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Hello fellow readers and writers! I realize it has been a couple years since I have updated my stories, but I've been going through a lot of growing and my education required much of my attention (I created this account in Jr. High, and now I'm taking college classes). Currently I am at a decision stand-still with potential careers, so I'm using this as an opportunity to branch out on my love for writing. On this profile you will find my first (and incomplete) attempt at writing a book and a precursor for my series idea. Whether I will complete these is undetermined, but if I do, there will be extensive revisions to the stories and plots.

In order to remember and keep track of plot and character musings, I will be writing a collection of short stories on FictionPress. Please give me feedback on them, as I would love to know what catches my readers' attention so that I may organize a story outline and character backgrounds!

Immortal Blood is about a young 15-year-old girl named Akai (uh-kI) who lives a normal life with nothing going for her. Until she discovers that her guardians are not her real parents. She has been planned for something since birth; knowing this, she decides to leave her long-time home for answers and along the way meets Jaden, a vampire, Elizabeth, a witch, an Evolutionary warlock (once thought to be demons) name Mikel, and many more. With their help, Akai will uncover who she really is, reveal hidden powers, and realize her destiny, which may include saving an entire race of people...

The Demon Flame Chronicles: Blood Bond (book one) centers around a 17-year-old girl named Dilann. She and her guy-friend, Aeron, are orphans who grew up together and take on life head-strong. All of that changes when mysterious people begin to show up wherever she goes. Three of them are Liamm, Ammaniel, (both hell-demons) and Abakis (a fire/wind demon). When they find Dilann, they tell her that she is an Ember, a descendent of a most powerful demon. She is needed to protect the existance of humankind. If it is destroyed, both humans and demons will perish, but she must become stronger in order to wield demon magik. This is possible, however, it can only be accessable through two ways...

P.S. All stories and/or poems written by me are copyrighted.

I haven't written or updated anything in nearly two years! For this I am completely apologetic, but now things have changed! Once again I am inspired! Also, all future writing will be available on FictionPress. Thanks for all the support!

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To be updated... it will be rated M
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