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Author has written 3 stories for Naruto.

FanFiction UpDates:

Open Up: I have some horrible news... I apparently didn't write any thing new to this FanFict in more then 60 days, and it got deleted, so the 3000 words I wrote are now down the drain. I feel depressed about this, so it'll take me a bit to... start working on the newest chapter to Open Up. I'm so sorry.

Lotus Patch: Haven't started on the new chapter for Lotus Patch. Still has been too laaaaaazy! I'll try do something about that soon!

Trust or Betrayal: Update: 3/26/10 10000+ Words wirtten so far! Hoping to get chapter 6 out in a few days!

Hello! Here's a little about my self.

Name: Erm... just call me Somnia or Memorias.

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Hobbies: Playing Guitar Hero II & III, Rock Band and Rock Band 2. -If you play it for the Xbox 360, and would maybe like to play online with me, then send me a message with your GamerTag. :)- Playing Guitar, Bass, and KeyBoard. Maple Story (Broa for the win!). Reading FanFicts. Writing. Playing Games.

Music: I'm a Metal/Rock person. :3

Favorite Anime: Rurouni Kenshin, DragonBall Z, Trigun, OutLaw Star, CowBoy BeBop, Naruto, Shaman King, Bleach, much more.

Reason Behind UserID: Somnia Memorias is one of my favorite songs, even though it's not Metal or Rock. Somnia is latin for Dreams, and Memorias is latin for Memories. (I'm not mexican. I'm like... sort of part mexican... like 1/4 mexican. o.o Oh, and no, I don't speak spanish. I only know like... a few words.)

Thinking Works In Progress:

I'm thinking of making a NejixHinata fanfict. Erm, I have alot of detail for this one, but I don't want to post anything about it and some one evil comes and steals my idea! Sorry. For the name... I'm not sure on that one.

I have an idea for another SasuxHina fict (Yes, another one. Huzzah!). It's going to be Romance/Humor... I think. I'm sure of the Romance part, but not on the humor. It'll most likely be rated 'T' because of language. But I might decide to add a lime scene in there... not sure. As for the name, I was thinking of Sailor Sun? The name is all the hints you're getting! Though some one might already made a FanFict like this... so I'll have to do some investigating.

I don't have any details what so ever about this one (Well, a little bit, but I've no idea about the plot line and how it'd end.), but I would like to make a ShikamaruxHinata FanFict. Reason behind the pairing is because I was looking through the Search Engin of different pairings. My usual search's involve Hinata and Sasuke, Hinata and Itachi, Hinata and Deidara, Hinata and Kakashi, Hinata and Gaara. And I was like 'Eh... I think I'm going to pick a different person.' So I picked Shikamaru because he's a cool guy, and found a few really nice FanFicts of the couple. All of them haven't been completed (Except for the One-shots), so I've been a little disappointed with that. All the more reason why I want to make my own. x)

I won't start working on either FanFict until 'Open Up' or 'Trust or Betrayal' is done.

FanFict Requests: I'm new at writing FanFicts. Open Up, Lotus Patch and Trust or Betrayal are the only FanFict related thing I've written/writing. So if you have an Naruto FanFict request(I'm only going to start with Naruto at the moment because it's the only anime I'm sort of into right now, sorry!), and would like me to make the FanFict, send me the details of what kind of FanFict you would like to read through a Message, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. :3 I've never wrote any thing Yaoi or Yuri, but I'm willing to give it a shot. (Oh! And if I could ask, if you want me to write a Fict for you, and its a romance fict, please don't let the main character chick be Sakura. I mean I'll write it, but I don't like Sakura... xD )

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Open Up reviews
While running away from Orochimaru, Sasuke ends up having amnesia. Since she found him, Hinata thinks its her duty to protect him from a cruel fate he doesn't know he should have. But is Sasuke being truthful? R&R Please. Based from the Korn Song Open Up.
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