Neverending Odyssey
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Poll: How should Raito have gotten his tattoo? Traditional ones are are a sign of prestige: expensive, time consuming and painful - something Takamiya definitely would have appreciated. However, they are linked to liver problems. Modern ones are just cheap. Vote Now!
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Author has written 2 stories for Death Note, and Code Geass.


Not sure who will be interested in checking out my bio, but if you're here, let me warn you: there's not much to say about plain old me.

I'm nineteen and I love reading, especially fanfiction. Although I have an entire community of plotbunnies running rampant in my mind, I have never really written anything until now (well... this was a pretty insistent bunny: it would not be denied).

Ah. And if you want to see what passes on in my head when I write or even to find about my work's progress, just check my livejournal account: http:///. I also put some information regarding some elements used in the story that couldn't be explained in length there (like the yakuza strucutre).

Have fun! (hopefully)

Okay guys. For anyone wondering about my long absence, RL has been extremely busy these past few months, first with my trip, then my full-time summer job, then Code Geass... and finally university and all my extracurricular activities. So yeah. Don't expect an update soon. I'm going to try my best but writing really is not my priority at the moment. Sorry.

I WILL NOT ABANDON MY STORY HOWEVER. So no need to fear on that regard. The update will just take... a while.


Current work

The Prince

Okay. I'm not giving a summary here (you can always find that next to the story) but the idea behind it. This fic is basically trying to explore the possibilies behind a Raito raised under much harsher conditions. Admit it, he had a pretty perfect life until the Death Note showed up. So, what would happen if his life wasn't so rosy? What I'm trying to do here is to strip him of all his foundations and force him to grow up in a world violently different than upper-middle class suburbs. How would his character, shaped by vastly opposing circumstances, affect his use of the Death Note? After all, a criminal has no business judging other criminals.

It would be vastly hypocritical, no?

And here's the link to the wonderful fanart drawn by Khaoshound:


And a cute collage of Raito in a kimono by avec_ai:


Unposted, Unwritten and Untitled

Correction: The-Boy-Beyond-L

It's about time I edit this section. Don't know when I'll write it but I pretty much have a vague plot outlined in my head. It's just actually planning it out and writing it that's going to take a while (especially with The Prince being so time-consuming. So here's the summary:

They expected him to become L's replacement. /They/ expected him to be their 'Chosen One'. They all expected wrongly. He Was Beyond them. He was a Child of Death. Here is the truth behind BB. (DNxHP crossover)

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