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Author has written 3 stories for Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda, and Maiden Rose/百日の薔薇.

Hey! I'm TsuchiNoOkamiHime, otherwise known os okami-hime, or even hime-chan XD Well, I've just started up a ff account because... well, I get ideas stuck in my head of random fandoms, and it annoys me to no end till I write them down in some way, shape or form. The other reason I set up this account was so I could write fanfics on subjects that I thought were lacking :C

So anyway, I try to update as fast as I can without lowering the quality of the fanfic, but motivation in the form of critiques, questions or just simple 'Cool' are accepted in reviews. S' no reviews from you guys= No speedy updates ;~;

Currently I live in Jacksonville Florida, I'm a junior in highschool and I like the simplier things in life :3 Like chocolate or a good book. Heck, I once entertaining myself for 15 minutes with just a single loose leaf piece of paper, no pens or pencils, et cetera. In highschool I'm a third year Japanese Honor student and a first year Latin student. I enjoy both languages and I'm glad that both are signifigantly different, so no confusion for me :'D

Right now I am OBSESSED with the yaoi (YES YAOI) pairing of Sheik and Link. SO far I haven't gotten flamed, heavily critiqued for the choice to view Sheik as a male and I'm hoping with huge warnings in the descriptions of my pictures and stories that I won't get any.

Speaking of pictures, I do have a deviantart account, my username is okami-hime. Right now I wouldn't suggest going on there given the fact I'm in the proocess of uploading a years worth of new, much better than the current ones, pictures. SO yeah. I can do much better, but I still fail at coloring so I stick with pencil and pen mostly.

As for personal stuff... I like the color blue, I love animals, even snakes. And though I don't particularly fear insects, if a cockroach suprises me I jump in the air and throw my shoe at it. And if the 5 inch long cockroach starts flying, I'm calling the bomber planes. After all, it can survive nuclear, but what about atomic >:3

Um, I am sensitive to anti-homosexual comments given I am of the persuasion so if you must comment on the gayness of my stories, your flames will be used to roast marshmellows and your socks. :'D

Uh... besides that, I dunno, I enjoy drawing, writing, sleeping, getting to hang out with my friends, reading other people's stories and books, sleeping, going fishing in the St. John's (except when I catch Stingrays D: I loved Steve Irwin!) maybe I'll add more to this pathetic excuse for a profile... later ;>>

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Sanctuary in the Harem? reviews
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