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Author has written 13 stories for House, M.D., and Prince of Tennis.

Stories are what hold people together, stories bring people together.

Whether or not it is a good story, as long as it contains words and emotions, it is a story nonetheless.

Some stories touch our hearts more deeply than others, some are more perfect in terms of characterization and plot, some are tagged with more compliments because it's storyline is better, the impact of the story is greater...

I want to propose something. That a story is just what it is- a story. Whether or not it excels, depends on our own standards and guidelines.

We tend to prefer some stories over others. But let us readers and writers not condemn any story just because it has not met our expectations or because we simply do not like it.

As Oscar Wilde and J.M. Whistler have put it, "Art exists for its' beauty alone."

And our stories are stories because we choose to share them. So let us put aside our own criticism, whatsoever prejudices or biasness we may or may not have, and just enjoy stories as they are shared with us.

I believe everyone can be an amazing writer and reader, if only they choose to do so.

Serious note aside, I started out as a writer in House, MD. Brilliant show, though the medical definitions escape me, the characterization on the show is fantastic. The reason why I decided to post a story in the anime/manga section is because I can't quite put the plot I have for Tennis out of my mind

I am pretty new to this aspect of posting stories, so don't have too great an expectation of my writings. Basically, I'm just here to practice writing and to get more experience in this area. There are some really good stories here, and soon I hope to list them under my fave. slot of stories.

25 random things about myself:

1. I have always loved lying down on a patch of grass, and just looking at the clouds in the sky

2. I am so not a morning person; my speech abilities seems to mal-function every early morning : so don't bother talking to me until after at least 9 am.

3. I absolutely adore the smell of freshly baked bread; especially French baguettes:)

4. I'm pure Chinese, but somehow most people end up asking me if I'm mixed or if I'm a foreigner(I'm still amused though whenever someone asks me this question)

5. I enjoy traveling a lot, so I need to make a trip overseas at least once a year.

6. I am an avid fan of Starbucks, so whenever someone mentions the word "Starbucks", you'll see this insane smile on my face;)

7. I've just started learning how to play tennis, and it's quite hard to get used to it cause I've been plaing badminton since young

8. I still believe in the potential of Roger Federer even though he has been having a train-wreck of a time for the past odd year

9. I have a perpetually semi-blocked nose due to my sinus problem

10. I currently think I won't be able to come up with another 15 more things about myself...

11. Oh, I so can't do poetry. I can't read poetry, I can't write poetry, I just can't UNDERSTAND poetry. (Poems are great, but I just don't feel much for them)

12. I like having steamboat for meals! (I always associate steamboats with family re-unions, so it's fantastic!)

13. I can be quite introverted at times; in trains, I'll just put in my music, and stone the time away while traveling

14. I've always been fascinated with Japanese culture and traditions; and I hope I can master Japanese one day!

15. But! I still love the ever-sunny island of Singapore that is "home" to about 4 plus million of us=)

16. On to the more personal stuff, I really like guys with long hair. About the length of Fuji's hair:) haha

17. I like seeing smiles on other people's faces. I think it's beautiful when people smile:D

18. I think I shall just stop at 20 things about myself, and when I can think of others, I'll jsut update my profile

19. Oh, have I said how much I love my reviewers? Yes, every single one of you matter to me, and your reviews make my day every single time!:)

20. I tend to be quite fickle-minded. So let's say on a train ride, between the span of 4 or 5 stops, I will change my mind about 3 times about what to drink at Starbucks when I reach the place. ;)






I would love to know more about all of you here at, if you have any recommendations about any stories which you think are must-reads(Prince of Tennis stories that is), please drop me a note! oh, no shounen-ai stories though. (not my kind of stories.) haha, thanks all:)oh, and because I'm having my holidays soon, any recommendations about good manga or anime I can check out?

Have a splendid day ahead, and do read my stories and provide feedback! take care=)

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