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Hey everyone!

As you probably have noticed I am not from an English-speaking country... So please forgive me for any language incorrectnes.

I was born 1992 so you can figure out how old I am. I've just finished high-school and spend the most of my time reading, sleeping or writing. I also love to go into cinema or watch movies at home with some friends. My favourite colour is teal and I adore chocolate. At school I hated stuff like maths because I just don't understand it. I love learning languages however. My mother-tongue is German and I also study English (maybe you noticed), Latin (which isn't exactly a language) and French (which I dropped now because it's bloody difficult).

Because I am a huge Harry Potter Fan I couldn't wait until the German translation was released and started reading the books in English. My friends thought that I lost my mind... But I fell in love with the English language. Weird I know... So when I discovered this FanFictionWebsite I had this stupid idea... why not post some fictions in English? For that reason you lot have to suffer from now on under the stories of an english-harrypotter-chocolate-loving maniac.
Another thing I'm a fan of is NARUTO :) both anime and manga. I love reading fanfics about it aswell!

Well of course I also like lots of other books and also animes and manga or TV-Shows, but so far those two fandoms are the only ones I've written fanficions about. It'll probably stay that way. I just love the exceptional variety of characters.
Some of the other things I like to read about but don't write about myself are: LotR, Code Geass, The Vampire Diaries etc.

Now about some of my favourite characters :
Harry Potter; Narcissa, Luna, Snape and Ginny. And of course I like Harry& Ron& Hermione :)

My favourite Naruto chararcters are: Shikamaru , Itachi Temari and Sakura. Well I also like Gaara, Neji, Naruto, Tsunade, Konan, Pein, Yamato & Kakashi. I used to like Sasuke a lot aswell, but he's in disgrace right now.

Though I myself have of course preferences in couples etc I read basically everything as long as it is well written and creative. I have no problem with crack couples or weirdness of any kind, though I prefer fanfiction that is still somehow related to the original.

If you have any questions about me, feel free to ask! And of course advice and comments concerning my stories is always welcome!

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Rose Weasley never understood her cousin's friendship with Scorpius Malfoy. But could she possibly see beyond his surname and distance the boy from his blood? And could they overcome the old family rivalry? Written before the family tree, so slightly AU.
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Cigarettes on the Astronomy Tower reviews
Three important moments out of the short life of Regulus Black. Narcissa and Regulus are friends as well as cousins. As they leave the world of harmless rule-breaking behind, one of them has to make a life changing decision. one-shot. a bit angsty.
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Black Christmas reviews
Sirius left his family for good at the age of sixteen. But one last Christmas with his cousins and little brother shows him he is not the only one torn and confused. Featuring Bellatrix, Narcissa, Andromeda and Regulus. T for naughty little Blacks
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An Uchiha Funeral
one-shot. Mikoto Uchiha's thoughts on the war, her family and herself as she is attending Obito's funeral. It's not much, I just felt like writing it.
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When something ends reviews
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