasionally flames. The problem is that people think anything that isn't "OMG this story iz awesomeee !!" is a flame, which is just sad. Plus this is the fucking internet, if you can't handle someone leaving a message that says "Fuck you! Your story sucks!" then turn off your computer and go sit in a corner until you grow a spine. It's honestly not that serious what an anonymous persons thinks because not everyone is going to agree with you, that's just life, get over it. I don't care what anyone says about any of my stories, I'm actually surprised I haven't been flamed sooner.

The way everybody makes it sound, you'd think flamers ran rampant all over this site. I actually did have someone leave a review telling me to go kill myself or something along those lines but I just yelled back at him and then he apologized, apparently he was just having a bad day and clicked on one of my stories thinking it was yaoi, and it wasn't so he freaked out for some reason ha ha. I remember I was reading this one story like last year and it was about four chapters uploaded so far when I got an alert for a new update. I thought it was a new chapter so I went to read it and in actuality it was just a note from the author. The Author said he was going to discontinue the story because some guy on a forum or something like that said he had poor grammar and was writing a poor excuse for a story. The author continued to say that his feelings were hurt and that he didn't want to complete the story now and was going to take a break because of what that guy said. Now at this point I'm sitting at my computer thinking "Are you fucking kidding ?" while laughing because I wasn't sure if this was a joke or not but sure enough he was serious. And the best part had to be all the people that were leaving reviews telling him to cheer up and all that bullshit and how he shouldn't listen to that jerk etc etc. I on the other hand was thinking, wow if you're that ridiculously oversensitive just don't post anything on the internet because there will always be someone that will flame you. I can't remember what I said but I was probably the only person that told him to get over it and stop crying like an idiot over it if I said anything at all. I might have just gotten pissed and decided not to waste my time, because its not like someone like that would realize he was being a tool and just finish the story.

As far as reviews goes, as an Author I love them! I've said this before but I don't think people realize it: There is no point in taking the time out of my life to write a story if no one is going to give me their impressions. There is a reason you can leave reviews, it's not that hard to take ten seconds to write a sentence or two about your thoughts. You can write the best book on the planet but if no one recognizes it then what's the fucking point. People write so other people will read and we authors don't get anything out of the process if you don't review. If I can take the time between, school, work, and my social life to write down 10,000 words for a chapter at least say something. It's impossible to read all of that and not have a single thought whatsoever. I didn't think it was too much to ask for but apparently it is, you expect me to write chapter after chapter but you can't even review ?. The amount of human laziness never ceases to amaze me. Someone actually left me a review in Spanish once (which I can't read because I suck at foreign language, and I took french instead in school) so I copy and paste'd it into babel fish, turns out he made a very good point and I was glad he took the time to say something. I'm not going to lie, when it comes to updating stories I make an effort to update the ones that are most heavily reviewed.

I don't look at any other story stats other than reviews. Reviews to me show how popular a story is and how interested the fanbase is. If the fanbase is not reviewing, I assume they are not interested then there is no point In me forcing myself to update that story first. I have a lot of stories I need to finish and the ones that will undoubtedly get the most attention are the ones raking in the most reviews per chapter. I'm not going to bust my balls for a story that people are just indifferent to, and because I made the mistake of starting so many stories at once there will be some that will be updated once in a blue moon. I can only write when I have the proper inspiration and someones it's all focused in one spot. I've ran into times were I can right two-three chapters consequtively for one story yet can't finish half a chapter for another.

This isn't always easy people do suffer writers block from time to time, even when they know where they want the story to go. The point is if you guys take the time to write for your favorite story then I will do the same.


And no I'm not talking about Yaoi, I'm talking about all the idiots that take this manga too fucking seriously. I'm just going to start off by saying that I hate probably 90 percent of the Naruro fanbase. At this point I'm convinced that some of you out there don't realize that these are fictional characters we're talking about here. I don't know if it's a damn maturity issue we're talking about or are people's lives so dull that they get swept in the manga far enough to get emotionally attached to characters but it's just pathetic. I understand there are characters you like and there are some you don't, but you don't have to be retarded enough to take offense to everything that happens in a story. You can't say anything on this site without having some moron take it personally and come running to defend his/her favorite character. These people aren't fucking real, it doesn't matter. This is a site about fictional stories of fictional characters, if you come to this of your on free will and then are stupid enough to see something in a story and you believe you have to stand up for so-and-so then you're an idiot. I see the most with Kakashi and Sakura, some of their fans have common sense but the others are just retarded. I guess an issue comes up because people have a habit of taking characters they don't like and just randomly making them pure evil, for no real reason other than they don't like them. And of course the dumbfucks see this and start freaking out screaming "OMG kakashi would never do that!!" or "Sakura would never try to kill Naruto! Why the Hell would you say that !". It's bad enough people are still making over biased and thoughtless stories but then you now have people that are over sensitive about Character X and Y, because they're huge fanboys/girls and other people hate those characters. Not everyone has to like the same characters you do, get over it! I don't think anything annoys me more about Naruto than the fans themselves.

At this point I'm honestly starting to dislike characters out of spite because I hate their fans so much. Not everyone falls in line with what I say is a "fan" but by now you should realize what group of people I'm talking about. I think this most recently applies to Kakashi, because recently he's gotten a lot of screen time/development and at one point I was talking to other people about the chapters revolving him. I have always like Kakashi, he's always been entertaining enough and is one of, if not the most well rounded fighter in the series. His fights have always been really good besides the one with Pein, that one was really disappointing. Anyway like in august I predicted that Kakashi was going to die and I told my cousin this because he reads the manga as well. He's a huge Kakashi fan and like most huge fans he's quite delusional.

First off he didn't believe me, then he goes on to tell me Kakashi is in the top three of the strongest people in Naruto. I nearly shit myself laughing, every fan I know puts Kakashi on this ridiculous pedestal for no real reason and then they hyped him up to the point where they say he's somehow stronger than Jiraiya which just makes them sound even more moronic. But anyway I'm telling him Kakashi would barely make the top ten if he'd even be on there at all which technically he shouldn't considering there are four Kages besides the Hokage and I'm sure they are higher than just an exceptional jounin from Konoha. Not only that but we have Pein, Orochimaru, Madara, Jiraiya,Tsunade, Naruto, Sasuke, Itachi, Kisame, Gaara and this is just a quick list there's easily much more if you include the tailed beast as well. And Yes, for those of you that Forgot Kakashi had even stated himself that Naruto had surpassed him which he said right after Naruto learned about his Wind affinity.So Get fucking real people! Naruto has a pretty well defined power hierarchy there really shouldn't be any debates about who is stronger with characters that we've seen fight dozens of times. Kakashi is not some kind of god, he's just a high level jounin, nothing else. I'm on a forum seeing people's reaction and debating shit and just making more delusional comments about how powerful they think Kakashi is. Before the showdown with Kakashi and Pein, I'm seeing people claim Kakashi can just kill Pein by himself, all six fucking bodies and without the help of Naruto too.

I'm just staring at my computer wondering if this idiot is actually serious or not but then more people go on to say maybe not all of them but Kakashi will at least kill three or four because he's awesome or something equally as moronic reason. I think I was the only one that flat out said, "he's gonna get raped", this is Pein we're talking about not some regular missing nin but someone who tore Jiraiya apart. Everyone was like "Kakashi Lose a fight !? UMpOssible !!". It's like no one remember that Kakashi really hasn't won a fight this whole series. He get's fucked up every fight he's in, to the point where he's being hospitalized for weeks, and he's never by himself when it happens, he always has helped and still barely makes it out. I don't know if I'm reading a different manga then the rest of you but some of you out there need to realize that just because he's your favorite character doesn't mean he has no limits. He limits are heavily defined and his power can not be greater than people he couldn't defeat by himself, which include Itachi, Deidara, Kisame, Kazuku( that one Atkatsuiki guy), etc, etc.

I saw the same thing with Tsunade and I got into this argument with this one person because she(I'm assuming it's a girl, IDK why I just got that impression from the person) was making ludicrous claims that were just as bad as the Kakashi fans. First of all I like Tsunade as well, she's probably my favorite Kuniochi (I might have to replace her for the Raikage's secretary) but at the same time you have to realize the differences in her than in Orochimaru and Jiraiya. This girl was claiming that Tsunade could easily kill all the Pain bodies because "Everyone knows Jiraiya was the weakest of the Sannin", which is pretty much the exact opposite. Through the information given in the Manga no matter whether you like Jiraiya or not you have to place him as equally strong as Orochimaru or a close second. I would have said he was probably a close second but after seeing the fight with him and Pain I would say he's the strongest, simply because of Sage Mode. Orochimaru's only real strength is that he has ridiculous regeneration jutsu so he can always just instantly come back when he's killed, or loses limbs. Besides that Jiraiya's techniques are pretty beastly(that song Ma and Pa toad used has to be the strongest genjutsu technique ever.

The one Itachi uses can be broken but that one is unavoidable) and with the strength, speed, and chakra limit of Sage Mode I doubt Orochimaru would win. Also given the fact that Orochimaru just runs every time someone tries to fight him, I doubt hes the strongest in overall one on one combat. If he used the old Hokage's again he'd be pretty unstoppable but that's not something he could just whip out all the time. But more importantly Tsunade is not really a combat type, it's more than apparent.She's definitely strong and could probably easily take down lots of people but Pain is not one of them. His fighting style would just be too much for her. For some reason people think all three of them are Sages, that's not true. Only Jiraiya is a sage, there other two are nothing. Super strength or not, Tsunade would not win against Pain if Jiraiya couldn't even do it with Sage Mode and Ma and Pa toad, there's no way around it, it's just a fact. Of course this girl went on to say that Jiraiya's nothing but a stupid pervert and this and that and more complaints and it's obvious she just didn't like him and favored Tsunade but that doesn't change someone's power. It's the same with Sakura, they are the exact same type of fighter but Tsunade has Slug summons and more advance medical jutsu while Sakura has nothing. No one would claim Sakura to be stronger than Naruto so why say the same thing about Jiraiya.

I know people argue that that's not this same thing but it basically is. Team Seven is nothing more than an extension of Team Sarutobi(Orochimaru, Jiraiya, Tsunade). Kishimoto takes the time to show how Sasuke and Naruto are exactly like Orochimaru and Jiraiya were when they were on a team together and conveniently each person went to train with their respected older self's. Sakura went with Tsunade, Naruto went with Jiraiya, and Sasuke went with Orochimaru. These links weren't done absentmindedly yet people refuse to believe that this correlation holds any meaning beyond their fighting styles. Kishimoto is annoying enough to repeatedly put in lame shit like "This generation is going to exceed the present one" or a "new generation is coming" and all the shit that keeps showing up so people could at least acknowledge it.

The foreshadowing and symbolism is thick as fog yet people seem to be oblivious to it, but the only time I've ever seen someone dispute this is because they aren't a fan of the pairing. Which is why I always call most Naruto fan's delusion because no matter how obvious or intended something is, they will always see only what they want to see. If someone tells me something and there is evidence it's true I'm not going to argue unless my evidence is better/ more sound. I see people make arguments off of the most shallow things, just because they can't accept the truth. If there's no solid symbolic meaning or decent foreshadowing for something, you can't make a good point for it. Naruto is so easy to predict that all arguments for anything can be made off information plainly given in the manga, if it's not blantly there then there's nothing to aruge. I've gotten off topic so I'm just to leave it here.

...I'll finish this section later, I have more annoyances that I would be delighted to rant on about later so I'll save the rest for another day.

A Rant About Pairings:

Like I've said, at this point I've done all the pairings I care to do and I have a reasons for stopping now. First of all, if you're going to do things strictly from Cannon then you have to realize that not all pairings work. It's just that simple, if you look at the personalities of the girls in Naruto and place them together with a completely cannon Naruto, they won't always compliment each other. Not only that but there are some girls that I simply don't like or I think the pairing is ridiculous. I really don't like Tenten, I hate how she looks and she's another character that was just made to fill in space, and I don't care for any of the movie girls. I haven't seen any of the movies but I always have people asking me to include X in whichever harem story of mine they are reading so I googled the name and I'm not impressed. But besides that I'm okay with any secondary pairing as long as it's not Sasuke and Sakura, I will under no circumstance read anything with a Sasuke x Sakura in it.

In all honesty I'm not much of a fan for Sakura but at the same time I'd rather have her killed than let Sasuke have her. I dislike Sasuke for the obvious reasons but I realize he has a point in the manga I just don't appreciate how he gets away with such ridiculous feats all the time and never get's put in his place. I hate people that argue that Sasuke X Sakura is cannon, I know people are entitled to their own opinions but theres a difference in having an opinion and being ignorant to foreshadowing and implied pairings. There is no reason to believe these two will every be together and the only argument I've ever seen is that "Sasuke and Sakura are true love" and some other delusion bullshit like that from fangirls. Here's the problem with that statement, first of all they were like twelve at the time so I really doubt either of them know the meaning of love.

Secondly to claim something is "true love" implies that both people actually have feelings for one another, Sasuke has more feelings for Naruto than sakura. He complained about her and was irritated with her the entire first half of the series and on top of that Sakura was begging him to go out with her the entire time. If he actual cared he would have just said yes instead of telling her to fuck off. And Lastly since having a crush on someone qualifies as "true love" and that is the only requirement for choosing pairings than Sasuke would have a harem with every girl in Konoha because apparently they were all his "true loves" due to fan girl crushes. And on top of that every past the time skip has been hinting at a Naruto x Sakura pairing, there have been three or four times where they have brought up Sakura's feelings for Naruto and all that garbage so unless Sakura pulls another 180 soon Sasuke doesn't have a chance. Even after she ran into Sasuke for the first time in about three years we didn't see anything more than her trying to bring back a teammate, no fantasy, no confession, no nothing. Even afterward we got no implication that Sasuke was still on her mind in the romantic sense.

Then there's the fact that Sakura is a very typical re-occurring character in mangas as far as romance goes. I can't even count the number of different stories I've read were the exact same archetype is used for the main romance interest. At this point I thought it was a widely accepted pattern that this type of character will end up with the protagonist in the end. It always happens yet people never expect if for some reason. I know people will try to argue that just because it happens alot doesn't mean it will happen in Naruto. Which is true but Naruto is definitely a typical manga, character-wise. All the characters fall in line with heavily used archetypes and that's not necessarily a bad thing but they tend to follow the structure to a tee. Which is why you can so easily compare characters from Naruto to other mangas, just as an example you can use Dragon Ball. I've seen people make this reference before and whether you agree or not you can't deny that you can effortlessly liken characters from one to the other. The easiest ones are goku, crillen, vegeta, piccollo,and master roshi, there are probably more but the main ones are the only ones that matter.

So despite me not really caring much for Sakura I accept that she will be the cannon bride or whatever you want to refer to it as. In my opinion she has not paid for the sins of treating Naruto like trash when Sasuke was around so I'd much rather her remain by herself for the rest of her life. I feel bad for Hinata because she's the only one not obsessed with Sasuke and she actually liked Naruto before he started getting strong, but I feel like the chemistry between the two would be bad. The problem is that their personalities don't match up quite right, both because Naruto is too much of an idiot and Hinata is too passive and undefined. One of the reasons that Sakura and Naruto have such good chemistry is because they balance each other out. I think thats the point people don't really understand, balancing each other out has to work both ways. In Naruto's and Sakura's case Sakura is the level-headed one with the brains and the knowledge that's calm and collective while Naruto is the loud rash and hotheaded one with the power. We've seen it in the manga a few times post time-skip where they fight together. But in social situations they seem to carry the same roles, Naruto is over energetic and focus but is in idiot while Sakura is carefully thinking things through but using Naruto to keep them both motivated.

So they need each other to work at their best, this however doesn't seem to happen with anyone else in particular. When it comes to Hinata she doesn't bring anything to the table, she's simply just standing their. So although she could become more assertive and better at voicing her opinion what will that help Naruto with? Sakura almost ends up policing Naruto because he never thinks anything through, Hinata could take the same position but it's not her personality. She wouldn't be the one to yell and reprimand anyone, especially Naruto. Unfortunately Naruto's character is designed so that his lack of intelligence usually requires him to have additional aid. We haven't seen any real fights from post time-skip were Naruto is alone, there's always someone helping him examine things and make decisions. Ino could work decently with him because she's bossy and has some common sense unlike Naruto, but someone that isn't really aggressive won't be able to balance him out. Let's face it Naruto isn't going to learn how to be quiet and calm from hanging out with Hinata so the only thing that would happen is either her attempting to mimic him or Hinata just staying in his shadow.

You'd have to change one of their personalities heavily to make it work out right, which isn't a problem for a Fic but it's pretty much guaranteed to never be cannon. The only way I see it happening in cannon is if Naruto finally matures enough so that he's not a little kid anymore and Hinata actually gets some meaningful screen time. Neither of which I see happening since we're already 434 chapters deep and neither character has developed much since they were kids. Under most circumstances certain characters just won't match up with Naruto and that's something I want people to understand.Whenever a girl is paired up with Naruto in a story everything is all magical and nothing goes wrong with is dumb. Since I doubt no one has made it through this much rampant text I'll just say that I plan on bringing that idea to people through one or two of my stories. So despite feelings and what characters do there will be a relationship that just won't work because of the couple butting heads, and or course things will end in ruin. And this will be a main pairing so I know everyone will be shocked and confused and all of that nonsense. Basically not ever relationship works out like a fairy tale and I think Fics should reflect that as well. Maybe I'm taking this too seriously but stories shouldn't become uniform and boring. I once had someone leave me a review telling me I tried too hard, but I don't think everyone else tries hard enough.

But to get back on topic, when it comes to Fic I like a Naruto x Ino pairing because whenever it's Sakura or Hinata the author is a huge fan and just makes things too unrealistic. I hate when people allow personal bias to affect a story and that's almost always the case which is why I started reading alternate pairings such as Tsunade and Anko. Older women seem to work well with Naruto mostly because they take the dominate role over him which is sometimes needed.

Beyond that there is a much simply reason I believe the Naruto x Sakura pairing is undoubtable the cannon ending. Team Seven is nothing more than an extension of Team Sarutobi(Orochimaru, Jiraiya, Tsunade). Kishimoto takes the time to show how Sasuke and Naruto are exactly like Orochimaru and Jiraiya were when they were on a team together and conveniently each person went to train with their respected older self's. Sakura went with Tsunade, Naruto went with Jiraiya, and Sasuke went with Orochimaru. These links weren't done absentmindedly yet people refuse to believe that this correlation holds any meaning beyond their fighting styles. Kishimoto is annoying enough to repeatedly put in lame shit like "This generation is going to exceed the present one" or a "new generation is coming" and all the shit that keeps showing up so people could at least acknowledge it.

The point is Naruto's generation is going to strive forward and not make the mistakes of the last one while exceeding them in overall success. This is seen most visible in clan and village relations caused by Naruto. Which plays in with the every so annoying "bond" theme that Kishimoto is trying to drill into our heads. Now if you look at that from the standpoint of Team 7 and their mentors you can make some more connections. That being that team 7 will become stronger than their mentors while learning from their mistakes. Jiraiya's biggest mistake was letting Orochimaru go, and not being able to save him. Orochimaru's mistake was dedicating his entire life to the pursuit of power/revenge (For those of you that don't pay attention, Orochimaru blamed Konoha for the death of his parents) and Tsunade chased after love but wasn't strong enough to protect the person she cherished most. So Naruto will stop Sasuke, Sasuke will stop being an arrogant cocksucker and Sakura will (hopefully) not be useless and protect her love, which will be Naruto. Everyone thinks there are feelings between Jiraiya and Tsunade so I see it as additional foreshadowing to Naruto's and Sakura's relationship. Not only because their personalities are the same but because that's just how this manga is. The main girl always ends up with the main guy. When it comes to manga romance, whoever has the most screen time wins, that's just how it is.

Many people have made this argument because it's so damn obvious but then I see Hinata fans saying just because they are on the same team doesn't mean they will end up together or they say that there is no link between team seven and their mentors. I only facepalm at moments like this, if you want to despute something that's fine but you're going to need some solid reasoning either symbolic or physical otherwise I'm just going to mentally label you as an idiot and ignore you. Saying Hinata is the only one that truly loves Naruto doesn't count for a reason. Why? Because Love is a two sided road, as people like to say. Unless Naruto can somehow match up to Hinata's feelings it's not going to happen. And for that to even be possible he would have to spend more time with her, which means, more screen time(that puts that in grim perspective if you've seen how much we've seen her so far). Beyond the whole thing of spending time with Naruto, Hinata is the shy/stalker archetype. We've seen it before and please someone tell me, name a manga were the shy almost obsessed character ends up with the lead male when there are multiple love interest.

The only time I've ever seen it happen is when the main guy didn't have any real love-interest and just wanted anything you could get which cheapened the story a little but it was a decent manga. The whole presence of a lone love interest of the protagonist hurts Hinata's chances so badly. The Tsundere archetype always wins, without fail. Unfortunately for a lot of people Sakura is pretty much the Tsundere archetype for this manga. For any of you that doubt me just looked at the chapter where Naruto first get's back from his training with Jiraiya(the first episode of shippuden), need I say more? This archetype is simply too dominate in most romance manga's and I've yet it so it fail especailly when the main character has liked this girl from the start. I just don't think Kishi is original enough to go in the complete opposite direction, especially after giving these characters the roles they have now. It's like he purposely set up for this to happen so if it fails, he either changed his mind mid-series or wanted to confuse people which doesn't seem likely considering how predictable everything else can be.

Knowing this it's a bit sad because if you read other manga you can identify the same character archetypes but once you do you realize which characters don't stand a chance at getting the guy they want. Let's take Rosario+ Vampire for instance, I love Mizore, but unfortunately she's the exact same type of character as Hinata and is massively overshadowed by Moka the same way Hinata is over shadowed by Sakura. I'm going to be realistic and admit defeat because there is no way Tsukune will abandon his precious Moka(whom he has been lusting for since the first chapter) for Mizore who has shown him a lot of affection but he was not romantically interested in her in any way. The Arc with her hometown was cool because I like her mom and the screen time wasn't bad but I'm not an idiot. I'm not going to think "OMG they are together in a really good situation so Mizore will definitely get Aono!". I guarantee a lot of people were getting over-excited about that but those are the people that let hope or favoritism blind them to the obvious. If any pairing is going to come out of that series it's going to be Moka (the main lead girl who the main guy has always been in love with). I don't know why people think any girl can randomly appear with the main guy, theres always a pattern to these things, wake up people! Manga just like movies and books follow the same type of patterns and it's sad that a lot of people are too stupid or simply just don't pay enough attention to realize these reoccuring events.

A Rant about Yaoi/Yuri:

People need to stop fucking complaining about Yaoi! End of story. I'm tired of saying dumb shit like "death to all yaoi" or "Kill all yaoi fangirls" or something along those lines. I feel like the maturity of the Naruto fanbase just lowers every single day. Seriously are all you guys fucking twelve or something or is everyone just intolerant and small minded ? Heres why I say this, almost everyone guy is in favor of Yuri (myself included) so what right do we have to be mad at the girls for writing Yaoi? Honestly what sense does that make ? I've seen a few guys say they aren't a fan of Yuri but the majority is into it so what gives us the right to write Yuri and the Girls no right to write Yaoi? It's simply being stupid and unless we are going to stop Sakura on Ino cunt licking then Sasuke on Naruto butt pounding is just going to continue. I don't like it either but no one is forcing you to read it so why does it even matter. There is freedom of speech and that includes writing, leave Yaoi/Yuri enthusiast alone they have every right to express themselves. People say that most Yaoi is mindless smut but then so is most Yuri. Just for shits and giggles I searched Naru x Sasuke and most of the summaries were "Naruto and Sasuke work at an ice cream shop, Naruto spills cream on himself and ask Sasuke to help lick it off" or "Sasuke got his cock biten by a snake, now Naruto has to help him by sucking out the posion", basically near retarded plots in weird situations but Yuri does the same shit. I hate discrimination and double standards on any level so this is why I'm fucking pissed because no one seems to have the decency to let these people be.

I've got much more to say in general but I'll have to do it later, ranting is therapeutic so I have no choice but to continue LoL.

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