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Primarily I got this account to stand up for other authors who got thier work stolen from them and posted here. The best way to do that is to complain to the moderators themselves. Now, Im beginning to see otherwise. Not only is the thief that I originally complained about still around, but it gets worse.

My story, Immolation, which I published on aff last year, (you can even check, if you want) was posted here by a fraud, a liar, a thief. The name is Kagura111, and plagerism is their game. They stole a story from Lemondrops, and also from myself. The story stolen from Lemondrops is gone (and good for her!) but the one taken from me is still up. Further, this fuck has updated since then, posting some truely terrible work, so this shows a decided lack of repentance.

Please. Help me. This is crap that nobody deserves to have happen to them.

I wanted to post my stuff here, but now, Im not so sure thats a good idea.

Known offenders.

The one that stole from me.

The one that stole from StarsOfYaoi, Negi, and Kinomoto Neko (this was the one I originally got the account to do something about)

Email me, if you want and you have had anything stolen from you. This has to stop