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Olaa Chicaaaaasss(L)!

My name is hanna:O but you already knew: who wouldn't.

i livee in The Netherlandss:O and i am still in my young days(L)! long live high school daysXD!!

OMGOSH it is been a while since i updated thiiss:O, sooorryyy(L)!

anyways thnks for reading and reviewing my stuuff and srrryy foorr all the mistakes made in the stories:O my english isn't that well for stories:O

* just some info about me: i Totally ADORE the colourr pink:O and i can't live without my cellphone and ipod:O.

my fave things to do aree: danciiiiinngg(8) *shake shake*!!, going out, drawing, making photos( i make photos of every momentXD)

i totallllyy HATE: people who aren't themselves, maths, teachers, school, detentionXD, and other stupid stuuff:O

and i LOVELOVELOVE all the people aroundd me(L)! love for my sweetiess(L)!

fave artists: Vanessa hudgens, Brick&Lace, selena Gomez. drake, lil wayne, girlicious, jason derulo, iyaz & many More. I love hiphop, rock, dance, house, R&B, just something to dance on(L)!

my fave song right now is: fairytale by jason derulo (there is no happy ending, i understNd the lyrics now)

this is my fave songs for the moment-> mohombi- dirty situation, Far East Movement- LIKE A G6(LL)! & usher - DJ got us falling in love again (L)!

My fave movies are: Twilight movies (all 3!), The unborn, Bee movie, AND FINDING NEMO:o DORY IS SOOOO CUTEE, my teacher says i am like herXD.

he was telling something and i forgot what he said. he ws like you know i watched a movie withmy kids last night. finding nemo.

i was like i know that movieXD! then he said you remind me a lot of that blue fish i think it was dory.

i looked confused at my friend next to me, he shrugged his shoulders like 'i have no idea why he said that'

i asked him why? e was like that fish is so stupid, it forgets everything 10 seconds later...

i was like i know so cute... and then WAIT YOUR CALLING ME STUPIDXD

my attidute: i am realllyyy carefree, i like making friends, i can be a little bitchy sometimes but i am really crazyXD. i don't care what people think of me:O no one should care what people say cuz if you and the people around you are happy than whats the point worrying about things that don't care right(A)!

Nat King Cole
The greatest thing you ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.

Love is indeed something that makes us human, you can't live without loving and being loved in return(L)!

when your heart is broken you should see this as another step closer to finding your soul mate...

don't hesitate to live your life... life is to short to life in fear for each step you make...

take me for exampleXD i am living my life without any fear and it feels great!

I loveee manga's with romance in it and mostly the reverse harem manga's.

my fave are:

- full house kiss

- honggane

- rockin heaven

- code breaker ( it is not a harem manga but still i find the story interesting)

- koizora (s0 sadd but still a nice storyline)

- five

- V.B. rose

- ouran high school host club

- black bird

- forbidden kiss

- kyou, koi wo hajimemasu

- Love SOS

- B.O.D.Y

- shiawase kissa sanchoume

- petit four

- honey bitter

- yoru cafe

- fun fun factory

if you know any manga's with these genre's or have the same stroyline as these above please tell me:$

i also loveee Japanese, Korean, taiwanese, and chinese drama's.

my Fave are:

- hotshot

- brown sugar macchiato

- Atashinchi no danshii

- koizora

- hana kimi

- hana yori dango

- let's watch meteor shower

- bull fighting

- godfather in pink

and you may not believe it(well my friends still don't believe it), but i am a HUGE fan of horror movies!

i really like watching them, but i am not scared it is jut that horror movies have their own fun, i also like normal movies.

my fave are:

- PHOBIA 1&2 (asian)

- The haunted house on the hills

- haunting in conneticut

- drag me to hell

- shutter (asian version, the american one was not scary)

- one missed call (Asian)

- a tale of two sisters(asian)

- death bell (asian)

- quarantine (this movie was great!)

- forget me not (those boys were so hot(L)!)

- the mirrors 2 (me and my friend are fan of this movie(L)!)

i allso like girlie movies:

- the last song

- wild child

- sisterhood of the travelling pants 1&2

- starstruck

- camp rock 1&2

- sex and the city 1&2

and of course i am a fan of dance movies:

- dirty dancing

- save the last dance

- center stage: turn it up

- bring it on series

- the way she moves

- step up 1&2

- street dance 3D

- turn the beat around (wth jason derulo people!)

in my fave story: just a mission( gakuen alice), i also used my own characters:

Aimi miyazono: 15 years.

Alice: Rapid Cellular Regeneration, she can heal herself in fact she can’t die. Mind reading means she can read other peoples thoughts.

Appearance: shoulder length blond layered hair. Blue eyes. Slim body.

Aya haruno: 15 years.

Alice: liquefaction, she can turn anything or anyone in liquid. Teleportation means she can teleport anywhere anytime.

Appearance: wavy knee length Green hair. Yellow/ goldenish eyes. Slim body.

Minami aiko: 15 years.

Alice: superhuman strength, this Alice makes you stronger than normal. Premotions, means she can see the future as the past.

Appearance: pink shoulder length hair with red streaks. Slim body.

Yuki mihara: 16 years.

Alice: mind controlling, means he can control other people’s minds. Barrier means he can make barriers around himself to protect him and others.

Appearance: dark blue hair. Black eyes. Well build body.

Ryuu namikaze: 16 years.

Alice: electricity means he can control electricity. Speed, means he is abnormal fast.

Appearance: red messy hair and green eyes. Well build body.

Kai yamato16 years.

Alice: shadow manipulation, mean he can control the shadows of humans, things ect. Telekinesis, means he can make human, things ect. Move by just using his hand or his eyes.

Appearance: silvery hair. Light green eyes. Well build body.

--> my stories so far, all gakuen alice:

Legendary alices :

mikan, natsume, ruka, hotaru, koko, sumire, anna, nonoko, yuu and mochu were living a perfect life. all changed when their past lifes caught up with them. hearts were broken, a war started, new friends and enemies. they all have a duty to look after. who do you trust? when the end is nearing what will you do?

this is a story about friendship, trust, loved ones, enemies, mysteries and lot more...

just a mission :

mikan, hotaru, aya, aimi and minami were the greatest agents the AAO had. now their new mission was to break down Alice Academy from the inside... now our Fave angels are students of the alice academy. there they met the bad boys natsume, ruka, kai, yuki and ryuu who don't like having the girls in their team. what will happen? walls will be removed, hearts will be opened, changes will be made... can the boys melt down the girl's hearts? or will they break their haearts as the girls take down alice academy?

this story is about romance, friendschips, hurt, and much more...

tokyo cafe alice :

what if magic was real? the lives of mikan sakura (your populair cheerleader), natsume hyuuga ( thehottest delinquent), ruka nogi ( the baddest delinquent), hotaru imai (our fave cold brainiac), yuu tobita ( the shy linchou), yome kokoro (the serious joker), anna umenomiya ( the cute geek) and nonoko ogasawra (our sweet student) are interwined because of tokyo cafe alice? their lives change, new friendships are made, hearts are broken enemies show themselfs.

this story is about love, magic, supernatural powers, friendships, trust and more...

Forgotten love story :

they loved each other before time. in every life time they met and died... now in 2010 they will meet again but will they overcome fate and be together? mikan joins Alice academy, here she meets natsume hyuuga and his gang after a argue with them hate is shown between them. will mikan realise that her love is natsume and will natsume accept her? they have to fight for their love and many will try to keep them apart...

this story is about love and hate, friends and enemies and many more...

--> Rewriting these stories :

beauty meets trouble :

mikan's mom is getting married! her to-be husband has 8 sons! mikan is not happy living with them and it gets worse when her mom goes on vacation leaving her and the guys alone in the mansion. as they get to know each other shocking stories will be revealed, plans will be ruined, they will get hurt. who can mikan trust and can the guys handle the truth?

this story is about mystery, hurt, love, and many more painful things...

Hate that I Love you :

mikan a beautiful, nice girl moves to a new school, the alice academy. this school is known for it's strict way of teaching. on her first day she is told to stay away from black fire, especially natsume hyuuga. mikan who don't understands why ignores it and does her own thing. after her encounter with black fire no one wants to be her friend, after talking she finds out that the black fire rules the school and if she doesn't do what they say, she will get expelled? what is a girl to do? well teach them a lesson!

this story is about how one girl can change many minds... but not everyone will like her? new friends and enemies will be made.

the real me :

she wasn't who they thought she would be as she revealed herself everything went wrong. AAO took over AA and all natsume and the gan can do is convince mikan to come back to them... will they win this war or will reo take over AA and snatch mikan from natsume? the onl person mikan can trust is herself...

this story is about love, hate, wars, enemies, friends, and much more to handle...

--> finished:

beauty can be a curse (gakuen alice)

mikan (selene), mina and miyu are new students at the gakuen alice. in a instant they became populair an known as angels and everything was going fine until a old schoolgang transferred back. what happens if anna, nonoko, hotaru, koko, sumire, yuu, ruka and the ultimate palyboys: natsume, ryuu and kai came back and saw the new populair group called the angels?? chaos?, love?, hate?, bets?, broken hearts?, ranks?, read it soon...

this is a story about love, HUMOR, hurt, and much more...

if you have something to ask or to say contact me:$.

Love you all(L)!

AND don't forget! Live your life people(L)!

this is for someone special: together forever, never apart. distance. maybe in distance but never at heart...

once i believed in this quote but now... i hope your happy with everything you have done. u used to be everything to me, but don't worry i will survive without you! i will make sure you know that my live goes on without you. it hurts it really does knowing it was not everlasting.

but i learned my lesson. you did deserve that second chance but not the third or the fourth. i am ready to give up on you. but you know what they say. words are easier than the deeds itself.

no more us. just me and you apart. i know it will take time to let you go but i am ready for it. i spend too much time with you. its time to let go

i will miss you

if your reading this then my last word to you is


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Gakuen Alice - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 4 - Words: 2,300 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 11 - Updated: 3/16/2009 - Published: 7/28/2008 - Mikan S., Natsume H.
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Gakuen Alice - Rated: K+ - English - Drama - Chapters: 16 - Words: 34,787 - Reviews: 261 - Favs: 147 - Follows: 123 - Updated: 2/1/2009 - Published: 5/17/2007
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