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1. 37 or 40 students?

List of Hogwarts yearmates of Harry Potter from a mixture of book and movie canon, but mainly 'Harry Potter and Me':

Gryffindor (8: 5b 3g):
Harry Potter
Ronald Weasley
Dean Thomas
Seamus Finnigan
Neville Longbottom
Hermione Granger
Parvati Patil
Lavender Brown

Hufflepuff (10: 4b 6g):
Ernie Macmillan
Wayne Hopkins
Justin Finch-Fletchley
Zacharias Smith
Hannah Abbott
Leanne (Runcorn?)
Megan Jones
Susan Bones
Sally-Anne Perks
Lil(ith? or Lily?) Moon

Ravenclaw (10: 5b 5g):
Terry Boot
Michael Corner
Kevin Entwhistle
Stephen Cornfoot
Anthony Goldstein
Morag MacDougal
Padma Patil
Lisa Turpin
Mandy Brocklehurst
Su Li

Slytherin (9: 5b 4g):
Draco Malfoy
Vincent Crabbe
Gregory Goyle
Blaise Zabini
Theodore Nott
Pansy Parkinson
Millicent Bulstrode
Daphne Greengrass
Tracey Davis

37 students in Harry's year (19b 18g).

Sally-Anne and L. Moon cannot be Gryffindors since they are never mentioned as part of the house or as members the D.A., and all Griffs in Harry's year joined the latter. That's the same reason Fay Dunbar, a Gryffindor girl and dorm mate of Hermione invented for the games, does not make my cut. In my fics I've mostly put Sally-Anne and Lilith Moon in Hufflepuff as I don't buy into the whole "equal number of boys and girls per house" crap, and Hufflepuff is the house we probably see the least of.

The only time the books mention class size to my knowledge is when JKR writes there were 20 brooms in the combined Gryffindor/Slytherin Flying Class. Yes this does not fit with the above as it implies three more students, or the mystical number of 40 we see so often, but these are either three unknown Slytherins, or Gryffs we never see. I think she just made a mistake, or changed her mind.

Leanne has neither a known canon last name nor fixed year, but we know from the class list in 'Harry Potter and Me' that there was a Runcorn in Harry's year. We know she exists as she is Katie's friend, implying she is either in Harry's year, or one or two years ahead of him. Since we need a Runcorn, I opt to use her.
There was also at one point a Spinks, but that seems to be Draco's original surname, so there's no need to invent yet another "invisible" student.

Think this "40 students, equal number of boys and girls per house" through!

If this was how the Hat worked in canon, doesn't it imply that Harry must have displaced a potential Gryffindor, and that Blaise Zabini was forced to become a Slytherin to compensate when Harry convinced the Hat not to put him in the same house as Draco?
It also implies that the "high in alphabet" guys like Ronald Weasley have no choice in house.

The Hogwarts class of 1998 (Harry's year) is very small. This fits, with it being the war generation

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-- FROM erbkaiser Profile --

2. Currency

These are the canon figures:

1 Galleon equals £5. Going by 1990s average figures, this equals to around $8,25
17 Sickles in a Galleon, so 1 Sickle is worth about £0,30 (or $0,48)
29 Knuts in a Sickle, so 1 Knut is worth about £0,01 (or $0,016)

We'll disregard for the moment a Galleon is supposed to solid gold, and "the size of a hubcap", Sickles are supposed to made from silver, and Kunts are bronze.

Okay, so we now know in canon a Knut is worth a cent. And remember this is based on the exchange rate to a real life currency, so it has the same purchasing power.
Can we work with that?

The Daily Prophet Hagrid gets in book 1 costs 5 Knuts, or 5 cents. It rises to 7 Knuts by book 7, that is still really cheap. However, Hermione pays just 1 Knut for it while at Hogwarts. Even if this is a subscription discount, are we supposed to believe it costs justs one cent?

How about wands? Harry's wand costs him 7 Galleons, or £35. Most people keep the same wand their entire life, so this is most likely a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. Several students use family wands, like the poor Weasleys, but also Neville Longbottom. Since this is not questioned by the teachers, it must be common.

Let's be really charitable and say that out of Harry's 37 students in the year, 30 need new wands. This makes Ollivander's yearly income for Harry's first year £1.050.
Let's say there are other schools ("Saints Schools") and that gives us another 200 students who need wands. That still only gives him a projected income of £8.050 for a whole year ($13.282).


We have a few other figures: a Hit Wizard earns 700G a month. Hit Wizards appear to be the Wizarding equivalent of the SAS, presumably they are the ones who go after raging giants and the like. A very dangerous profession. In contrast, an assistant manager at Flourish & Botts earns 42G per month. Turn this into pounds, and you have a Hit Wizard earning £42.000 per year, and the assistant manager earns £2.520 per year -- twice as much as Ollivander if he has 30 clients.
And still less than (Muggle) minimum wage.

Okay... how about the Triwizard Tournament? For a competition where students have lost their lives in the past, the prize is set at a -- considered amazing -- 1000 Galleons, or £5000. Nice amount of money, but we are supposed to believe that the Weasley twins could rent a storeplace at the Magical World's busiest shopping street and fully outfit it for that, and stay in business?

At the very least, we have to increase the values tenfold. That makes a Prophet cost from £0,10 for subscribers to £0,50 for loose issues (£0,70 in war time), and means Ollivander earns at least £10k from students in the first year, and £80k if we do the Saints Schools trick. This seems more plausible. It still means living in the Wizarding World must be cheap if Ollivander can survive as a store owner and pay for his materials by making not much more than that in a year, then again they have no electricity bills, no warming costs, and likely much cheaper food. Our Assistant Manager now earns a comfortable £25k in a year, this is very close to an average (Muggle) UK income so that is fitting for someone with a normal job.

The Hit Wizard can potentially earn a whopping 420k in a year. This seems perhaps excessive, but likely they are only called as needed. In the years before Voldemort's return, the Wizarding World is at peace. There is no terrorist activity, no Goblin rebellion, no war. So if a Hit Wizard is needed, it is only to take care of rampaging trolls or dragons or the like. So maybe Hit Wizards are Aurors who can be called to the more dangerous duty, which explains why they get paid £35k for a single month -- they literally risk life and limb after all. Alastor Moody would seem a prime example of an Auror who has gone above and beyond the call of duty and perhaps worked as a Hit Wizard in the past, explaining why he is so horribly disfigured when we see not a single other Auror with such injuries.
If the Auror job was so incredibly dangerous, Scrimgeour, who is the most senior Auror after Madam Bones, would be expected to be heavily scarred. Shacklebolt would be needing an eye patch, and Tonks maybe would have lost an ear. We just do not see this happen, so whatever Moody did to get so horribly injured, it is not due to a normal Auror job. Moody either worked as a Hit Wizard in the past, or is an insane risk taker. And the latter is not in line with CONSTANT VIGILANCE.

Increasing the value of the Galleon to £50 also means that the Triwizard Tournament prize is a nice £50k, something plausible to be able to pay for the Weasley's store property.

This does not solve the issue Galleons, Sickles, and even Knuts are worth more in materials than in face value, but we can assume that Goblin magic prevents the coins from being smelted, and that the Statute protects these coins from ending up on the Muggle side.

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Here's something to think about: How much damage did Voldemort do during the first war?

It has been stated by JK Rowling that Hogwarts has a capacity for around 1000 students.

However, Harry's year group is believed to constist of 42 students: five boys and girls to each house and two extras randomly placed into one of the four. If the same can be said for the years above Harry at least, Hogwarts only has around 294 students during Harry's first year (give or take). That's leaves at least 706 empty spaces in Hogwarts. Although young wizards are free to be educated at home by their parents, or go abroad to schools like Durmstrang to be taught, that alone cannot count for such a loss, and it much be contibuted to Voldemort.

To put it another way, the 1000 potential holding capacity, divided by seven years means that there should be around 142-143 students per year; that's a loss of one hundred students from Harry's school year group alone.

Looking at that result, there should be 35/36 students per house per year; in Harry's year, there seem to be confirmed ten students in Gryffindor.

This also means that there should be 17/18 boys and 17/18 girls in each house per year. In Harry's year, his house has five boys: Harry, Ron, Neville, Dean and Seamus, and, apparently, five girls: Hermione, Lavender, Parvati, and two unnamed girls who are apparently there, but are never named in the books or the films (though one of the Harry Potter games names one of the two Fay Dunbar)

This dramatic decline in the student population is backed up by the books, as when viewing Snape's pensieve memory in Order of the Phoenix, Harry notes around 150 students sitting in the Great Hall doing their Charms OWL exam.

This points to a population loss of more than two thirds, not only through deaths, but also due to people simply not having children.

Scary how long the effects of a war can be felt and seen, isn't it?

-- FROM sprinter1988 Profile --

After the diabolical mess that was 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows', I could have cried. I had no choice but to absorb as much Fanfiction as possible, to get the revolting images out of my head.

And here's why: Ron and Hermione. How in the name of all that is good would Hermione, the smartest witch in her generation, end up with Ron, a goof with the emotional range of a teaspoon, and an intelligence equal to my sock draw (always bloody empty, dammit). I mean... come on. It just wouldn't happen, would it? Hermione's not that stupid.

As such, my fanfics are primarily H/Hr (As it should have been!) or H/Hr/L (Hey, a guy can dream, can't he?).

So book 6 and 7 don't exist as far as I'm concerned.

Favorite Pairings

My favourite pairing has to be Harry and Hermione. Throughout the first five books, Hermione seems to be Harry's rock; she's the one to come up with solutions to his problems, she stands by him all the time, does far more for their adventures than Ron ever did, and seems to be the only character to go to great lengths to make sure that Harry is not tortured, maimed, killed or driven to insanity. Sure Harry is a little dense towards her, but hey, he's a teenage boy with an emotionally-repressed childhood; you work it out.

I'm a huge fan of Hermione (and, to a lesser extent, Emma by transference) -- at least until her lobotomy and name change around book 5 or 6 (maybe that curse didn't heal so well after all?) I don't think that any of the Harry Potter characters are good enough for her, but Harry's by far the closest. I do, however, dislike how JKR ruined their relationship in the later books, so I mostly ignore everything after Goblet of Fire.

Favorite Pairings

"Harry and Hermione believer to the very end. And proud of it. To hell with HBP and DH!" "gphoenix51"

Ron / having a good snog with a dementor.

Draco Malfoy / having a good snog with a dementor.
Ginny / having a good snog with a dementor

Pairings I - outright - or can't even believe exsist:

Harry/Ginny -- When I first entered the fandom, years ago, this was my favorite pairing, with Harry/Hermione being a close second. Now, its turned into a joke. Until book 6, Ginny is a minor character. She's brash (taking advice from the diary), muted (blushing and running away, butter dish elbow, etc), and generally an insipid character who's just present to show that other characters exist. While I still like the ship when written well, I never find a Harry/Ginny fic worth reading. Authors seem to love turning Ginny into some vivacious woman of Harry's dreams, making her flirty and randomly beautiful. She's a tomboy, not a supermodel. She prefers flying a broom to wearing makeup and going to dances. Plus, authors love to make her character bossy and commanding, and inevitably, Harry bows down to her, despite being Dark!Independant!Political!Awesome!Super!Duper!Harry. I cannot STAND it when Harry is a servile dweeb. If you characterize him as such in your fic, then I don't like your fic. Plain and simple.

Pairings I HATE
Harry Potter / Cho Chang
Snape / any one

Sirius Black / any man (he not a GAY)
Lupin / any man (he not a GAY)

Harry Potter & Albus Dumbledore
Harry Potter & Severus Snape
Harry Potter & Draco Malfoy


All homosexual relationships,
I hate these: seriously, in which part of the books does it say that Harry is - or could be - gay? And, please, why do you believe Harry would enter willingly in a love relationship with all those enemies of his, namely Snape, Malfoy Sr. and Jr., Voldemort... or any other adult, like Sirius, whom he loves as a FATHER, or Remus, who is like his UNCLE?)#

--Ginny WEASLEY--

I can't stand Ginny because the root/basis of her feelings are for the BWL first and foremost. It's disingenuous, shallow and disgusting for Harry, a boy denied love most of his life by an old-man using him as a weapon in a war, to wind up in a relationship with a fan-girl whose feelings are for the heroic image and fame of the BWL - NOT the real Harry Potter, a boy enslaved by the Dursleys and knowing little but "neglect and often cruelty" for most of his life. He needs love, not someone attracted to (lusting for) him because of his fame and/or wealth. Ginny was every bit as shallow as those young women that pursue and marry 75 year old millionaire guys for their fame and money. Another reason I dislike her is that she is a textbook example of a "Mary-Sue" character - the sudden and "perfect" in every way soul-mate for the poor abused hero. However, the best argument against this pairing is to ask yourself who Ginny would have pursued and married had Neville Longbottom been the Boy-Who-Lived instead of Harry Potter. There is no denying the truth to that. Quite sad isn't it? And it proves my point entirely.





"You gonna have him make you cry while he's f-ing you, does being hurt and insulted every time he opens that f-ing hole in his face turn you on?"

I am as equally unable to tolerate Ron/Hermione pairings. Ron had done nothing but abuse, belittle and/or hurt Hermione in some way all seven years because of her intelligence, hardworking and caring nature while hypocritically USING that same intelligence, hardworking and caring nature to help him with his homework or his own wants/needs. He did nothing but USE and ABUSE her and even in the last book he was still just as immature and uncaring of her feelings and well-being as he was in the first. He always put himself first in direct contrast to the very definition of love - where you put the happiness and well-being of the one you love before your own. Granted, Hermione was far from perfect but she NEVER intentionally tried to hurt anybody unlike Ron's own vicious verbal assaults against her where he knew and intended for it to hurt her. I reiterate, Ron was abusive and/or dismissive of Hermione and her feelings in EVERY book. So, why in the hell would this intelligent young woman suddenly be so stupid as to even date much less marry such an arse?

I can only guess that it was JKR trying to insert a little realism in that Hermione's lonely childhood because of her intelligent and assertive nature combined with 7 years of Ron's put-downs and abuse had destroyed her own self-esteem so badly that she figured that Ron was the best she could hope for. She had been reduced to absolutely zero self-respect and thus gave herself over fully to her abuser. Either that or it was the old good-girl goes for bad-boy routine in which case the stupid btch gets everything she deserves. Oh yes, he abuses me all the time so he MUST be a truly great male specimen! Let's make babies! That is one aspect of some women that I'll never be able to understand.

Whichever it is, the whole situation is utterly ridiculous for a series of books directed at children and teens. It tells them that shallow and abusive relationships are perfectly normal and a sound basis for lifetime relationships. If these pairings are JKR's idea of an ideal fantasy romance then I must truly pity her real-life experiences such that these disgustingly shallow and abuse ridden pairings are the best she can imagine. The epilogue of Book 7 proved that the ENTIRE story of Harry Potter was a tragedy to the bitter end and remained tragic for the rest of their lives.

--Molly Weasleys--

considering if she went home for all holidays she'd made the

round trip herself 42 times by the time she graduated, not to mention at

that point she'd made it a minimum of 14 time since BOTH her two eldest sons had

graduated as well. I say minimum because we don't know if Bill and Charlie

came home every break though considering the only time Ron and his siblings

stayed (prior to OoTP) was when she and Arthur went to Romania during Christmas

break I'd say she'd probably made the trip 84 times by then. She does NOT

come off as having Nevilles' memory problems so my inclination is she was

acting stupid on orders from Dumbles, what better family to take Harry under their

wings? Except for Percy the rest of the Weasley family worships the ground

Dumbles walks on, at least all Weasleys still living at the Burrow. For the

most part they give the impression that if Dumbles told them to jump their

only question would be 'How high, Sir?' Even as wizards they should know locking

a boy in their bedroom and barely feeding him is WRONG, when the twins and

Ron brought him to the Burrow at the beginning of HPCoS, Mrs. Weasley

mentioned he'd lost a lot of weight, her sons had to remove bars from the bedroom

window because of all the locks on the door and they TOLD her all about it! Yet

NOTHING is done not even an investigation or report of it to the proper

authorities. And DON'T get me started on Madame Pomfrey! Either the Wizarding

World has no concept of child services or Dumbles is pulling everyone's strings!

I cant find where i copy this from


...Quote From ../Partially_Kissed_Hero...
Even Hagrid, who cherished everything deadly, dangerous, dark or nasty had admitted that goblins were not the most friendly folk. Which, coming from a man who'd name a giant three headed dog Fluffy, kept an acromantula as a pet while still at school, kept a baby dragon in a wooden hut and loved every dangerous beast on the books, was the single most ringing denunciation of any magical creature he'd ever heard from the Groundskeeper!

Actually, Harry'd only ever heard Hagrid condemn three things: Voldemort, goblins, and speaking ill of Albus Dumbledore, who'd given him a career when he'd been thrown out of school.

If even Hagrid couldn't love them, then i cant 2
..Quote From ../Partially_Kissed_Hero

"You didn't trust the goblins, did you?" Sirius interrupted, fearing the worst.

Harry shook his head. "No. I did everything at the Ministry."

The veteran Marauder sighed with heartfelt relief. "Good. You can't imagine how relieved that makes me. Too often have I seen those raised by muggles imagine they should be goblin friends for having used good manners. Every generation it seems someone thinks that just by being polite and recalling a goblin's name they'll receive preferential treatment. That's bollox. This is England, magical or not. Everyone here who is not a Dark Lord, part of a Dark Lord's posse, or Too Stupid to Live (i.e. works in the Ministry) uses good manners on principle. Goblins just suck."

Sirius sighed and shook his head. "Nearly every muggleborn somehow forms the opinion that if only you take the trouble of recalling a goblin's name they will be all over you about how you are the only one who's ever tried, then be friends with you for life. Nothing could be further from the truth! They're like muggers, in that they hate for those they 'service' to know their names. It offends them something deep, and if they can, they would destroy those that learn them."

He raised an eye to look at Harry. "Your mother thought that when she was a first year, and they nearly trapped her in contracts that would've destroyed her. That's how James met her, he happened by and saved her from that. It got him feeling protective of her, and he kept an eye out for her ever since."

Sirius started shaking his head. "Every so often some moron decides to let the goblins manage their money for them - and they invariably steal it all the first instant they have access, 'investing' it all in themselves. Or some naive young twit will agree to a service, like vault transfer, on which they've been told there is a 'small fee'. For goblins, a 'small fee' invariably means 'less than half'. So if you ask them to do something trivial and routine, and they say that costs a small fee without telling you a specific amount, expect to lose forty nine percent of whatever money is involved!"

"Yeah," Harry smacked his lips. "I know."

"You mean he wasn't trying to prank you?" Hermione asked, disbelieving.

"No." The Head of Magical Law Enforcement shook her head. "He wasn't, not on that. It's dead accurate."

"'Goblin' is not a nice word. There are reasons for that," Luna agreed, face now deep in an upside-down magazine. "We could call them 'Daisies' and everyone would soon learn to hate the term 'Daisy'. Bad manners brings a very bad reputation, in this case deservedly so. Goblins adore cruelty."

Amelia Bones started to rub her temples. "It's why we made them bankers. Hurting people financially stopped them from trying to kill everyone every twenty to thirty years. Goblin wars were regular as clockwork before that."

--Potions class--
The best Potions class seen I read
From "Hogwarts-One-Half" by Perfect Lionheart

Potions class was being held in a quickly renovated room on the fourth floor, that had once been a potions classroom before Snape insisted on basement dwellings.

House elves had been busily employed cleaning out the dust and cobwebs, furniture had to be righted, or in some instances repaired. A party of off-duty teachers led by Madam Hooch, the flying instructor, had gone off to purchase ingredients for the student's supply cupboard that Professor Sprout couldn't just pull out of her garden. Snape was said to be in the basement salvaging what he could of the devices and instruments down there. That he was expected to arrive on time for class spoke eloquently about how little there was down in his former office to recover.

Ranko and her friends led the procession into the new, brightly lit room. It had a nice high ceiling to help protect from lighter-than-air fumes and avoid concentrating explosions, with windows designed to open magically, instead of breaking, to diffuse any blasts. The desks were wide and had their own water spigots, cutting boards, note tables, drawers and sinks; the whole chamber set up auditorium style so no one's view could be blocked by pillars or the back of someone's head before them. And between each station were high, invisible splash screens so no one had to suffer from any other student's failure sending out droplets affecting them or contaminating their own potion. That also limited opportunities for mischief or tampering with another's ingredients.

A quick look at the teacher's desk showed controls for triggering firefighting measures, winds from gale to breeze to help disperse gasses, rains either of water or flakes of some kind of dampening foam, and so on up to stuff whose purpose was not immediately identifiable.

It was, in short, a room in every way superior to the damp, cramped and obstructed room in the basement that had none of those safety measures. About the only thing the dungeon had that this room didn't was that it was dark, very dark, and the curtains in here were a bit moth eaten.

The dozen girls who'd studied and had a sleepover together entered and found places near to the front, all grouped together, while Ranko was explaining, "While they look nice on their own, we wear the aprons and gloves for 'messy work', like Potions or Herbology, and sometimes other subjects like the occasional Defense or Magical Creatures class. Aprons allow full body protection from the front, which should be anything we are working on, and gloves up almost to the shoulder keep our arms safe from anything that dragon hide could stop, which should be most everything they want students doing."

"Not to forget hats!" Shampoo added enthusiastically.

"Yah, Ranchan. Tell them why we are breaking with fifty years of fashion to wear our pointy hats. Everyone's been looking at us all morning like we were crazy or something." Ucchan groused cutely.

Ranko shrugged, her off-the-shoulder dress showing this off beautifully. She then touched the wide brimmed, tall pointed hat she wore matching the color of her frilly body garments. "Simple practicality in this case, just like the gloves. Anything dropping on us from above has another layer of dragon hide to get through before it can ruin our hair. Mom also added a veil all of the way around, you'll see. It's nice and transparent, even more so from this side, but it's also dragonhide enchanted to look gauzy and alluring. So if anything blows up in our faces it also gets stopped. We've got fresh air charms on the inside and could swim under water in these things. Plus, the veil magically adjusts so we can leave our faces free most of the day and only put it down for messy, potentially dangerous stuff, when it will guard all our bits from the collarbone up, down to the tips of the ends of our long hair. It's like the visor on a helmet, but cute so girls can wear it openly."

"And there other charms also!" Shampoo enthused.

"Yah, but I don't think we need to get into them." Ukyo demurred. "I think it's enough that we have our own face-shields. Nobody else has any, and today we're working on a boil curing potion. Those are famous for blowing up in your face over tiny mistakes, and the drops will give you horrible, ugly, painful blemishes if they hit your skin. If you get hit by much you'll look like a hag."

All of the non-hat-equipped girls were now staring dubiously at their empty cauldrons, as if they might rise up to bite them (which they could, if the lesson went wrong), and wishing they had veiled hats to protect their precious skins.

"For a first potion attempt this does seem an awfully dangerous one," Ranko agreed. "Why choose one known for exploding over simple errors? There are plenty of easy potions we could do that don't have any dangers at all, much less ones as bad as that."

Any further conversation got cut off as the door banged open and admitted Snape, who had a small armful of beakers and measuring tools with him, and as he entered he used his wand to close all of the window curtains before him so he was not struck by even a single ray of sunlight.

Since the room was much longer, some of the surprise of his loud entry was ruined as he had to go much farther to cross over to the head of it. The Professor stopped well before the teacher's desk, dropping his load of tools on the empty row before the group of girls and turning about to face the rest of them from there. "Put your wands away. You won't be using them in this class."

Though he seemed to mean that to the whole class, his scowl was directed at Ranko, who was seated barely the width of a desk away from where he stood towering over her.

"On the contrary, Professor." She replied calmly. "Hogwarts syllabus for Potion Safety as submitted to the Board of Governors says that you are to instruct us to have our wands ready in case we need to use any number of basic protection or cleanup charms it says you will begin this lesson by teaching us."

"Put. Them. Away." He leaned in close to be more threatening, and bumped his nose hard against the invisible splash screen. He reared back, glinting hate in his eyes. "And twenty five points will be taken away for talking back to a professor. Another sixty if you aren't prompt about obeying my instructions! Put the wand away!"

She put her wand in her holder, and gazed at him innocently over folded hands, her potion setup all assembled neatly and correctly before her, with ingredients already measured out.

Snape ignored that to stare offended at her mirrorshades, which the girls had put on under their protective veils when they'd heard him enter.

"Take off those glasses. How do you expect to see anything with those on? And meet me in the eye when I talk to you." He gave the order he'd been wanting to since breakfast.

"You know Professor," Ranko stood up to him calmly, making no motion to remove her shades. "For a known Legilimens to order someone to make eye contact is very similar to a known rapist ordering a young girl to strip naked. No authority a school is capable of granting gives you the right to do so, and Dumbledore could go to prison for letting you."

"Take. Them. Off." He repeated, in even nastier tones.

"But basic eye protection is recommended for all potion brewing. It is unsafe to order me to remove them." Ranko replied in reasonable tones.

Snape reached out to pull them off himself, and jerked his hand back in shock as the veil she wore dumped what looked like a lightning bolt into his hand the moment he made contact with it. Holding his now pained and smoking limb, he scowled at her. "Sixty points for failing to obey my instructions, and another hundred for your trap."

"It's only an anti-rape charm, professor, designed to prevent anyone from undressing me by force with intent to harm. Such charms are specifically allowed by name under school regulations and student dress code."

"Another ten for your cheek." Snape ignored his topic to berate her for a solid hour, before beginning to 'teach' which was more insults and humiliation, this time for everyone. He then penalized the whole class severely for not finishing the potion on time when he'd given them considerably less than half the period to do any actual mixing.

There were plenty of accidents, which Snape would then sneer about, only then informing them of what ought to have been done to avoid them. It was plain this period he was after revenge for his wounded pride, and everyone had to suffer along with Ranko, who stayed unruffled and by doing so fueled Snape's anger even more.

It was obvious that he hated the larger room as it made the class more spread out and he could not intimidate them by invading their personal space all at once. By the time he was done Gryffindor was down by five hundred points, and Ravenclaw by four-fifty. That was a record even by Snape's standards, and it was only his first class of the day. Most of those points came from Ranko objecting, calmly and reasonably, when he made demands he did not have the authority to make - and she pointed that out to him.

Ranko, Shampoo and Ukyo were the only ones to finish their potions in the much reduced time frame and when they put them on Snape's desk for grading he casually swiped them off to break on the floor. "Zero points for this assignment, all of you."

"That's enough!!" Two female aurors removed their invisibility cloaks from where they'd been hidden by the door. Both were in their early fifties, one newly sound of body. "This isn't a class, this is an abuse session for a sadist and petty megalomaniac! Severus Snape, you are under arrest!"

From "Hogwarts-One-Half" by Perfect Lionheart


HARRY POTTER in Slytherin

Author's Notes on Chapter Three of "Hogwarts-One-Half" by Perfect Lionheart

On his first night in school, Harry had a nightmare where he had Quirrel's turban on his head insisting that he get himself resorted into Slytherin. That's not something he'd dream up on his own. So, Tommy-boy at least was convinced that his own plans to destroy Harry Potter would have worked out BETTER if the boy was in that House, surrounded by the children of Tom's old lackeys and cronies. Why does no one ever account for that?

Harry has TWO chief enemies. The Dark Lord Voldemort is one, and surrounding yourself by those who would die for him, and HAVE already killed for him, would not be the wisest of all choices. But the other is the Dark Lord Dumbledore, who ADMITS in the final book, in the King's Cross chapter, to having driven Harry to suicide!!

It was 'for the greater good' you understand.

He does not use those exact words, but That Is What He Says! He admits it to Harry's face. But the boy has been so brainwashed by all that's been done to him so far that not even the guy's own confession that he was a power-hungry bastard, potential murderer of his own sister, attempted dark lord and architect of all of the misery in Harry's life phased the boy in the slightest.

Can you say 'brainwashed?' Sure, I knew you could. Perhaps it had something to do with having had the Headmaster's loyal toady ripping apart the walls of your mind. After all, those sessions were completely unsupervised. Perhaps he didn't ONLY destroy what he found in there to open him up to Voldemort. Who is to say Snape did not also implant suggestions? After all, the most major switch of Harry's character traits, behavior and intelligence during the whole series occurs at about that time.

He goes from Hero to Zero in about nothing flat. But that's not something Snivellus would ever have done to the son of his most hated enemy, would he? No, of course not. After all, he doesn't hold grudges. No, you're being ridiculous. I don't even know why you brought it up.


“Five years ago you arrived at Hogwarts, Harry, safe and whole, as I had planned and intended. Well - not quite whole. You had suffered. I knew you would when I left you on your aunt and uncle's doorstep. I knew I was condemning you to ten dark and difficult years.

HBP 3, Dumbledore to the Dursleys:

"He has known nothing but neglect and often cruelty at your hands." ...

"The magic I evoked fifteen years ago means that Harry has powerful protection while he can still call this house 'home.' However miserable he has been here, however unwelcome, however badly treated, you have at least, grudgingly, allowed him houseroom."

What Dumbledore did was no different than kidnapping a black infant and forcing the poor child onto a family of fervent members of the Ku Klux Klan with a threat to provide the child a home. Harry received the same treatment you would expect for that poor child assuming (s)he wasn't killed outright, don't you think? Sure, he survived but as nothing more than a horribly abused slave of the Dursleys. It was stated clearly that Harry's abuse was physical as well as mental and emotional. There was mention of Petunia striking him with a frying pan (presumably hot) in the kitchen as well as Vernon's comment about nothing being impossible to "beat" out of the freak implying that beatings were common. Then of course they also encouraged Dudley's "Harry hunting" and attacks on the freak.

Dumbledore could have done something to ensure that Harry's childhood wasn't dark and difficult but instead chose not to and in so doing he proved that "dark and difficult" childhood is in fact precisely what he really wanted Harry to suffer through. The wizarding world is rife with spells and potions compelling particular behavior. It would most certainly have been preferable and much happier for both the Dursleys and Harry if Dumbledore had at the least used a compulsion ward or charm to ensure Harry was at least accepted if not loved by the Dursleys. After all, his living with them was deemed by Dumbledore to be necessary regardless of their clearly not wanting Harry. Thus he proved by forcing Harry upon them that they lacked any real free-will in the matter; that what they wanted was unimportant anyway in the much greater need for Harry's safety. (Dumbledore's howler to Petunia "REMEMBER MY LAST!" when the Dursleys were about to throw Harry out along with prior statements peppered throughout earlier books proved that Harry's residence with the Dursleys was coerced upon the Dursleys in some way by Dumbledore.) So why then didn't he take the added step to ensure Harry grew up well since the Dursley's free-will didn't matter to him anyway? In fact, his coercion absolutely ensured the Dursleys would take out their resentment and hatred upon Harry. It was abundantly clear that he fully intended Harry's sufferance through an abusive and enslaved childhood because he needed the boy (and prophesied weapon) meek, weak and fully cowed into easy control by adults.

After all, Dumbledore fully admits that he knowingly subjected Harry to more than a decade of abuse and enslavement by his relatives with no such effort to ensure Harry's well-being. Is it any wonder that Harry trashed his office afterwards? It might be puzzling to some how later Harry did an about-face and was again "Dumbledore's man" despite the evil Dumbledore knowingly inflicted upon him. But all that was needed to fully regain and seal Harry's fervent loyalty was Dumbledore paralyzing and forcing Harry into watching Dumbledore intentionally martyr himself. He was dying already but was careful not to tell Harry that. He made Harry believe that he sacrificed himself to protect Harry and thus forever sealed Harry's zealous loyalty. It is a tactic called "martyrdom" and it has been used to seal fervent and zealous loyalty to a cause or person very successfully for more than a thousand years by cultists, Islamists and also to a historically lesser extent by Christians as well. It was also the very fate he had planned for Harry - to die as a martyr.

I strongly encourage everyone to read up on the subjects of brainwashing children, the effects of neglect and abuse on a child's personality and also children brought up in cults with figures/followings (such as Dumbledore was in the wizarding world). Only then could you truly understand how horrific of a monster Dumbledore really was in not only what he did to Harry but also how he used his position as Headmaster of the premier wizarding school in Britain to ensure generations of children (and later adults) awe of him and fervent belief in his apparent goodness and infallibility. That belief allowed him to do virtually whatever he wanted (ignoring laws at whim and even enslaving the infant hero of the wizarding world to hateful and abusive muggles) with little or no question from anyone. The only one who would have questioned Harry's placement was conveniently thrown in prison without a trial by Barty Crouch of the DMLE with the ASSISTANCE of Chief Warlock (aka Chief JUDGE), Albus Dumbledore. He admitted that he gave the DMLE "evidence that Sirius Black was the Potter's Secret Keeper" to ensure Sirius was sent to Azkaban. This is interesting since any such evidence would have to have been fabricated or exaggerated by Dumbledore since not only was Black NOT the Secret Keeper but according to canon Dumbledore himself actually cast the spell to "hide" the Potters. (It was later revealed that it was the 'Fidelius Charm' that hid the Potters, so Dumbledore would have most assuredly known who was the real Secret Keeper.) It's a very poor and/or very corrupt judge that sends people off to life-imprisonment and torture (Dementors are torture) without a trial. It was awfully convenient that the ONLY suspected Death Eater that was mentioned to have been sent to Azkaban without a trial just so happened to be the legal guardian of Harry Potter and Dumbledore's only obstacle to control of the prophecied weapon. Especially when known and confirmed Death Eaters walked away free and clear without effort by Dumbledore to ensure justice for them either.

Also, particularly take note the effect and effectiveness of isolating a child that has been exposed to extreme trauma - limiting their access only to an environment of people who hate and abuse them with the sole outside "friendly" contact and source of information being the one person who wants to control them. He ordered Harry's friends to cut off all contact for "security" reasons but there was NO reason whatsoever Hermione couldn't have remained in contact via phone or muggle post or that the Order guards couldn't have passed messages on for him at Grimmauld - EXCEPT that it would have given Harry other people he could trust and rely upon in his time of need. Dumbledore couldn't have that. He needed total control over Harry and so he blocked Harry from ALL other outside "friendly" influence except his own when Harry needed friends most in order to keep Harry dependent on him.

In essence all of this proved Dumbledore to be much like a wizarding world equivalent of Charles Manson or perhaps closer to being like Jim Jones with a touch of mafia behavior in ensuring obstacles to his plans are "out of the way." The sole difference being that instead of getting his followers to murder for him like Charles Manson and Voldemort had done, Dumbledore instead got them to die for him and his cause like Jim Jones. Harry and so many others essentially committed suicide at Dumbledore's mere "asking". Anyone up for some Kool-Aid? Do you deny that Dumbledore could have convinced a significant number of people in the wizarding world (especially many of the children) to drink? (If you are not familiar with the reference, google "Jonestown" and steel yourself should you choose to view any of the images.)

BOTH Dumbledore and Voldemort fought what is called a "proxy war" where they used others (cultish followers mostly, though in Harry's case he was simply a kidnapped and brainwashed child) to fight and die for them. BOTH of them manipulated, used and endangered or outright sacrificed the lives of others, often innocents and children - without those people's knowledge or informed consent. Just because one's ends may be deemed noble does not mean that such evil methods are acceptable to reach those ends. Why is it to be any more tolerated for Dumbledore and the "Light" to commit such atrocities than the bad guys that are doing it? In fact, Dumbledore often hypocritically used that very argument to discourage anyone from using lethal force against the Death Eaters but yet most of his own actions and intentional inaction proved equally vile and evil in result, if not intent. Knowingly enslaving an innocent one year-old infant to 15 years of hatred and cruelty as a means of shaping that child's personality for easier influence and control is but only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. How about discouraging his followers from properly defending themselves but rather instead let the enemy kill them? His total insistence upon stunning and releasing torturers and murderers only allowed them to be revived or released to later go off to torture and kill someone else. Something that is far more evil than putting down the rabid dog for what it is before it could hurt someone else. Note how the Malfoys among others were walking free at the end of DH despite the murders and tortures they had done. How many others have since then likely been tortured and killed by them in the intervening 19 years before the epilogue? Dumbledore operated under the premise that the lives and well-being of everyone else, particularly future victims, are unimportant compared to his belief in giving infinite chances of redemption to murderers and terrorists. Many good people died unnecessarily all thanks to Dumbledore's cult of personality.

I think the most telling difference between Dumbledore and Voldemort though was that Voldemort's followers had the choice whether or not to serve him. Dumbledore, on the other hand, kidnapped an infant boy and then conditioned (aka brainwashed) him through years of slavery and abuse followed by manipulation into suicide for Dumbledore's cause. In other words, Voldemort's followers had a choice whilst Dumbledore enslaved innocent children into his service. You can't get much more vile and despicable than that. Ultimately Harry Potter was nothing more than a poor kid that was kidnapped and brainwashed by the "good guys" into being a suicide bomber. (I would compare Harry to Jason Bourne but Harry had absolutely no choice in the matter and no special training or preparation beyond the brainwashing to die for everyone else.)

By the end of DH there is a huge amount of suffering, blood and death on Dumbledore's hands (arguably as much or even more than on Voldemort's and his Death Eaters) for his usage of others and refusal to use his own power (magical and political/governmental) to truly stop any of them from harming or killing others. It's much like a police officer that chooses to stand by and merely watch whilst someone rapes and murders a child - refusing to help for whatever his own personal reasons. Who is the bigger monster? The sicko doing the raping and murder or the person who has taken on the title, position and responsibility - trusted by all to protect the victim - but instead refuses to do so? Dumbledore even went so far as to not only protect such monsters from being rightfully killed in self-defense or justice but even worse invited such monsters into a school full of children. Equally as horrific was knowingly enslaving children to hateful monsters as a means of brainwashing and control. Not just the Dursleys, but also Snape. Ask yourselves about the "coincidence" of the only long-term professor outright abusive of Harry just so happened to be "promoted" to teaching Harry's best magical subject the year Harry would have left his influence in Potions class because he failed to meet the minimum grade Snape required. It was blatantly clear that Dumbledore used Snape to keep Harry abused and down-trodden while at Hogwarts and away from the Dursley's abuse. Harry was never given a reprieve from the bullying and abuse because that is what Dumbledore wanted and needed in order to shape him into a martyr who believed his own life had no value and was better to sacrifice for others more deserving of life and happiness.

That is what disappointed me most about canon. Ultimately, Harry Potter was revealed to have never been a hero at all. Instead he was nothing more than a severely used and abused victim, kidnapped as an infant from his legal guardian and brainwashed into his role of suicide for Dumbledore's cause. Those who read the series should heed its hidden warnings against adults in positions of authority over children exploiting children for their own purposes/ideals and the use of children in wars by adults indoctrinating them into certain views and then sacrificing their lives for the adult's ideals/goals.

quort from "Procusi" he left for a review on ch4 on "The Hogwarts Strike Team "by Myricle

Uh - no. Canon Dumbledore does not want what is best for everyone - particularly Harry. He knew that he was putting Harry into an abusive home, but he did it anyway and didn't bother checking up on Harry for the first 11 years of his life and then continued to send him back to this abusive home. He could have easily kept everyone away from the cerberus with an age-line, but he didn't, so he wanted 11-year-olds trying to get through the traps (though honestly JKR hadn't thought up age-lines until book 4). He kept Harry isolated for several weeks after Cedric was murdered in front of him and kept him from having any type of social support. He didn't bother getting Sirius a trial, even though he was the head of the Wizengamot. Even after Harry had been attacked by Lord V repeatedly, he did not get any type of special training or guidance - the 6th year training is utterly worthless and could have been summarized in 10 minutes with the rest of the time spent practicing new spells. He didn't bother preparing Harry and co for the horcrux hunt, but just left them some vague hints. There are many other examples that I won't bother listing.

Dumbledore is either incompetent or he is evil/manipulative/etc. And since he is supposed to be one of the greater wizards of the generation and the head of both the domestic and international governments, the chance of him being incompetent is low.

There is no way to get a good, caring, intelligent Dumbledore out of JKR's version of him, which is one of my greatest dislikes about canon because she took a Gandolf-like figure and then destroyed the good aspects of him.

In reality, Dumbledore isn't a character - he is a plot device whose existence is to get Harry wherever he is supposed to be. Which is also why the teachers at Hogwarts and most of the other adults are utterly incompetent because otherwise there would be no reason for Harry and Co to be doing their job for them.

--school hat--
The best song from the school hat

“Welcome young wizards and witches

So full of life, happy as peaches

To Hogwarts, the prestigious wizarding school

That will teach young minds that magic is a tool”

Dumbledore smiled as the Hat sang its song and he gazed fondly at the new first years that wore awestruck faces.

“Under the guidance of Dumbledore

Who is an insensitive old fool!

He will merely use you as a tool

His stubbornness is like a fucking mule

For those who are brash bold and brave

I will place you in your very own graves!

Limbs will be torn, your parents will mourn

For you will now be Gryffindor’s own.

To the bookworms and nerds

Get a life you house full of curds!

Your life will be will have no meaning

Apathetic brats now under Raven’s wing

To the house of cowardly puffs

The house oh so full of duffs

You will be the school’s bitches

Bullied to let go of your riches

And finally the Slytherin snakes

All full of prejudiced fakes

You will be under Severus Snape

Get ready boys you will all get raped!

This is my withdrawal song

I warned you all along

Give me my Luna Lovegood

Or I will continue to sulk and brood.”

From "Harry Potter and the power of Oa by bluminous8

This is at http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4944577/21/Harry_Potter_and_the_power_of_Oa --


FROM My Gilded Life by Skysaber "Chapters 7" www.fanfiction.net/s/3695419/7/My_Gilded_Life

The sum total of all evidence in favor of Snape being a good guy amounts to: Snape says so. Dumbledore believed Snape when he said so (and we all trust that paragon of good judgment to never make a mistake. No, not ever)

Now for the evidence against: We have the testimony of every student who had him as a teacher. Even the Slytherins only like him because they feel he is a BAD guy! Every action of his we SEE, as opposed to hear about, is as foul and rotten as to cross every boundary of good conduct or decent behavior, all of which he should be expected to live up to as a school professor.

Snape joined a cult of murderers, and fit in well enough that not even their leader, who was supposed to be the most accomplished mind-reader in two centuries, and who could insist that his 'loyal' follower lower his mind shields and subject himself to examination, could find any fault with his behavior as far as loyalty to the cause. Not even after other Death Eaters had accused Snape of disloyalty and Voldemort had every right and reason to probe his mind carefully. No, a man who would kill for little or no reason found not even the slightest hint of disloyalty or 'flaws' like regret or remorse in him.

Snape killed Dumbledore, no one says he didn't, but he said he had permission . Now, what would the world be like if we let every murderer go who used the defense "he asked me to"? That is NOT a legally supportable defense! Even assisted suicide is STILL tried as murder! And that is when the victim does the deed mostly by himself and leaves behind letters and other physical evidence of his intentions, more than just the killer's word of "he asked me to"!

And most of those assisted suicide cases had terminal conditions.

On the excuse of having been mistreated as a youth, he'd then gone on to make a career out of abusing children for the rest of his life. It cannot be disputed that Snape terrorized a whole school, ruining countless children's education because he couldn't give up on his desire to inflict suffering on those who'd never done any harm to him, such as Neville Longbottom.

Neville's parents had never done anything to Snape that we hear of, so why does he terrorize Neville? Or was everybody in the world a bully EXCEPT Snape? And he was just 'getting back' at them?

Yeah, right. Like that's believable.
You don't get a entire school full of children terrified of someone without a reason! And that reason is he takes every opportunity to hurt them! That is NOT a nice guy! No matter what he says!

Every opportunity he gets to hurt the students, either individually or as a body in general, he takes.

No, Severus Snape was no more of a 'good guy' than Pol Pot, whatever Rowling said. She may have meant otherwise, but that's not what she wrote.

Actions speak louder than words. And because memories can be faked, they are no better than words: him claiming something.

Now, Snape says that James was a bad guy. What is our evidence there? Once again we are faced with the awe-inspiring force of the argument: Snape says so.

Who else agrees with him? Why, no one! Not even other Death Eaters ever had a word to say against James! Not even PETTIGREW, who'd whined that he 'never meant to kill Lily and James'. Do any other teachers? No, not one of them seems to have anything but the highest opinion of Lily and James. Does ANYONE but Snape EVER say anything nasty about Lily or James? NO! Not even Dumbledore, who blindly agrees with Snape on almost every other issue.

Every other person has a AMAZINGLY high opinion of him! So did Lily, if that was the man she married!

Then, even if we take Snape's claim that he loved Lily as true, how does he treat the child she left behind? Her only legacy and the last bit of 'her' still left in this world? With total contempt and hatred, just as if Harry was all James and no Lily. Or... as if Snape's claims of love for Lily were as false as his other many other statements, say, of loyalty to Dumbledore and the Dark Lord - he had to be lying to one of them!

No, Snape may have been deluded enough to imagine that he loved her, but the evidence at hand all says he never had a clue as to what love really is. If he wasn't just making it up, playing 'pity party' to get Harry to forgive him.

Now THAT! sounds like a manipulative, ambitious person, doesn't it? Lay down a few plots so that no matter which side triumphs, you are on it? Perhaps claim credit for a few events you heard about, but had no part in?

No, if you say 'scheme', suddenly those out of character moments make so much sense with regard to the Snape we actually know, rather than the one we merely hear about.

Ultimately, he did so much hurt and evil during his life that, even if he DID those things he was claiming, it in no way comes close to making up for all of the bad. A rare few, tiny deposits on the good side doesn't counter the massive karmic debt he worked up being evil, hurting an entire generation of kids - and let's not even discuss his Death Eater duties!

And what about Snape's claim that James and his friends were bullies, not Severus himself? Well, claims aside, every time we see Snape in the books HE is the one being a bully (or a toady). So, which do you want to believe, his claims or his actions? They do nothing but contradict each other, so it is one or the other.

Every time we see Snape 'on screen' as it were, he is an evil, self-righteous bastard whose behavior is less mature than a typical kindergarten student. And he maintained that for over a decade when there was no hint of his old boss around to impress. But we are supposed to believe it when he tells us he's really a tender old softy inside?

It can only be two things, either insanity (schizophrenia and delusions are both possibilities), or it is a scheme. Either the guy is fruitier than a nutcake, or he was lying to get off easy should the Light win in the end.

I'd been an actor long enough to know that the longer you wear the mask, the less it becomes a mask. Anyone who takes on a role finds themselves slowly shifting to become it. So, even if this STARTED as a part Snape was playing... it didn't stay one for long.

There is an old saying used to comfort shy children, "Act like you are more confident, and you will be."

However, in Snape's case that quote could be modified to, "Act like an evil, self-righteous, stuck up prick, who carries childish grudges forever, and picks on those weaker than him, and you will be."

Rowling's attempt to 'save' Snape in her last book made about as much difference as rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. The man was evil.

A few, isolated good deeds do not make up for a lifetime spent doing harm. Hitler did favors for people he liked, but are you going to think he is a hero? And that's even assuming those deeds even happened.

No one with any sense is going to argue that Snape didn't destroy the potions education of who even knows how many students, and Potions is a required subject for both Healers and Aurors - jobs that save lives.

So, Snape was directly responsible for more destruction over a longer time than probably any other Death Eater.

And Albus helped him do it.

FROM My Gilded Life by Skysaber "Chapters 7" www.fanfiction.net/s/3695419/7/My_Gilded_Life

FROM Partially Kissed Hero By: Perfect Lionheart http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4240771/48/Partially_Kissed_Hero
I get so tired of those 'oh! everything about Harry and Tom's childhood was identical' stories, when, if you actually look at the facts presented, they aren't even similar. In fact, as this rant presents, they could hardly be more different!

People assume Tom was abused at the orphanage, when the only data we are given in the books reveals him as the abuser of his fellows there. That is NOT the same!! Harry was bullied. Tom WAS THE bully!

Harry continued, "Our backgrounds could not have been any more different. The Dursleys neglected and abused me, belittled and humiliated me, insulted me, starved me, beat me, vilified me, dehumanized me to everyone, and made me their personal slave. Young Tom Riddle, on the other hand, made himself master of all he surveyed right under the nose of authority figures who didn't notice his little games - and that was a pattern he expected to go on throughout his life. Which, strictly speaking, it did. The Ministry's actions (aided by a few of his agents inside it sewing disorder and confusion) were so bumbling and incompetent they were effectively useless; while Dumbledore, for his own reasons, let him get away with most of what he wanted to do. All of that lasted right up until I reflected his killing curse back on him - the end of his natural life. So, strictly speaking, he enjoyed that privileged state of being ignored by authority his whole life long - and I've never been free of scrutiny. I was under Dumbledore's watchful eye from before I was born."

Harry wiped tired eyes with his hands. "Even our experiences at Hogwarts are almost in direct opposition to each other. I arrived here well known and loved. But starting with being revealed as a Parselmouth my reputation went south and I started to become hated and vilified. Tom Riddle arrived here as an unknown muggleborn and hated. He was forced to become a toady to more powerful older students to survive after being sorted into Slytherin. However just as my reputation reversed, so did his over time. Ironically, being shown as a Parselmouth was the turning point for both of us, only it was the best thing ever to happen to him. I got befriended by Ron, who made sure I stayed lazy and never studied. Tom made no friends, just allies of convenience, and worked hard, driven to improve his situation."

The tired boy sighed and leaned back, contemplating the morning sky. "Tom was brilliant. He saw he could turn the tables on those he toadied to if he could get more powerful than they were - and he did. It took time. He built his spellcasting ability up fanatically, making himself the most useful follower in the whole House. By doing so he was able to trade his services for greater and greater favors, changing patrons in exchange for bribes and bits of advantage until finally he didn't need a sponsor anymore, he'd already gotten enough from ignorant purebloods to stand on his own if he wanted. But he went on doing as he'd done previously, collecting more and more favors, and more and more resources, until he was a leader in his House and most of his former patrons were now his followers. He'd played them all off against each other until, in the end, he was the only one holding any cards. By then they were forced to accept his stories about being a pureblood 'wrongfully cast off' by the family over a perceived wrong, as it hurt their egos too much to be that deeply in thrall to a halfblood."

Harry scowled at himself. "While I, until this year anyway, squandered any esteem in which I was held, trying so hard to 'fit in' that I could not have done any more damage to my reputation if I'd done it deliberately. My being scared of people drove off any potential allies, and kept me isolated, so any power blocks that were forming didn't have me in them. So now, in the space of two short years, I've gone from most popular person in the wizarding world to an isolated hermit with only two friends. A mighty reversal indeed, and just exactly the opposite of what happened to Riddle."

“The One with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches,” Harry began, reading from notes that Hermione had retrieved from her book bag. “Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies… And the Dark Lord will mark Him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not… And either must die at the hands of the other for neither can live while the other survives.”

“And the two of you have been thinking about it and discussing it with each other?” Sensei asked.
Harry and Hermione nodded. “And using the dictionary a lot,” Harry added. “And that book that sounds like a dinosaur.”
“A thesaurus,” Hermione giggled.
“So what do you think it means?” Sensei asked.
“It’s rubbish,” Harry said.
“Could mean anything,” Hermione added.
“In order to come up with any meaning, you have to assume things.”
“To many things.”
“For example?” Sensei asked.
“The One,” Harry said.
“All we can know for certain it ‘the One’ is a male,” Hermione added. “We have to assume it’s a human or, better yet a wizard. For all we know it’s a lion.”
“Or a dragon,” Harry added.
Hermione giggled. “Harry likes the dragon idea.”
“And ‘power’ could mean loads of things as well,” Harry said. “All this tells us it the ‘One’ has it and this Dark Lord thingie knows it not. What kind of power? And the word is even more - ambiguous, Hermione told me - as it could mean a single power or many.”
Hermione then began listing things and seemed to be counting off on her fingers. “Physical? Mental? Intellectual? Magical? Economic? Political? Military? Electrical? Nuclear? Athletic? Charismatic? Persuasive? Logic? Er -” Hermione then blushed.
“Sexual,” Harry continued reading from their notes, “romantic, comedic, creative, literary, musical, destructive, constructive, deceptive, manipulative, cunning, stealth, love, the ability to make friends and influence people? The list could be endless.”
“Vanquish,” Hermione went on, “that could have several meanings as well such as: kill, defeat, drive away, scare away, frustrate and it could apply to the physical being, ideas, beliefs, philosophies and who knows what.”
“Excellent,” Sensei said. “Continue.”
“Is the title ‘Dark Lord’ unique to Voldemort?” Harry asked.
“He used it, or at least his followers did,” Sensei said, “but no. That mantle has been placed on many a leader or want-to-be leader of evil witches and wizards throughout history.”
“So it could mean a Dark Lord who has yet to show his ugly mug?”
“Indeed it could,” Sensei said with a grin.
“And approaches is wooly as well,” Hermione added. “I mean honestly? Physically approaches? Is coming soon to a theater near you approaches?”
Harry laughed. “I liked that one.”
“Approaches in time? Is growing in his power approaches? Could mean anything!”
“Very good. Next?” Sensei said encouraging his students.
“The next two phrases suggest birth,” Harry said. “As in I was born on my birthday. But that too is an assumption. I mean a legend can be born at some other time when others recognize him as a legend, right? There are other meanings as well, but these two result in far different interpretations given the rest of the words.”
“The ‘One’ was ‘born to those’,” Hermione continued. “This could mean parents. But it could also mean family, clan, community, country, a whole bunch of thoses. So, he could have been given birth physically or metaphysically by parents, family, clan, community or whatever, couldn‘t he?”
“Thrice is certain,” Harry said, “or as certain as any word in this waffle can be - three times.”
“Defied him is not,” Hermione continued. “Defied has a bunch of possible meanings and him could mean either the One or the Dark Lord!”
“Born as the seventh month dies is perhaps the most clear statement in this entire thing,” Harry went on. “The obvious choice is the end of the seventh calendar month. What calendar, though? July as we know it? But what if it’s the old roman calendar - that would mean late May or early June to us. What about the Celtic one - early July then…”
“The seventh month in the Celtic calendar, Duir. ends on July 7th in our calendar,” Hermione added.
“And all of this assumed a calendar is involved at all,” Harry said after smiling at Hermione then sticking his tongue out, to which she replied in kind. “I mean, it could mean the seventh month after some unspecified date of significance other than the beginning of a new year.”
“Excellent!” Sensei said. “Next?”
“And the Dark Lord will mark his as his equal,” Harry continued. “Well, we know this means some Dark Lord and whoever or whatever the One is, but mark as equal? Is this a physical mark? A tattoo? Is it a sign? A ring? A badge? Or is it more symbolic?”
“As in?”
“Well, let’s assume we are talking wizards, which there’s no clue whatsoever that such is the case. If a powerful wizard took on an apprentice or declared another his heir or something like that, would not that show that the other might be said powerful wizard’s equal in his eyes?”
“Bloody hell!” Sensei exclaimed. “I’ve been thinking about this rubbish for over one hundred and fifty years and I never considered that! That’s brilliant, Harry!”
Harry blushed. “Thank you,” he said softly.
“But he will have power the Dark Lord knows not,” Hermione went on, “and we are once again faced with the One, the Dark Lord and power, all of which have too many possible meanings. Next bit is the statement that this Dark Lord does not know the power the One has. What does that mean? Lacks knowledge? He does not believe in it? Ignorance? Intellectual incapability of grasping the concept? Does not understand or refuses to? It’s over his head? Could this be some non-magical power? Do wizards understand guns, for example?”
“Most do not,” Sensei said.
“So it could be technology, couldn’t it? But, then again, it could be anything.”
“Very good,” Sensei smiled.
“And either must die at the hands of the other,” Harry went on, “This one seems clear, but it’s not. It would seem to define the term ‘vanquish’ but it does not. The only thing that seems certain is one of them will die and the other will be the cause of that death. The clear reading suggests a duel. That’s what I thought at first.
“But then I remembered one of the only movies my Uncle let me see on the telly. It was “The Battle of Britain” about the Germans trying to bomb England and the Royal Air Force trying to stop them. Bombs killed people on the ground, but they were dropped from so high up that the Germans could not see who they killed. Yet did they not have a hand in the killing? Did not the pilot have a hand by flying the plane to London? Did not the bombardier when he dropped the bombs? Did not the fighter pilots when they protected the bombers from being shot down?
“A general plans a battle yet does not take part, does he not have a hand in the deaths that follow? A bad guy hires an assassin to kill a rival, does he not have a hand in that death? I read a book recently on the Norman Conquest. William was losing the Battle of Hastings when one of his archers got lucky and hit Harold Godwinson - leader of the Anglo-Saxons - in the eye, killing him. The Anglo-Saxons soon fled the field. Did not William have a hand in Harold’s death? Did not that archer have a hand in the conquest of England? The phrase does not necessarily mean to kill personally, but merely bring about the death of the other.”
“Outstanding!” Sensei said. “And the last bit?”
“For neither can live while the other survives,” Hermione said. “Harry and I agree this is the only bit that is not totally open to interpretation, but it still has more than one meaning.”
“One is that they both will die,” Harry said.
“But why the terms ‘live’ and ‘survive’?”
“We figured these words were not chosen at random,” Harry explained. “Survive means ‘live’ as in to be alive physically. I survive so long as I still breathe, right?”
“But,” Hermione added, “live can mean far more than just breathing. It can mean to have hopes and dreams and desires and ambitions and have the opportunity to bring them about.”
“So we figure,” Harry went on, “that what this means is each of them has some plans for the future, but neither of their plans can come about unless the other of them is dead and buried.”
“It’s the only bit of the whole puzzle that can have a somewhat certain meaning,” Hermione finished.
“Put it altogether and what do you have?” Sensei asked almost beaming.
“Honestly,” Hermione said, “you can have anything. It is what the hearer wants to think it is.”
“Yeah,” Harry nodded. “Rubbish is what it is.”
“Top marks to both of you!” Sensei said.
This is from http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5178251/13/30_Minutes_That_Changed_Everything

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Luminosity is similar to "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality" in that the most significant difference is to the protagonist's rationality skills: Luminosity's Bella is a rational, smart self-knowledge junkie who wants to know what is going on in her brain. The story hugs canon pretty closely to start except in terms of inner monologue until chapter 4, and then it's unrecognizable. Elspeth, the narrator of "Radiance", is a semi-original character with her own approach to the theme. The Flashes will be mostly in third person and cover a wide variety of characters.

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Not all in my Favorite Stories are GOOD keep in in minde

Feb 2, 2014: Several articles have reported on an interview JKR gave to Wonderland Magazine. From the Sunday Times: "I wrote the Hermione/Ron relationship as a form of wish fulfilment. That’s how it was conceived, really. For reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with me clinging to the plot as I first imagined it, Hermione ended up with Ron." From BBC News: "Ron and Hermione [...] would have needed counselling to sustain a relationship." From Sky News (AP): "Hermione [...] would have been better off with hero Harry."

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--Worm --
"Mover, Shaker,

Brute and Breaker.

Master, Tinker,

Blaster, Thinker.

Striker, Changer,

Trump and Stranger!"

--rhyme from Ch16 @ The Messenger by Stillwind11

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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Friendship/Horror - Chapters: 14 - Words: 56,816 - Reviews: 35 - Favs: 153 - Follows: 260 - Updated: 7/5 - Published: 12/16/2016 - [Harry P., Tom R. Jr.] Hermione G.
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Worm - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 24 - Words: 289,207 - Reviews: 586 - Favs: 1,367 - Follows: 1,525 - Updated: 2/19 - Published: 7/30/2015 - [Skitter, Panacea]
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Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 11 - Words: 33,415 - Reviews: 675 - Favs: 1,213 - Follows: 1,432 - Updated: 11/15/2007 - Published: 6/13/2007 - Harry P., Ginny W.
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Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 14 - Words: 55,145 - Reviews: 408 - Favs: 398 - Follows: 578 - Updated: 10/30/2007 - Published: 1/24/2007 - Harry P., Ginny W.
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