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A Little Too Not Over You - Set in 2018, when Nick Gray is a 25 year old billionaire who has everything except love. After being heartbroken by the girl he truly loves, Miley Stewart, he moved away to Dallas to manage the Grays International Corporate there. After receiving an invitation to Miley's wedding Nick returns to Malibu to celebrate his niece, Amy, birthday's party. Everyone there caught surprise by his return since he had never contacted them for nearly two years, nor does he answer their calls. After telling what he really feels to Amy on her birthday, Nick tore up the invitation and threw it into the cold ocean water. The next day he wakes up in his old Malibu beach house and gets licked by his golden retriever, Elvis. The only problem is that Elvis was hit by a drunken driver and died, and the year isn't 2018 its November 5th 2015. And the next day was one of the most memorable days in Nick's life, the very day he first met Miley. After realizing what has happen he tries his hardest to change the future, and realizes why Miley left him, and does everything to get the love from Miley that he misses and propose to her before it's too late.

A Second Chance At Love - Nick Gray and Miley Stewart have been married for the last four years. Truthfully to say, they were married. After Miley sees Nick with another woman in his office she files for divorce. Since being separate for several months, Miley and Nick receive a call from Demi Monroe, a childhood friend, who is now Joe's fiancée. Since they have not told either side of their family of their separation, everybody believes that they are still married. Nick and Miley finally decided to return to Barton Creek, Texas to attend the wedding. In the eyes of Nick's family they are the happy couple but in reality they hate each other because of two misunderstandings. As they pretend to be the happy couple they learn that their love for each other is still there. As Nick learns what Miley is dealing with while they are married, he tries everything he can to get his wife back.

Best Man & Maid of Honor - Nick Gray, the youngest son of Kevin Gray Sr., is going to help his older brother Joe with something life changing. When Joe proposed to his girlfriend Lilly, Nick changed him job from being CEO of Grays Corporation, to the best man of Joe's wedding. As the best man he was to plan the wedding with the maid of honor, Miley, who also happen to be the daughter of Kevin Sr.'s best friend. Rumors start to spread that they're dating after series of outings in Manhattan. They might not be pop stars, but being kids of two different eminent economical billionaires can make them America's Most Wanted for the entertainment industry. A lot can happen from December to February 14th, the wedding day, and also the three month anniversary of the day Nick and Miley first meet, back in December.

JONAS: Mission 2 Escape - Nick, Joe, Kevin are the Chief Executives of one of the most powerful governmental agency in the world besides the FBI and CIA, called JONAS (Justice Operations and National Agency of Security). When three escapees are on the loose, they are sent on another mission by their father, Chief Director of JONAS and are going back to Malibu. Nick and Miley begins dating, while Joe tries to convince himself that he in is indeed in love with Lilly, but she becomes a little distant since one of the men they're after is her father Peter Truscott. Just when everything they're doing is totally out of control, one of the men they're after is dead, with a threatening note attached by a knife on his bloody body. It seems that everywhere they turn, someone can be a suspect. More threatening things come along the way, and a mystery guy, who is never seen until near the end of the mission, appears, trying to kill Nick, Joe, and Kevin.

Mission 42: SWAT Bodyguard - Nick Gray is a 26 year old born into a multi-millionaire family working as a New York S.W.A.T Division Leader. When his boss Max comes to his office, he is forced to listen to his impatience. Finding out that Max got word from the New York Commissioner Wilkes, Nick is asked to another mission, in Malibu. Once he realizes that the assignment he's doing is to protect the daughter of another multi-millionaire, he is more than happy to find out that the person he's going to protect is Miley Stewart, the daughter of TV producer Robby Ray Stewart he is more than pleased to go on this mission. Once finding out that she receive anonymous letters from a mad man believed to be Michael Larkin, he spends almost every minute of his time to be with Miley, and along the way develops feelings. He tries to find the man suspected to be behind this; as things get difficult for him he has nothing to do except remain strong. Nick also must accept the fact that the paparazzis wouldn't give them a break since his arrival in Malibu.

My Life with Joseph Gray - Joe Gray is a bachelor, a millionaire, and a New York bestselling author of a popular mystery series called Daniel Blade, who lives in Manhattan. During the premiere of his latest Daniel Blade book he is confronted by two men and a beautiful blonde-haired woman name Lilly Truscott from the NYPD. Being taken in to help with an investigation about recent deaths that match the descriptions of the people that were killed in his book series, Joe quickly catches the attention of Lilly, but she is more worried about the investigation over the innocent deaths. After the investigation is finally closed and the murderer is captured and sitting in jail, Joe quickly assembled a way to stay at NYPD to be close to Lilly. After getting help from the mayor he stays at the department with the excuse of staying to do research for a new series that he's writing about a stubborn yet kindhearted and loving detective living in Manhattan, who just so happens to be base off of Lilly.

Our High School Reunion - It's been ten years since the 2010 Sea View High School seniors has graduated. On the night of the 10 year reunion Miley and Nick are reunited under unlikely terms. Nick and Miley's flashbacks reveals that they met during their junior year when Miley has just move to Malibu, and next door to Nick's family. Continuous flashbacks reveals that Nick and Miley relationship was always more than a simple friendship that many thought to be. Flashbacks reveal that Nick was secretly crushing on Miley every since he got to know her, and so does Miley. High schools past on by with the championship game that Miley helped Nick win, Senior Prom where Nick and Miley were Prom King and Queen, exams, and college applications. Since graduation Nick and Miley haven't been in contact and their 10th Year Reunion is the time for them to be the couple that they weren't in high school. God has plans for their two people binned by destiny.

You Belong With Me - Nick is the typical young business man New York City has to offer. Besides being young, rich, and handsome, Nick's basic life is consumed by work. After a mistake Nick soon meets the woman of his dreams. After a long chat with a mysterious and charming brunette named Miley, Nick soon discover there's more to that woman of his dreams then he realize. Since the meeting with the woman who would soon turn his world upside Nick soon discovered that Miley is the daughter of his father's business partner. Fate has a way of messing up Nick's life and this is one of those times. Nick seems to be able to get every woman he wants even though he has never loved someone before. This is the first time that Nick has ever fallen in love with a woman, but Nick's career still seems to be more important. Will Nick be able to realize that his career is ruining his life? Destiny is the key, and Nick seems to be able to work well with it.

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Hiding in Plain Sight by limona reviews
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After her divorce, Bella starts a new life with her son. She soon meets a handsome doctor, who is dealing with his own loss and is struggling to raise his two kids. It's a story of finding strength during adversity and learning to love again
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Miley is a reporter for E! News and Nick is starting his solo career. They meet and start dating. Will their jobs and insecurities get in the way of their being together? Future fic based off HM, not real life, NILEY, of course COMPLETED.
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A Second Chance At Love reviews
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Team M, ohmyjonastheyarehot, missing in imagination, achievergurl07, XoXoNiLeY2010, ColourMyWorld, LostInTheCloudx3, xoxo.tihs, and I will be judging this contest in order to give one writer the chance to become the next biggest star on FF.
Hannah Montana - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 26,466 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 4/9/2010 - Published: 3/21/2010
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