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Join Elemental Academia and immerse yourself in a different world! Not like a Team Galactic-y new world, but probably just as awesome. If you love all that is wonderful and good in this world, please give it a try!

Hi, there! My pen (and middle) name's Meg. My real name? You'll know it if I ever get famous, which probably isn't likely.

I'm a thirteen year old girl who loves to write stuff. Fanfiction, poetry, short stories... anything goes! I usually write fanfiction to keep my mind off of things, which isn't a good thing, especially when you, like me, are prone to procrastination. I use this account to write mainly Pokemon-based stories, more based on the games than on the show. After all it's much more fun bringing characters to life than just expanding on the ones you see on TV.

Though I'm pretty new to the games and all, I've grown to really like two so far: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness.

Also, I really like Avatar: the Last Airbender. That's me in a nutshell.

Shipping List: in order of preference

Pokemon D/P/Pt (Games)

Mizuhikishipping (Cynthia x Cyrus)
Fortuneshipping (Dawn x Lucas)
Twinleafshipping (Dawn x Rival)
Alexandrianshipping (Volkner x Jasmine)
LunarEclipseshipping (Darkrai x Cresselia)
Partnershipping (Buck x Marley)
Scarfshipping (Dawn x Lucas x Rival)
Clingyshipping (Lucas x Rival)
IronWillshipping (Riley x Dawn)

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2

Friendshipping (Leader x Partner)
TimeGearshipping (Grovyle x Celebi)

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Kataang (Katara x Aang)
Tokka (Toph x Sokka)
Maiko (Mai x Zuko)

Completed Stories:

Heroine- Probably the only PMD2 story I'll get around to doing at this rate! Yup, just a short, light ficlet that I'm alright with. Usually I end up hating my oneshots, but this is actually different... maybe it's just a bit more meaningful to me, seeing as Friendshipping has always struck some sort of emotional chord inside. -shot-

The Spear Pillar- Meh. Bored. Drabble. Sucks.

Work In Progress:

The Realm of Nightmares- Yeah, just a nice D/P/Pt fanfiction that I'm planning on working on for a while. I'm probably going to work the hardest on this out of any of my other in-progress fics, since it requires a ton of storytelling (and, you know, since it's the only story with real potential)!

A Torn Perfection- The experimentation ensues. Also, reviewers: I LOVE YOU GUYS. I'm not the only Mizuhikishipper in the world, yes! xD And speaking of this fic, prepare for much angst, just because Cynthia/Cyrus just has that whole tragic-romance vibe to it. You only have to read the first paragraph to know, I think...

Truth or Snare? - This story does Cynthia, Aaron, Bertha, Flint, Lucian, Cyrus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the receptionist lady at the Pokemon League no justice.

Thinking Of:

1- Haha, another Mizuhikishipping fic. This time, though, it's a oneshot in which Cynthia is covertly a member of Team Galactic and she and Cyrus have this whole Bonnie/Clyde thing going on. Hey, I don't know! It's just that the thought of Cynthia being part of Team Galactic is intriguing to me (and probably nobody else!). Besides, I love getting into the darker aspects of writing; you know, how the best of people can have the worst of intentions. Or something.

2- Fortuneshipping and photography. How the heck did these two get merged together? In any case, another oneshot.

3- And because the pollers seem to request it, another Mizuhikishipping fic. Probably a drabble, though. Focusing on Cynthia's pwnsome piano skills.

10.17.09: ...Three months since my last update. If I don't get "A Torn Perfection" done within the next week, feel free to give me a virtual kick. Please?

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Truth or Snare? reviews
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