Slayde Demise and Alexia Rose
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Need to try and get back into this, it helped me through some tough times... I'll be attempting to write again, just don't hold your breath!

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Current Obsession: I always seem to end up with some kind of obsession before it moves onto something else. It can vary from something physical to something as simple as sleeping. The current one is shoes. Yeah, how typically girly huh? =P

Favourite Sonic crew pairings (In order):















Made it myself, feel free to copy it!

This is what a villian should look like. all credit goes to MaRaMa-TGS. I had no part in it just thought it was an awesome drawing. - Links don't work anymore :(

Planned stories:

Stories shall be arranged:

Name - universe *If applicable Post-Games means a few years after* (Pairings *If any/decided*)



Doomsday (Reimagined) - Post Sonic 06 (ShadAmy SonOC)

This is here because I think it really needs a rewrite. It took me 4 years to write and I changed a lot during that time. Some of the stuff in the early chapters is weird because I was going through a phase. If I do rewrite this I will be posting it all in one go rather than chapter by chapter and it will become the new cannon.


Darkside - Post-Games (ShadAmyxSpall(OC)xClaire(OC) AmyxOC love mess) (Well it's a love pentagon)

Indirect sequel to Doomsday - Needs better description, quite gory. Needs work, might remove the intended lemon and just continue the story with it being hinted.


Slash - Post Games

Side story of those wondering just what happened to Slayde during his time in the other universe. Not a yaoi. Notes are barely made on here but I do have a story laid out.


Origins - Post-Games/Post-Sonic X (Secret)

Sequel to Doomsday 2012. This story is set to tell the readers more about the origins of all the current characters in the Book of Truth world. Will contain a lot of flash back.


The Chaos Theory - Games with Sally from SatAM (ShadAmy, SonAlly)

The Chaos Emeralds have always been a source of good and bad to those who knew how to use them. But when the Emeralds suddenly lose their stability and detonate what will be the result to the surrounding areas?


Imperfect Harmony - AU, World where Sonic team are at highschool (ShadAmy)

"I'm a popular cheerleader. Why would he ever like me? We're completely different!" "I'm just a loner at the top of my classes. Why would she ever like me? We're completely different!"

K-T (Oneshot)

Trails of Freedom Fighters - SatAM (SonAlly)

Pre-Doomsday. With the completion of the Doomsday Project nearing, Sonic and crew must kick it into high gear, but what happens when it all goes wrong? (Some Mobians from other universes to later join the freedom fighters including: Shadow, Amy, Knuckles)


Wrong Side of the Bed - Games

Sonic gets into a battle with Robotnik as usual, but when he uses the Chaos Emeralds something goes terribly wrong and warps reality, causing Sonic to pass out. When he comes to he finds himself in bed. He gets up slowly to realise he just got out of the side of the bed that he has a wall against. Wait who's bed is this? - Body swap, just for fun. May never get past idea phase.


Bully - AU World where Sonic team are at school (ShadAmy, maybe TaiReam, KnuckOuge and SonAlly.)

After years of being bullied something snaps in Shadow's mind. After years of being bullied the same happens to Amy. When they catch each other doing horrific deeds will they become partners in crime, or partners in a cell? Likely would be a very gory and slightly horrific story. I'm not so emo anymore so this probably won't ever get wrote, sorry!


Random fact about me: I am addicted to passive smoking, despite the fact I have never smoked in my life. Stupid nicotine.

Chapter Progression: (The star means I'm working on that story as you read this. It won't be there while I'm not on the computer.)

When All Else Fails (Chapter Five): 0% I've wrote some of this next chapter but I can't give it a percentage. Anyone want to see this one come back?

When All Things Fail (Prologue & Chapter One): Finished (Chapter Two): 0% I will probably work on this sporadically as I don't plan on releasing it until WAEF's is finished.

Doomsday 2012: 100%

Origins (Previously Curse of the Black Emerald) (Working on prequel): Has been started. Will continue working on it whenever I get some kind of brainwave for notes.

The Chaos Theory (Prologue): 60% Hiatus. Got a better idea on what I'm doing now. I'll probably not write this one for a while however.

Seven Deadly sins (Chapter One): 50% Hiatus, not that anyone will care anyway, lol.

Darkside (Chapter Three): 30% On hiatus. Really needs continuing. Doomsday is done and this is next in line but for the life of me I can't get past this next chapter.


Name: Slayde Demise

Age: 21?

Sex: Male

Orientation: Straight

Occupation: None (Hermit)

Powers: Chaos, elite armed combat.

Appearance: Hedgehog; similar to Shadow in colouring except that everywhere Shadow has red he has blue, including his eyes. Oddly also has the same air shoes as Shadow, except in blue of course.

Description: A strange guy who can't seem to make up his mind on how to behave. Well, read and you'll see =3

Quote: “Fine, I’ll show you the power of pride.”

Out of: Doomsday, Darkside (Referred to)


Name: Spall

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Orientation: Straight

Occupation: None (Inherited fortune)

Powers: Currently none.

Appearance: A fully purple hedgehog with quills in a messy style as if trying to copy Shadow's.

Description: A sweet naïve guy who would love to meet his hero, Shadow the Hedgehog. One day Spall stumbles across a body in a clearing in a park near his house, dragging him into a murder investigation that's far beyond anything he could have imagined...

Quote: “They were yellow. That’s just odd. I’ll put them in this conveniently placed vase next to you, seems to already be filled with water too. How convenient. Hospitals are weird.”

Out of: Darkside


Name: Alexia

Age: Unknown, looks mid twenties, at least 70.

Sex: Female

Orientation: Bisexual

Occupation: Varies on story, Teacher in When All Else Fails/When All Things Fail

Powers: Unknown

Appearance: A almost fully black hedgehog with purple stripes on quills and arms, quills come down to waist, two helix piercings on right ear, scaffold on the left. Dark Amethyst purple eyes. Tongue piercing.

Description: An odd woman with an odd past. Many things do not make sense with her unless you know more about her than she tells willingly.

Quote: “No matter how old I get I always seem to end up getting surprised.”

Out of: When All Else Fails/When All Things Fail, Darkside


Name: Terra

Age: Unknown, looks early to mid twenties, could be as old as 40.

Sex: Female

Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Slave to a wealthy man in Doomsday is freed by Sonic through unorthodox methods.

Powers: Strong Chaos powers, elemental Earth powers.

Appearance: (Coming soon...)

Description: From the village of Chaos. A small place full of Chaos users trying to learn all of the secrets Chaos holds. Some of the members of the village are stronger than any of Sonic crew as they've been training since birth.

Quote: “But that’s exactly the thing! Darkness is not evil. It’s how darkness is used that makes it good or evil. It’s power that corrupts, but only those who let it.”

Out of: Doomsday,


Name: Luna Rose

Age: Immortal, aging ceased/ceasing at 24

Sex: Female

Orientation: Asexual, hasn't displayed an interest in either male or females.

Occupation: GUN agent

Powers: Strong Chaos powers, immortality gained from her father, Shadow

Appearance: Much like a female version of Shadow in terms of colour, except her stripes are pink after her mother Amy. Often will have her quills down like her mothers always were but they're very had to tame due Shadow's DNA and will often be spiking up like his if she doesn't deal with them. Usually wears leather boots, dark blue jeans and various coloured tank tops/t-shirts.

Description: Daughter to Shadow and Amy Rose, has a more powerful version of Shadow's immortality due to her blood being a mix of his and Amy's. Could theoretically be more powerful than her father, but she holds little to no interest in becoming so. Enjoys being a GUN agent and ensures that they keep their eyes off hunting her father.

Quote: "A life of eternity, isn't meant for mourning."

Out of: Chaos Control Works in Mysterious Ways

(FAN CHARACTERS IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION A.K.A - Laziness/Procrastination) Please ask permission before usage!

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