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Author has written 6 stories for Kingdom Hearts, and Harry Potter.


My name is Ashly...
I'm 15, finally, with a twisted mind and alot of passion for Kingdom Hearts and Twilight and Harry Potter (SSHP and LVHP are sooooooooooo hot) and Death Note (LxLight! Yum!) and Lord of the Rings (Aragorn/Legolas) and Fruits Baskets (the only straight pair YukixTohru)...

Yeah I decided to change my profile! Yay!

Current Stories: (Kingdom Hearts & Harry Potter)

Memories Dunked in Blood- about to be deleted unless someone can convince me otherwise
Riku's Sister- Writing the next chapter now... Lemon or no?
The Return- Going to clean it up a little and re-post it... Sorry
The Light Through the Shadow-I get to work with psychics and empaths finally!! (based on a conversation on a discontinued Harry Potter Role-Play forum starring Resa (me) and Malakite (Hebi-Yami) oh well

Stories in the making: (Kingdom Hearts & Lord of the Rings)

Gamble with Your Own Life- Luxord and Axel are both owners of a massive casino chain. Luxord controls the security, Axel deals the drugs. What happens when the money is due and Axel goes missing? First Lemon, AU, AkuRoku, AkuLux, Luxord/Saix, Rape, Gore, Drugs, Mafia, Sexiness, Cussing, Alcohol
Three More Nights, Two More Gigs- Roxas and Axel are both part of the hotest band of the country. How much longer until it goes to their heads? AkuRoku, Zemyx, XemSaix, MarLar, Cleon, SoRi, NamKai, Cussing, Drunkness, No Glove
My Darling Child- While in childbirth, Arwen dies. Aragorn must raise his newborn child alone. But a friend comes to visit offering his assistance... Aragorn/Arwen, Aragorn/Legolas, Lemon, Blood, Gore, MPreg is possible.

Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia. ~E.L. Doctorow

Substitute "damn" every time you're inclined to write "very;" your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be. ~Mark Twain

If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn't brood. I'd type a little faster. ~Isaac Asimov

A synonym is a word you use when you can't spell the other one. ~Baltasar Gracián

Yep... I'm going to hell aren't I?

If you correct the grammar of people on tv, copy this to your profile

Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands? ~Ernest Gaines

War. Rape. Murder. Poverty. Equal rights for gays. Guess which one the Southern Baptist Convention is protesting? ~The Value of Families

That word "lesbian" sounds like a disease. And straight men know because they're sure that they're the cure. ~Denise McCanles

I'm lesbian and I'm proud... It doesn't mean I'll fuck any woman I see and it doesn't mean I hate men... It just means if you give me the choice between a penis and a vagina, I'm gonna go with the vagina... Got a problem with it? Talk to the rest of my family... They'll probably help you kill me... Why? Because they fear what they don't understand... Including me... My love for women will stand no matter what you or anyone else says... ~Me to one of my friends who talked down to me after I "came out of the closet"

For people that hate stereotypes: If you think people should just shut up and stop, put this on your profile. (BOLD the ones you are.)
I'm SKINNY, so I MUST be anorexic.
I'm EMO, so I MUST cut my wrists.

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