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HELLO PEOPLE, TIS ME THE WONDERFUL, CRAZY PERSON WHO LOVES YOU ALL FOR READING HER SUCKISH PROFILE! I'm not that mean... Anywho on with my life and crazy profile of nothing! >:D... Please check back daily for updates on my profile. I try to do so everyday, though some days I may be unable to do so.

July 10, 2008. Thursday 10:16 AM

I have gotten five reviews I will be starting the next chapter of the story but I won't post it till I have ten reviews. Thank you for your comments! THis goes to the people who reviewed

July 8, 2008. Tuesday 9:00 AM

Nothing new.

July 7, 2008. Monday 5:45 PM

Nothing new to report on. I have been having fun than with this new program where I get to talk with a mic and control my computer with it. It is quite amusing. I even did a recording of my voice of a song I wrote -. I am hoping to figure out how to put it on here so that you people can listen to it. I'll probably put it as a background music on my site...

July 6, 2008. Sunday 12:40 PM

Good Afternoon (or good morning) Everyone! I think I shall post the preface for my new story (not a fanfiction) on my profile in a few moments if you wish to check back on my Bio. It shall be posted here, and if you want more information then PM me. I already am determined to right the story. SO look for it.

Check out my site:

July 5, 2008. Saturday 2:54 PM

Hello everyone. If I get more reviews then I will continue my story. I will not be saying anything more about my story until I can continue it (if I do).

I shall be spending more of my time on my site and a different story that will not be on fanfiction (most likely)...

Thank you!

Call me Ice or whatever else you wish to call me. No I will not tell you my name or my age because I do not think you worthy of that info. I can be mental sometimes but don't hate me for it. I am somewhat stubborn and I hate shopping. I hate math. I love science. I hate school, okay you get it.

I am more on the short side and about 100 pounds. Okay I am probably about Alice Cullen's height. 4'11", 4'9". I have dyed and cut my hair many times. First, I normally had blonde hair which was about down to my butt. I have thick hair. When I was, I think 6 years old, I cut it very short but I hated it because the hair people didn't do it the right way. As it started to grow out, my hair became darker and darker till it was brown. That was when it was about shoulder length. Then about 2 to three months ago I got it cut to maybe my chin or a little longer and died it a mixture of reds. Soon I dyed it darker, then now I have dark red hair with blonde and bright red high lights and my hair is shoulder length.

I have blue or green eyes (depends on whose telling me). I have many freckles. Okay summing up my description: I have dark red hair, with blonde and bright red highlights. Most of the time my hair is straight but when it isn't I have it up in a pony tail and try to hide it, I hate my hair curly... Like I said I am very short, 4'9 1/2". But I have an abundent amount of crazy energy and can't be put down easily. I have blue or green eyes that have very large pupils. Normally us blue eyed girls do but yeah. My right side and left side of my face are not equal, my right side is lower -.-

I have been asked if I am emo or goth. No I am not, I just like dark colors on me. Some people call me preppy, I think they are insane. I may be hyper but I don't think I am at all preppy. Preppy isn't my thing anymore. Some people think I am a freak, I agree with them. I am a freak, but in a very good way. My dad is obnoxious and acts like a five year old. My mom is fun and energetic. My brother is... um crazy but that's to be expected of him. Me, I am the everyday freak of the family. I have so many nicknames in my family mostly because of my dad >.>...

I love pretty much all animals, except most bugs...they freak me out. I also have problems with some of that supernatural stuff. Not vampires and werewolves though, they rock. I totally get freaked out and get so completely convinced that their real that I swear that I am seeing things... Just white flashes or black shapes though... I have been known to somewhat predict the future in my dreams... nothing specific though. For example, there is this guy I really don't like anymore and I once had a dream that I would get my seat changed. I had to sit next to him but no one told me that, so I was walking around and all the sudden he angerly pulls out my chair and ignores me... Then the next day, he got in trouble, got mad and had to take the seat right behind me! I was all in my head "Are you trying to torture me lady?". I also had a dream that I got beat up in the girls bathroom by a bunch of higher grade kids. At least that one never happened. XD.

Oh! My dad told me we would start fighting for food in 15 years and for the next week, I had nightmares about the world ending. o.O; I blame my dad. Maybe my craziness and weird dreams comes from the fact that my mom accidently hit my head against the wall when I was five, or that over the past five or six years of my life, I have been hit in the head with basket balls, baseballs, footballs, soccerballs, GaGa Balls, Tetherballs, softballs, and a bunch of other stuff. Hahaha. Man, I have had great injuries but I have never broken a bone. My worst injury was cutting my fingers with glass... I decided to carry two vase/dish things and tripped on a step, falling down on my face. I cut three of my fingers and I was crying my head off while my mom tried to stop the bleeding AND wait for my brother's bus. Oh Goodie! A bunch of random kids I don't know get to watch blood drip from my fingers while I scream "MOMMY STOP IT HURTS!!" Man that was fun...Not.

I am really pain tolerent... I got the wind knocked out of me by playing tether ball with dad. I got hit in the chest being pitcher while playing I think with a waffle ball. That really hurt because the dude batting hit it in a straight line for my chest. All the boys were laughing at me :( . Also, when I was walking past a slide, some guy threw a gaga ball straight at my head. Now that didn't hurt! (note the sarcasm).

I can't play sports. I have shin problems, foot and ankle problems, knee problems. I am serious. They aren't horrible but its like I can't run very far without my shins hurting. Just from jumping up and down, I feel like my ankle got wacked against a piece of steel. I'll be in the middle of class and get this feeling that I am going to collapse because my knee feels weird and then I collapse in my seat and lose feeling in my knee...

New injury on June 27, 2008. I hit my head on the counter while trying to flip my hair... Total idiot moment...

I get hurt a lot. So I am used to it. I am not clumzy...I don't think I am. I am VIRGO wooot. September wooot. I hate the song when September ends. Why do I want to miss my birthday? I almost have the same birthday as Bella xD. I don't think I am the same age though...

I fell down the stairs when I was four. I wasn't very smart that year. I was doing leap frog up the stairs and on the last step I tilted backwards and rolled down the stairs, landing on my arm. XD. At least I didn't break anything. My friend stepped on me in the pool and I almost suffocated. My brother almost choked me in the pool because he had me in a headlock. I screamed at him. I got bitten in the face by my grandma's old dog. I have scars across my chest from my dog jumping on me when she got her 10:00PM Crazy attitude. Every night at 10:00 PM for like a year, she would run around the house like a tazmanian devil scratching everyone. One time she scratched me on the eye and I had to go to school with it for a week.

My cat attacked my head when I was trying to sleep so I screamed at her and threw her out of the bedroom xD. I didn't mean to be cruel to her, I was just mad that she was attacking me. I had four chickens and got bitten by one. Yes you can get bitten by chickens and it isn't fun. I've pet a wild duck before -. When I was a little baby in San Diego, I almost got to pet two baby foxes in my backyard.

My favorite type of cat is the Cheetah. My favorite dog is the Shelti. I love wolves and foxes. I love watching Animal Planet (its the only show I watch besides TLC). I like watching movies. I hate the Summer sun and heat. D:

My friends think I should wear lighter colors but I think I look fat in them xD. I wear dark colors because I am trying to lose some weight and don't want people to know... I don't think I am fat but apparently my doctor says I'm 'overweight'. I am only like 4 pounds over the normal weight. SHEESH. xD

I am starting to wear my hair curly instead of straightening it. Unfortunately I can't put it in high ponytails because the lowest layer of hair is cut to like one inch long >.-

I am a very picky eater...really. I pretty much hate every type of food given to me. It isn't that I don't like food, just that it tastes bad >.Um... Oh! I also love drawing, that besides reading and writing. One of the things I recently drew is at under the name Shy_fox_girl0112 Or look for Zunzalite. I might use her in a new book I might write :P. If you want more information about what the Heck she is then PM me or ask through PM if I should post information on her here on my profile!

I love love love Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer. I can't wait for the next book and or the movie. GO ROBERT PATTERSON LOVE THE ACCENT (I'm pretty sure he has one).

I have a bunch of favorite songs and bands. I can't exactly name them all because most of my favorite songs are on a cd that doesn't list the names of any of the singers so I have to go by hearing and guessing to figure out the names... Its quite annoying. Abra Kadabra is a good song. This one called (or I randomly named xD) Staring at the Sun is good. Umm scratches head I can't think of anymore at the moment because the names are still mixed up and I need to get the real song names :P.

Random Quotes from my friends at school and I:

Random Quote #1) Friend: Your jealous cause I'm awesome. Me: Well you're jealous cause I'm not! Friend: So true...

Random Quote #2) Friend: You suck at life! Me: Yes, I do. But I rock at it!

Random Quote #3) Me: You have stupid comebacks... Friend: You are a stupid comeback.

Random Quote #4) Me: Everything that you can't find is in Canada. Why? Because this Canada is at the bottom of the ocean near England and Italy. But England and Italy do not like each other even though Venice is friends with both. Venice wants to be friends with both. England doesn't want that. Italy doesn't want that. What's Venice to do? Venice: I give up! I'm changing my name to Canada and sinking to the bottom of the ocean. Me: So you ask why everything you can't find is in Canada. Very simple. This Canada does not exist because it is actually Venice! Hehehe

Random Quote #5) Me and Friend: In a galaxy that doesn't exist. Two nerds fight over a cookie. I think it was oatmeal. I am getting off topic. Hey look Cows!

Random Quote #6) Person: Where is my cell phone? Me: Its in Canada...

Random Quote #7) Person: I know where you live... Me: Oh my Gosh! Like everyone in the school knows where I live so give it up. Sheesh just get the directory...

Bella’s Wedding Dress

For me, Bella on her wedding day has the face and hair of the girl in the style 2148. I also love the dress since I think it is perfect for Bella for me anyway. Also, Bella looks like the girl in the first link.

Wedding Dress

Reception dress

Also, this is a picture of what Edward's ring sorta looks like to me

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