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Author has written 5 stories for Naruto, and Vampire Knight.

THEME SONG: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xln2YDnhzsM (To all those guys that thought i wouldn't be anything in the past and now look at me...)

Quotes, from yours truly:

"Your love is the music that keeps me at peace."

"You either have a dream, or you have a nightmare, or you have nothing at all."

"I'm an insane person in a sane world..."

"It's like I live in a world of torture, its called reality."

"You still kick ass, but you do it in a different way than most people do it, you do it in a fashion that makes someone feel retarded due to how you use your wordplay." ~ What my friend Patrick thinks of me. :)

Enter the labyrinth of my world, we are here together once again.

A place where I'm telling what I am, who I am, what could be taking place, through only my eyes as I see it.

Now, let your mind wander. Imagine. I'm going to show you.

A young maturing woman, seventeen years of age. Jaw length, ink black hair. Deep, dark, rich brown eyes, so dark they could be mistaken as black. They bore into the soul of the person she's looking at, knowing your feelings without stating them.

What of this girl?

She has the up most good intentions, but her ways most of the time are unlawful, when she is not thinking correctly.

Bubbly, laid-back, opinionated, kind, gentle, thoughtful, empathetic, sincere, temperamental. The second side of her is sarcastic, old, witty, cunning, sly. But regardless of either personality, she's extremely modest and mildly insane, but who isn't. -insert smile here-

She loves her family dearly. Would do anything for the friends she adores, and curious of those she has yet to meet.

What of her life in this world?

What of her nights in this world?

Those questions cannot be answered, nor should even tried for even should we try, we do not succeed.

Somethings are meant to be kept secrets, not told. Everyone had secrets, and some were necessary to keep. Even to the death.

Should these things be found out, before time, in which why they should? Maybe... Maybe not.

Secrets. Thoughts. Pains...

Dreams. Wonders. Imagination...

Welcome to her world. Enter if you dare.

~Mistress Brya

Now, the characters for my stories: The things beside the story title are their banners!

Bullshit is Eight Letters, So is I Love You:

Name: Kasumi Tamiya (Kasu, Sumi)
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Hair: Inky black hair that is first long to the small of her back before she decides to cut it all off.
Eyes: Dark brown, almost black eyes.
Power: Ice

Forbidden Love:

Name: Akira (Kira or Aki)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Hair: Neon pink hair
Eyes: Crimson red eyes
Power: Lightning

My Mysterious Lover:

Name: Saki Natume (Kiki)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Hair: Mahogany brown hair that falls just to her shoulder.
Eyes: Golden brown eyes
Power: Earth

Restful Night:

Name: Hikari Shinoen (Kari)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Hair: White
Eyes: Sapphire blue eyes
Power: Light

Under The Mask:

Name: Melani Asuika (Mellie)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Hair: Blue hair
Eyes: Onyx black eyes.
Power: Air

We Are the Same in Every Way:

Name: Akiko Hitomi
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Hair: Platinum blond hair
Eyes: Emerald Green eyes (Even though that's not her actual eye color...)
Power: Fire



My stories will not be on Hiatus anymore, I finally have a computer but updating will be awkward because I may not be able to update all the time due to my new career for the next four years, but that shouldn't be to big of a problem.

I am an enlisted United States Sailor, so when duty calls, I may disappear for a time.

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