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Hello all, Ewol here.

I'm an avid writer and published author. It was my privilege to work for Ubisoft in 2011, as a collaborative writer for the Assassin's Creed Encyclopaedia project. The fan fiction I write here is as important to me as any original work. Some stories leave me before they have reached their end. But I strive to finish what I begin, and I believe that every tale deserves commitment and dedication. I hope you enjoy the reads I have to offer.

Guild Wars 2: The future of Tyria is here, and it is awesome! If you like the story, I'd love to meet you in world. Skyler (Rakiv's player) and I are based on the Anvil Rock server, but can usually be found on the Tarnished Coast server. Find us at Ewol Navi.3750 and Combat Toster.6514. We'd love to talk to you and hey, if you're interested in roleplaying we're almost always in character and we've even started a new guild. Come and find out how the descendants of Dormant Vengeance are doing in Guild Wars 2! We'd love to have you as part of our new story.

Author's Note: Hello again true believers, and welcome to an update.

So after spending my summer getting married to Skyler (yes, in the real world ya'll) and having a wonderful honeymoon... I am back!

The tale goes on my friends, for the story must be told. I'm happy to say that I've actually got a lot of new content already written and am ahead of myself for once. I've just uploaded Ch 37 on 9/16/13 and will be uploading Ch 38 a week from now. I've also got Ch 39 done too and it's in final review before posting. After a swanky interlude filled with intruige and drama, war has finally come to Vabbi. Stay tuned to see how things develop on the front lines, and to see if I can pull off covering all the main missions (so many split missions to deal with now! X.x).

So enjoy the new chapters. I hope the wait was worth it and I don't think you'll be disappointed. Oh, and as always, to readers both new and old... thanks for reading!

Also my personal pick for the theme music of the Princes of Vabbi. Thomas Bergersen's Merchant Prince, which can be heard here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgSCNS851Rg

Chapter 37: Uploaded; enjoy!
Chapter 38: Complete
Chapter 39: Finished; proof reading
Chapter 40: In progress...

Photo Album:
So this hasn't been updated in awhile. When I've got a minute I'll go through and add some more of our old pictures.
Dormant Vengeance Photo Album - Updated 5/1/2011; new pics of Anorah and the Apprentice of Whispers!
Have fun!

Chapter 35: Uploaded, enjoy!

Guild Wars: Vengeance
I began this story four years ago, and it's hard to believe it's been that long. It started as an attempt to do something with my writing, to tell a grand and sprawling epic in my own words, as well as pay homage to my all-time favorite MMORPG. Over the years it became an opportunity for me to refine my writing style and gain the practice I so desperately needed. And while I still have a lot to iron out, I intend to make this as thoroughly enjoyable a read as I can. By the time I'm finished, I hope to have perfected my talents and walk away satisfied and prepared to tell my own original stories. But for now, I am honored to be able to novelize this great game. I believe it is a gift to be able to tell a story, and it is an honor every time someone new picks up the tale and gives it a read. I hope that you enjoy the way I tell this tale, because for me it is a privilege to tell.

This is a novelization of the game Guild Wars Nightfall. It includes many of the original characters that my wife and I created when we played through (multiple times I might add) and seeks to create a fluid narrative through the games many epic events.

For those who are interested, I have included basic bios of our main (original) characters.

Rakiv Maelstrom: The heroine of our story. Rakiv is a young archer with a troubled past and a secret to keep. She is often brusque, and carries a "devil may care" attitude, but her tenacity and bravery have made her a legend in the Battle Isles. Kormir is one of her oldest friends, and she returns to Istan at the Spearmarshal's request. Her primary profession is as a Ranger, and her secondary is a Dervish. Though preferring to work alone, she is never seen far from her close crocodile companion, Butter. (created by Skyler)

Kydar Raelesin: Main hero and co-star of GWV. Kydar is a member and representative of the mages' guild known as The Academy, a world wide organization responsible for the training of many Elementalists, Mesmers and Necromancers. He is a well educated scholar, and a capable scribe. Though he has come to Istan to document the excavations led by Kormir, his real purpose remains untold. His primary profession is an Elementalist, and as a secondary he is a very capable Mesmer. (created by Me )

Alendra Soleer: A peppy, upbeat and cheerful Istani, Alendra is the youngest of Kormir's commanding officers. As a First Officer Sunspear Castellan, Alendra works as one of Kormir's cheif tacticians, working closely with Dunkoro in planning the Sunspear's defenses of the island of Istan. Her first profession is as a motivation based Paragon, doubling as a Monk with her secondary. (created by Jakob Navil (Me too))

Anicara Nyrin: A Sunspear Commander Second Class in the Spearmarshal's forces, Anicara is a talented young woman who undertakes various missions as an agent of the Spearmarshal. Though cheerful and undeniably cute, Anicara's care-free exterior hides a dark past and nameless pain. She too is an Elementalist, and compliments her mastery of ice with a Necromancer secondary profession. (created by Skyler)

Anorah Basilisk: A young acolyte serving in the Zaishen Order, Anorah is a strong and silent woman. Her faith in the gods, particularly Balthazar, is nothing short of fanatical and she has dedicated her life to the war god's service. Though she says very little and appears cool headed, she is in fact a passionate woman hoping that her service to the gods will grant her absolution. She is the sole Dervish in the order, a profession she backs with a Necromancer secondary. (created by Dani Fisher (also Me! love my pseudonyms xD))

Apprentice of Whispers: Beautiful and statuesque, the Apprentice is a woman of elegance, grace, and terrible secrets. Much like the Order she serves, her true identity is shrouded in mystery. If her hints are to be believed, she seems to know far more than she is letting on, and indeed may have knowledge that is superior to the Order itself. What is known is that she is a powerful Necromancer, and that she reads the hearts and minds of men with her skills as a Mesmer. (created by Skyler)

More to come as new characters are introduced!

On The First Law:
Originally written for a Blizzard writing contest, the First Law is a story that takes place in the Starcraft universe, during the events of Starcaft: Brood Wars. When I chose this setting and period, I knew that I wanted to do something different. I wanted an unlikely protagonist, perhaps a portion of the Starcraft universe that is often present and just as often overlooked. When I settled on a tale about an Adjutant, I knew I was onto something. 22-04 was a unique character for me. Limited, bound and yet still determined, she strives to achieve her goals while obeying Azimov's theories about the laws of robotics. Her co-star, Savannah Weiss was a pleasure to write as well, and I have often considered further short stories concerning her.

At present, this story stands as one of the few pieces I have written of which I am truly proud. At times I wonder how I did it, and at others I obssess over capturing it's quality and reproducing it in my other tales. But most of all, I hope that you, dear reader, find it enthralling and entertaining. And to all who pick up this story I say to you, sincerely... thanks for reading.

On Breath of Fire 2: The Rise of St. Eva
I loved Breath of Fire 2. Played it a couple times through when my brother bought it for GameBoy Advance. Despite the old graphics and battle system, the story sucked me in and the game play reminded me of what a proper RPG used to be like. My passion was so great that I began writing about it. The story you see below is old. Real old. Five or six years at least. Reading through it now I can only chuckle as I realize how much work it needs. Nonetheless it was an experiment for me. I'd always been a verbal story teller, and this was my first experience with writing a story down. It was a learning experience, figuring out dialogue, characterization, narration, and several mechanics of sentence structure and punctuation. I'd like to think I've come a long way since then... when it comes to my formal writing and story telling anyway. Despite it's rough nature, I figured that since I was never going to do anything with the story I might as well post it up and let other people read it. Who knows, maybe someone would find it to actually be entertaining.

At any rate, it's an early work but I still like it and wish I had time to finish it. This will likely never happen so I'm afraid I've tormented my readers with only the intro to what would have eventually been a rather long adventure. Nonetheless I hope you enjoy it for what it is, flaws and all.

Thanks for reading,

Ewol Navi

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