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Author has written 2 stories for Avatar: Last Airbender.

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July 31st, 2009. I don't know if anyone still checks this or anything, but I've decided to take up some of my leisure time and edit what Heflo's written. You know, remove the typos, redo some sentence structure. I've also joined the working class. I now know what it's like to work in a fine dining restaurant, so I'm going to be improving some aspects of A Disaster in the Making with some personal experience. One of Heflo's stories will be continued by a close friend of ours, Eralynn Marie. She's a bit rough around the edges, but she's a sweetie. -Izzy

April 3rd, 2009. This account is no longer managed or used by heflo. She is retired, and izzi may or may not continue to use this account.

A Disaster In The Making Q&As

Q: Does Zuko have a scar?
A: No, he does not. Not on his face, anyway.

Q: How old is everybody?
A: Aang- 22. Toph- 22. Katara- 24. Sokka- 25. Suki- 25. Zuko-26. Iroh- ...old?

Q: Are Suki and Sokka married?
A: If you keep reading - and stop skim reading - you'll know the answer.

Q: Will there be a charater death?
A: You bet. No fun without one, right?

Q: (Review from Chapter 8) What happened to Katara's job?
A: Well, if something like that happened to me, I'd want to take a small break from work, too, don't you think?

Q: (Review from Chapter nine) Is Jet the person Zuko has mentioned in his conversation with Katara about his past?
A: Yeah. I'll get around to actually writing that later.

There's Always Something Q&As-

Q: (Review from chapter 14) Will there be character death?
A: Not that I have planned. I'm sorta tired of gore and saddness. Maybe a minor on if the occasion arrives... But there probably won't be.

Q: (review from chapter 14) Why is the story called "There's Always Something?"
A: Oh, that brings up a good memory. I couldn't think of a title, and the first thing that popped up out of my head was : "...Damn. There's always somthing like this that happens. Maybe I should have picked out a title before I wrote the first ten chapters? I don't know why it happens but - Ahah! Yay! Title! I've got a title! YES! SCORE! Beat that Writer's Block! Beat that!" ~heflo

Storys written:

A Disaster In The Making: Discontinued - collab
- Story Banner by Izzy

There's Always Something: Discontinued

Everyday life with Zuko, my new roommate: Discontinued


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Zutara: A Disaster In The Making reviews
What happens when you find the one you love? That's what both Zuko and Katara have found in each other. They'll do anything to reunite after they're seperated. Even if it means facing death itself. Major twists and plot bunnies, so enjoy! Modern Zutara AU
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