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I DID HAVE A STORY UP (anything just please) It has been DELETED for BREAKING GUIDLINES, I apologise to for that. Didn't realise. It is however, UP ON MIBBA AND LIVEJOUNRAL!, so if you STILL WANT TO READ it, then LET ME KNOW, I'll give you a link, XD. Hope you guys still hang about, :) Much

I'm a writer, and I do have a fictionpress account as well as this, what respectable internet writer doesn't these days? If you want to find me on fictionpress, well, maybe if you ask, I'll give you the pen-name. I also have an LJ, and Xanga, and Myspace and Facebook and obviously MSN. Ask if you like, and well, we'll see.

Am I intending to write on here? Yes there was a reason I got this damned account - to write fanfics about, well, whatever I want really.

My pen-name might suggest I am a fan of Gerard Way, and I am strangely enough. My Chemical Romance are an incredible and talented band, who not only produce emotive, truthful and sincere songs, also rock the world while they're doing it. I am a huge fan and believe wholeheartedly in the majority of the views the band profess to have, especially the one regarding homophobia - there's no need for it, and I agree with them totally on that.

So, if you cared to know...

I LOVE : music, laughing, sleeping, writing, reading, daydreaming, Kerrang!, Rocksound, MCR, Gerard, Mikey, Frankie, Ray, Bob, slash, movies, gigs, singing, hanging out with friends, quadbiking, driving, playstation, x-box, ps2/3, books, converse, fanfiction, guys with emo fringes - hot, skinny jeans, Frerard, Frikey, Waycest, hoodies, vans, posters, singstar, guitarists, drummers, NME, my i-pod, fluffy socks, widescreen tvs, dancing in the kitchen, the smell of coffee, popcorn, salt and vinegar crisps, my best friend, my godson, my family.

I HATE: homophobes, mushrooms, pink stuff, bullies, people who can't accept that not everyone has the same opinion and try to force their own opinion on other people - so annoying, various individuals who I won't mention by name, those twatty siblings off the X-Factor, when I lose the TV remote, when sky won't work, Leona Lewis, when my phone runs out of battery, when my i-pod freezes, when I get outbid for something on e-bay, being too hot, being sunburnt, when MCR only play in the fucking USA.

If you have any possible want to talk to me, then message me. I doubt you will however.

Now for the pointless crap you can scroll through if you want...

I've pushed a door that said pull, and made a tremendous fool of myself by doing so.
I snigger to myself at the kids grumbling about the new shoes they can't afford and slink off to buy my coffee and Kerrang.
I have a small breakdown and turn the volume to full on the TV when one of MCR's videos are playing on Scuzz or Kerrang, then lip sync to every word and have a little air-guitar, air-drumming session.
I treasure the bruises caused by moshing at gigs.
I just turn my i-Pod up louder when annoying twits make comments about my music in a nasty manner, then they shut-up, or maybe I just can't hear them.
I live in my hoodies and cargos/skinny jeans.
I can quote far too much of Life On The Murder Scene than is sensible ("easy peasy pumpkin squeezy pumpkin pie motherfuckers" lol, "what happened was, I ran off the sidewalk and into the bushes and I was like whoaaa and I killed, like, so many plants" )

I think I'm done for now... so bye, I guess.

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