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Hi! I'm stay at home mom and wife in my 20s. I wish I had the talent to write fanfic but unfortunately creative writing is not my strong suit. So instead I read other people's wonderful fanfic. Right now I primarily read The Office, The Closer, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer/Angel, Eureka, Scrubs, Harry Potter and The X-Files fanfic. You can also find me on LiveJournal. Seeing how I have so many favorites you can check them out at del.ic.ious.

My husband got me hook on The Office in late 2007. At first I wasn't interested in it because I wasn't a big fan of Steve Carell, but after watching a few episodes on TBS I was hook. I'm more of a fan than my husband now. My favorite paring is Jim/Pam (of course). I don't like to read Pam/Roy or Jim/Karen unless Jim & Pam end up together at the end. While I have liked most of the episodes I have to say that seasons 3 and 5 were the hardest to watch. Season 3 obviously because Jim was with Karen and Pam was with Roy. Plus they both just seemed so sad. Season 5 was just brutal. I really just didn't like the writing at all. Hopefully they will do better with season 6. I read most of my Office fanfic at More Than That (MTT).

I started watching The Closer when it first debuted. It is definitely one of my top 5 favorite shows. I love the interaction between Brenda and Fritz. They make a cute couple. I'm so happy to see that they have finally gotten married. I'm so glad that Duff decided not to do that whole 'will they, won't they' thing that most shows do. I can't wait to see what becomes of the whole kid situation. I would love to see them adopt children seeing how her diagnosed with POS would make it difficult for her to conceive children naturally. I read most of my Closer fanfic at the Closer Forum.

I have been a fan of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation since the beginning. I stopped watching the show during Season 8. They just started to make so many cast changes (Sara leaving, Warrick dies, and then Grissom leaving) and it just wasn't the same any more. I'm a fan of any fic that is Nick centric. I don't like to read Nick/Sara or Nick/Greg instead I prefer Nick/OC or Nick/Mandy.

In January 2009 I started reading Buffy: The Vampire Slayer/Angel fanfic. I stick to Buffy-centric fanfic. I'm pro-Buffy so I don't like to read stories where the writer makes Buffy to be super bhy, very selfish, and stupid. I just don't think that is who she is has a person. I have been sticking to two ships Buffy/Angel and Buffy/Giles. I absolutely hate Buffy/Spike & Angel/Cordelia. I guess I feel like if Buffy was going to end up with anybody it would have been Giles or Angel.

I really like to read AR/AU fics set in Season 6. I really feel like Joss took the show in a terrible direction at that point and really beat Buffy down. I also don't like who he turned the Scoobies (Giles, Xander, Willow) into during the last two seasons. So any story that puts them in their place during that time is good with me. I also pretty much ignore the Season 8 comics. They just don't seem to be in sync with the TV show.

Around May 2009 I really started to get hooked on BtVS Crossover fics. I have spent a lot of free time reading fics on Twisting the Hellmouth. There are several TV shows and Movies that I like to see with the Buffyverse.
CSI:LV (Buffy/Nick Stokes)
Firefly/Serenity (Buffy/Mal, Buffy/Jayne)
X-Men (Buffy/Wolverine)
Charmed (Buffy/Leo)
Harry Potter (Buffy/Remus)
Lord of the Rings (Buffy/Legolas)
Stargate SG-1 (Buffy/Jack, Buffy/Daniel, Buffy/Teal'c)
The X-Files

In late 2009 I started to watch Eureka with my husband. I have gone back and watch all of season 1 and 3. I haven't gone back and watch season 2 yet mainly because I'm a die hard Jack/Allison fan. I just can't stand to see Allison with Nathan. I just keep waiting to see if they make Jack remember everything from the alternative reality (wouldn't that make a get twist).

In January 2010 I started to read Scrubs fanfic. I had been a fan of the show from the beginning. It was nice to see a medical show that was a comedy. Although I really didn't like how the show changed after Kim became pregnant. I stopped watching the show after J.D. left because Scrubs just isn't the same without him there. I like to read angsty J.D.-centric fanfic. We never got to see much angst on the show so I get it thru fanfic. The two parings that I really stick too are J.D./Cox and J.D./Elliot.

In mid 2010 I started to get into Harry Potter fanfic. I have never read the book but I'm a fan of the movies. When it comes to HP fanfic I don't mind reading some of cliche fics for instance I like to read Manipulative!Dumbledore, Powerful!Harry, Independent!Harry, Bashing!Ron, Abused!Harry, Magical!Trunks & Manipulative!Weasley (usually limited to Molly, Ron, & Ginny). When it comes to pairings I tend to read mostly Harry-centric (no pairing), Harry/Hermione, Harry/OFC, or Remus/Sirius. I will almost read any Harry/Female Character as long as it is not Ginny. I guess when I look at the relationship between the Weasleys and Harry I see things one of two ways. Either they were on orders to make friends with Harry (which is the way I lean the most) or he saw them like the family he never had. Then there is the weird way that Ginny looks so much like his mother and Harry like his father in the movies that totally turns me off of the pairing. Plus how they discuss using love in the book and all of a sudden Harry has feelings for Ginny even though they really don't know each other that well.

Last but not least is The X-Files. The first fanfic that was read was an X-files story. I'm a big Mulder/Scully shipper. I have watched all 9 season of the TV show plus both movies. I wasn't to big of a fan of the show after Mulder was abducted. They just change the whole dynamic of the show. It just didn't feel right without Mulder and Scully together. I don't read a lot of X-files fanfic any more but I still always on the look out o something interesting. I end up reading most of my X-Files fanfic at Ephemeral or The Gossamer Project.

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