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Hello nya nya! I'm Ice Angel262!

I'm a young writer with absolutely no patience. Which is a rather horrible combination for a writer. Young=stupid. Impatient=really stupid when it comes to writing. Yes, I am extremely stupid when it comes to writing. I haven't the patience nor the will to post anything but a rough draft. I hope to remedy this in the future but it doesn't seem likely. I am also quite terrible about updating in a reasonable amount of time. Often, people assume I have died and that I will never post the last of my story.

That's one of my greatest fears by the way. To die in the middle of a story... O.O The very thought.

I haven't uploaded very many fanfics. They're just so much more work than the casual reader seems to understand. Especially if one is very much like me. I really prefer using my own ideas to write with and my own story lines. This is why my only two good fanfics have OC's. There is something truly magnificent about an OC. An OC is a character the author can completely manipulate to any shape or form. One cannot do this with an actual character from the series. An OC character offers an easier escape that can create an interesting tale true to the canon. The OC character also lets more freedom with the original characters since one can use the OC to manipulate other characters more freely.

Well, there's that anyway. What a tangent I've gone on!

I suppose if you've come here you want to learn more about me? About my real and true and personal self rather than my philosophies, yes? Then, I will give you what little I can. I'm seventeen, depending on how long ago I've updated my profile. I wouldn't trust me about those facts that can change. I am a girl, and I can assure you that won't change as I have no desire to attempt to manage a tight pair of jeans with flesh dangling between my legs--to give you a disturbing visual... Right now I'm quite distracted by the Vocaloid song playing on my iTunes, Take it Easy. One of Miku's. And by the way I do despise Apple and I rather prefer, well, anything besides them. But, I would trade my SOUL for my iPod. Yes, I said it. I LOVE MY IPOD! She's a beautiful piece of equipment! If only I could keep a pair of headphones in tact long enough to properly enjoy her--Pandora is her name. What else can I tell you that isn't completely meaningless?

Yes, that is the question that shows that, that particular subject is due for it's end. Did you see the former sentence?! That's four thats!! ...Five. Do you think I can write the rest of this without another 'that'?

Let's try it.

I'm definitely an otaku. I know my grand fiction for labyrinth would beg otherwise but I can assure you I am an otaku, heart and soul. A small part of my endless list of favorites includes--Tokyo Mew Mew, Spiral, Loveless, Death Note, Ouran High School Host Club, Ghost Hunt, Majin Tantei Nougami Nuero, and ending with Skip Beat, if only to keep me from drolling on about anime forever. Which I wouldn't mind...

I have nothing more to inform you with. I'm afraid my spiel has come to an end. Au revoir!

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13 Hours reviews
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