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Author has written 16 stories for Tokyo Mew Mew, Teen Titans, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Winx Club, and Pokémon.

Hi! This is the profile for Kirara Glitter-Chan and her younger sister Aki Glitter-Chan. Aki never really writes anything here, so it's mostly my domain!

Info about me:

K stands for Kirara Glitter, my pseudonym. A's new pseudonym is Aki Glitter. My full fake name is Kirara "Koyuki" Glitter... this comes from the fact that Koyuki was my favorite character for a long time and I still really like her. (Koyumi from Keroro Gunso.)

Favorite food: Right now? Umm... probably steak. That and Sashimi, because I finally found a place where I can get it for cheap. :D

Favorite book that isn't manga: That would probably be Macbeth... I'm absolutely addicted to it. Other books that I like would be Night by Elie Wiesel and 1984 by George Orwell.

Favorite author: Scott Westerfeld, Jodi Picoult, and Shakespeare. Not to mention, I just LOVE George Orwell's fiction works, and have loved them since I had to read Animal Farm for a school essay.

Favorite music: Metal, J-pop, Vocaloid (Specifically stuff by Mothy and Samfree, or anything with GUMI and SF A2 Miki.), and Dance or Pop music when I'm in a good mood. My favorite artists are Within Temptation, Mothy and Samfree (as mentioned above), Kelley Clarkson, and Pink.

I have a deviantart account. I don't draw very well, but here's the link to deviantart. Well, now I'm getting better, but I still don't think I'm that great...


My beliefs: I guess I'm a bit of a troll, because I believe that if everyone can laugh at a joke on anything and not be offended, then the world has reached a true status of acceptance. I'm proud to say that I'm pro-choice, against war and for gay rights, and I don't mind if you have conflicting views, I just don't want you to treat me as though my views are intristically wrong or immoral. Do that, and I will do the same for you. You could probably call me Libertarian in my political beliefs, or at the very least very liberal. I believe the key to happiness in the world is true acceptance, and I can't stand ignorance on things that are truly important in this world. I believe the best thing you can do is a person is to help others and laugh at any crazy thing life throws at you. I'm an atheist (or at the very least, agnostic), because I simply don't believe that a society such as this would reflect the omnipotent and truly good of most religions. I still believe in reincarnation, and I don't believe the soul ever truly dies. ...It probably doesn't make much scientific sense to believe in reincarnation, but I don't really care. I don't care if you have opposing beliefs, in fact, if you have a logical reason for them, I'll probably encourage them. I think a world where everyone thinks the same things is a truly boring one.

Favorite manga/anime: Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, Tokyo Mew Mew (guilty pleasure), Pokemon, Hellsing, Yu-Gi-Oh and Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Astro Boy, Black Jack, Cowboy Bebop, and Monster.

Favorite pairings:

Tokyo mew mew: Kish and Ichigo, Kiki and Tart, and Ryou and Ichigo.

Yu-Gi-Oh: Joey and Mai, Yugi and Yami (...Watch the Japanese dub and try to prove to me they aren't gay. They fuss over each other, constantly worry, and have these near-romantic scenes with each other. Also, this joke is kind of wrong, but they call each other "Partner"!) ...those are all I can think of.

Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Jaden and Alexis (Obviously. Half of this account is dedicated to it, pretty much. XD), Jaden and Chazz, Chazz and Alexis (I used to hate this, but I honestly think it's kind of cute now. How things change when you grow up...) and Jaden and one of my fan characters (named Anya. I dunno, I thought her crush on him was cute, but it NEVER works out. Never.). Oh yeah... Atticus and Ms. Fontaine (She was one of his fangirls when he was dueling Alexis. Seriously, look it up! XD), and Banner and Ms. Fontaine (I just love shipping teachers...).

Pokemon: Ash and Misty (They're just really cute together, even though I know it probably won't happen.), May and Drew, Dawn and Gary, and Brock and Pike Queen Lucy (this almost happened in one episode. I thought it was really cute.).

One Piece: Zoro and Luffy (I just thought they were cute), and... that's about it.

Sonic (franchise): Sonic and Amy (I'm pretty sure this is canon now, according to Sega), Shadow and Rouge ("Even if the whole world is against you... know that I will always be on your side. Remember that" --the best line in Sonic 2006), Silver and Blaze, and Tails and Cream.

Sgt. Frog: Giroro and Natsumi... yeah, it's wrong, but it's a guilty pleasure, I guess. Also, Nastumi and Koyuki and Keroro and Moa.

Pairings I dislike (and why):

Ichigo and Masaya Aoyama: I just think that he's too bland a love interest. There isn't much development to him, and he's barely on screen. If you're going to make a character like someone, give us a reason to root for them to be together! That's the reason I like her with the other characters. They just feel like they have more chemistry that isn't being simply told to us. (To the Author of Tokyo Mew Mew: Show, don't tell!)

Yu-Gi-Oh and Yu-Gi-Oh GX:

-Jaden and Jesse: I just don't think they make a good couple. I agree that Jaden is probably bisexual (he doesn't seem the type to think that love should be limited to gender), but I don't think that Jaden and Jesse would work. They're too much alike; I feel like they would project their own insecurities onto each other and fight.

-Alexis and Sartorius: Yes, I have seen this. Um... this is just kind of wrong on so many levels. I'm not saying this couldn't happen (he did brainwash her into being his servant in one point of the series, after all), I just... it kind of creeps me out. Nothing personal against the people who do like it, after all, what you enjoy is what you enjoy and no one can fault you for it, but... it's kind of... pedophilic and stuff.

One Piece:

-Zoro and Sanji: I simply do not like relationships between enemies for the most part.

-Shanks and Luffy: Somehow, this feels almost like incest to me. Shanks was like Luffy's father to him, and it doesn't feel right to me to ship them together.


-Advanceshipping: While part of this is that I don't like May that much, another part of it is that I just don't think they'd work out well. They fight so much already... and May is really materialistic. I think they'd get in fights because May would want something, and Ash wouldn't want to waste money. XD it's a stupid reason, but I just see that happening.

-Pearlshipping: This comes from my extreme hatred of Dawn and nothing else. I admit it.

Sonic (franchise):

Sonic and Sally: I don't like Sally at all as a character, honestly. That's my only reason.

Sonic and Shadow: I don't really think either character is gay honestly, and don't like enemy relationships.

Sonic and Elise: Oh god... just... no. I'm against this on a moral basis. Beastiality is wrong, even if it is between anthropomorphs. At least, that's what I think. I don't really care if you like this pairing, it just honestly creeps me out. Please respect that, and I'll respect that you like this pairing.

Characters I dislike (and why):

Sally Acorn: She honestly feels like a mary sue to me. Flame me all you want for this, but when I found that her abilities list on wikipedia was 5 paragraphs (and essay's length!), and her personality description wasn't even written in, it pretty much sealed it for me. Also, the rabid fans of her and the rabid shippers of her with sonic bother me a lot.

Blair: She really annoys me sometimes. Sure, she's not a bad character, but her voice and her obsession with love honestly grate at my nerves and scare me simultaneously.

Berri: aka Berri sue. she's just a total sue, no questions asked. Even now that I'm older, I can't disagree with that. She's an annoying sue, at that. She's stereotyped and boring, and never fleshed out as a character. I actually liked her love interest more than her.

Chris Thorndyke: The older version of him doesn't annoy me, but when he's a kid, he made me want to punch my screen out on my TV. He's annoying, spoiled, gets in the way, hogs Sonic to himself and overall does everything to annoy fans.

Mark/Masaya Aoyama: I already adressed this, but he's bland as cardboard. He's never really shown in personality, and I actually begin to like the alter egos he develops more than I liked the actual character. That just shouldn't happen in a main love interest.


You should know in advance that I almost never update. I'm sorry... it's because I get writer's block, then don't like the story and abandon it. I'm working on two very long stories though, and I should be posting them soon.

Characters you might see:

-Riku Akasaka: My stubborn, tempermental tsundere of a character. She's a pretty interesting girl: both tempermental and yet very gentle, both a warrior and woman at the same time. Her interests are sports, comics and Japanese. She takes karate and gymnastics in her spare time, and when she can't, she'll start a club for them. She's a very driven girl with a lot of pride. She's not exactly very smart academically, but she is clever. She's also a pretty good alto in choir, though this runs in the family. Her brother was a good singer too. She dislikes dense people, perverted boys, hateful and insincere people, and liars. Her favorite food is salmon, and her least favorite food is... well, fast food. She's half Japanese, half american. (Well, her father was Russian, but he lived in america... whatever). Her weakness is her paranoia, lack of trust and insecurity, and it keeps her from being all she could be. Her mother works in Japan as a game designer, and her father works in construction. Her brother was her role model for most of her life, though he died in a war when Riku was 12. Riku is a short girl with fair skin, black hair, and dark brown eyes. She has a soft but strong face, and her eyes always feel cold and calculating. She's pretty much average in appearance, but he's absolutely beautiful when she smiles.

-Seth... Weston/West. Sometimes I change his last name. XD: His personality changes vastly with his environment. He's normally a cocky, arrogant and cheerful person, who's dedicated and intelligent. He's also pretty snarky and annoys a lot of people. However, he usually tends to be a quite easily depressed and tempermental person. He has PTSD from childhood experiences in most verses. What exactly these are vary depending on how I decide to torture him. He has olive skin, eyes such a light brown that they appear yellowish, and greying reddish-brown hair. He's very thin; you can see his ribs and most of the bones in his body. He has a round and baby like face... or at least he would, if he gained some weight. His eyes are sharp and creepy, but seem full of fear of others. Usually, as a teen, he's very quiet, well mannered, and kind but very distant. He has a cool monotone to his voice (because in many worlds, he has no idea how to emote properly), or a constantly annoyed tone to his voice (when he's more open and snarky). He's almost too quiet to be heard when he's trying to be gentle. He is talented in mathematics and art, but is completely tone deaf. Though, he can really be great at anything if he really tries... except sports. He's just not athletically inclined. His favorite food is cake, and his least favorite is anything with lemons. He's probably the closest character I have to an Ubermensch, though he isn't without his flaws at all. Though he acts cold and distant, he's very kind and gentle to anyone who's willing to try and get close to him. ...Yeaaah... it's really hard to describe him, but I tried. He's different in almost every verse.

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Homophobia and You: They're people too! Stop the hate and spread the love!

I am the girl kicked out of her home because I confided in my mother that I am a lesbian.
I am the prostitute working the streets because nobody will hire a transsexual woman.
I am the sister who holds her gay brother tight through the painful, tear-filled nights.
We are the parents who buried our daughter long before her time.
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I am one of the lucky ones, I guess. I survived the attack that left me in a coma for three weeks, and in another year I will probably be able to walk again.
I am not one of the lucky ones. I killed myself just weeks before graduating high school. It was simply too much to bear.
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Re-post this if you believe homophobia is wrong. Please do your part to end it.

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